Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Day Has Come!

I can relive my own childhood and buy some over priced wrapping paper from my son and help him win some insane prize. Oh wait... no, I can't.  

Seriously? He's in kindergarten! He came home, excited and showing me the prize poster and telling me that he was going to win an iPad or a skateboard or a BB8. I probably was not the best example. I laughed in his face pretty loudly in fact. While I didn't mean to discourage him, I feel like I along with the rest of the elementary school population was deceived by these grand prizes that barely anyone won (and if anyone did it was cuz their parents were some kind of senior level and all the employees felt obligated to buy something from them - at least this has been my own experience). By the time we all realized what a sham it was, my parents were willing to just donate money to the school to skirt the efforts of selling for us. So as I drew upon my own scarred memories of fundraising exploits by the schools I attended, I then politely told Jordan that he could definitely sell some stuff to family members and anyone else he wanted, but he'd have to put some serious effort if he wanted to win a big prize because he'd have to sell over 200 items to get there. I turned the poster over, showed him the prizes at the lowest level and told him excitedly, you could win a mystery prize! Let's go for that! Plus, we already have an iPad, I'd rather buy another one for our family than have you work at selling this stuff.  

Sorry. Oh wait. not sorry. 

Also, at least we have the option of selling a coupon book, that is okay in my book. As for the wrapping paper and the kitchenware ... book! Also, why did they get rid of the small paper samples for the wrapping paper stuff? I really enjoyed seeing the actual product before making such a large commitment, at least I have in the past.

Too bad I don't work anymore.. then I could just have it in my office and sucker people into it because of the empathy they have from when their kids sold that stuff.

On the bright side, Jordan called his grandma to tell her that he too was selling the wonderful discount books we have been using for the past three years. Then, he told her he was going to sell just a few and win the mystery prize. At least my kid learns fast.