Friday, June 29, 2012

Games We Play At Home

Jordan and I like to play games at home.  Currently, here are our favorite games to play:

1) Throw all the plastic golf balls as far as you can, then go pick 'em up.  Repeat.
2) Roll a thing of tape on the floor down the hall until it bumps into something.  Repeat.
3) Shriek hysterically after laying down on the Panda pillow pet.  Repeat.
4) Give eskimo kisses.
5) Stack Kirkland paper towels and then knock 'em over.  Count them while stacking, then knock 'em over.  Put 'em in a row, then knock 'em over.  Basically... knock 'em over. Repeat.
6) Pretend to talk on the phone with Andy's old phone, the remote control, the baby monitor, and anything else that's around.
7) Bang on the drumset of pots upside down until Mom says that's enough.
8) Put jenga blocks anywhere it fits (these are fun, we find them everywhere, even places we did not see him put them).  Repeat.
9) Crawl through Huggies boxes.
10) Run through Daddy's BYU and Mommy's CMC school flags like a bull.  Yell and laugh.  Repeat.

We have a good time.  And then I don't feel so bad when I am working at the computer, iPad, or Kindle while he plays with his toys independently before his second nap.   Haha.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Karma Stinks

I thought it was funny when Andy got his calling before me.  I am just gliding, not even flying, cuz gliding is that much more slick, right under the radar. I thought. A short weekend later, while I was still gloating, I got not only a calling but a call from the Bishop, asking me to speak in Church in two weeks.  Guess Andy got the last laugh.

Stupid karma.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away... Come Again Some Other Day!

Rain sucks.  Rain ruins my day.  Rain gets in the way.  Rain is depressing.

It's hard to think of it being summer when all it does is rain here.  It's even tougher now that Jordan is super mobile and runs around, but is not quite old enough to appreciate indoor rainy day games.  We need the playground and outdoors.  We need the sun back.  We need it to not rain.

Alas, the weather report says sunny for the rest of the week.  Here's hoping!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Butt Pains

One noted side effect of living in a small town with lots of nature and outdoorsy stuff: butt pains.  We got me a mountain bike from our Costco rewards and went biking as a family this weekend. It was really fun despite my constant anxiety of dying, from either a misplaced rock I would flip over on or a drunk driver who would not see me and t-bone me out of nowhere.  We ventured out onto a path Andy found the other day, and saw horses, lots of green grass, homes far and few in between, and awed at the beautiful scenery and breathtaking view of downtown.  But shortly after we came home, I realized my bony butt hurt.  I need a seat pad, cushioned biker shorts, or more fat on my butt bones.  Ouch.  What a pain in the butt.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eventful Post Office Trips

As part of my job, I was responsible for mailing 50 towels for a summer token of our appreciation.  I was quite a sight at the post office.  A big box full of towels and lil ol' me stuffing each towel, but only after I meticulously refolded it to fit inside the envelope, tucking a thank you card inside, and then sticking my address labels and return addresses, all while standing at the island where the line circulates around, attempting to find more space for my million of envelopes that began to pile up.  For a small town and the only Asian for miles, I got a lot of attention.  I also accumulated more than $100 worth of postage, and left, knowing I'd be back with the last ten towels.

Luckily for me, this was before work began for Andy, so he was in the car with Jordan while I did all of this.  Not so lucky this week. ...

Fast forward to this week.  I arrived at the post office, after putting Jordan into the stroller, and stuffing the stroller's undercarriage with envelopes and one box with six towels stuffed in, only to realize that they would not provide me with packaging tape (somehow the LA post offices always have a way around this!) unless I purchased it.  Heck no!  This was not a matter of simplicity,  this was a matter of principle.  And by all means, I stuck by it.  Stubborn, I know.  I left the post office, irate, telling the post office sir I would be back with my package sealed.  I'm sure he got the last laugh that day.

Today, I returned, but smarter and wiser than before.  My package was taped, and I even brought tape and scissors along into the car just in case I needed to tape more of my stuff together.  I arrived with the envelopes tucked into the undercarriage, and the box, perfectly centered on top of the stroller leaning against the handle.  I even brought two toys for Jordan this time to keep him preoccupied. I walked in with my head held high, so proud of my own preparations.  And I even asked for another box to mail my mom a computer necklace she gave me (that I do not use) that she wants back.  Thinking I was so smart for bringing tape (though I left it in the car), I advised Mr. Meany Mail Man that I'd be back shortly when he told me to have a great afternoon.  I got to the car where I intended to use the tape, only to find there was prepackaged tape on the box.  Wow.  He got the last laugh.

I went back in, even made some small talk with the postmen, asking them why there were two cops with rifles and one with a sniffing dog and a bulletproof vest (in a small town, really?!).  He said he didn't want to know why, but that everywhere in the world, there was bad stuff going on.  That he was lucky to be in America.  That he had traveled the world and seen much worse.  And then, he told me and the other lady in line, that if we were in California, we'd have to take a ticket to wait for our place in line at the post office.  I thought for a brief moment.  "Really?" I asked him.  "Not at the post offices I've been to," I told him, "and those were in California," I continued.  In that glimmer of a proud moment, I felt bad, so I added, "but I was not in a big part of California," to which he responded, "Yes, they only make you get a ticket for post offices in big cities in California, but not here," he said so proudly.  I wanted to be mean to him.  Wanted to tell him I was from Los Angeles and that was indeed a big city, but in that moment, I felt bad for being so prideful.  For wanting to be right even when I was wrong for a) not bringing my own tape the first time, and b) not realizing there was already a sticky edge on the box I got there.  But that was not the time.  Another time I suppose.

And yes, I am still wondering why there were three cops, two LARGE snipers (I think, they were big!), a bulletproof vest, and a police dog.

That was my eventful post office incident.  

 Also, today was the first time I had a weekly call while being on Jordan duty by myself since he's become so mobile and interested in life.  Solution?  Goldfishies with Sesame Street.  Halfway through the call, he walked on over, grabbed my earphones, and would not let go.  I sacrificed 'em and did the rest of the call via speakerphone (on mute until my turn of course), and he had a ball with the earphones for the remainder of the call.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Love Is Dandy...

Both Andy and I forgot it was our anniversary today.  It wasn't until my friend Gena just messaged me saying, "Happy Anniversary!" that I was reminded.  And then she said, "well, I love Dandy."  Hahaha.  Years later, still unforgettable is the way we put Daisy and Andy together to become oh, just dandy.  I felt really silly.  We even have a weekly calendar we update during FHE, and it didn't even make it on there!  So much for us thinking today is a special day.  Oops.  At least we have all of eternity to make up for it.  Hehe.  Somehow I always imagined the dude would forget and the dudette would remember, boy was I wrong.

These are the only two photos I have on my computer ... the rest are on Andy's but his comp is so slow, I got lazy.  

So I just copied our photographer's URLs for some photos from that wonderful day two years ago...

This tree is gone now.  My dad pointed it out when I took them to the Visitor's Center before we left LA.  
the crew jumping photo
the red qi-pao I had to have
and the light posts... another LA must. 
we're such high rollers...
the beginning of eternity...

Happy Anniversary Andy!  Love is indeed dandy.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Money Money Money.... M-O-N-E-Y!!

I'm no financial expert, but I do know a few things to kickstart your savings especially if you are a new family or have just started a new job.  We went to a financial planning meeting with the Yans while we were in Seattle (so much fun, more on that later maybe) and I learned that being a CPA and having worked in the accounting industry for seven years actually paid off a bit... because it turns out I know more than I thought I did!  

So here are three simple ways to make sure your family is on the right track to being financially secure.

  1. Pay off all consumer debt - this means you don't just pay the minimum every time you get your credit card bill.  The plus is that if you're ever late on a payment (say you forgot, went on vacation, etc.) it's an easy call to the 1-800 number asking them to please reverse your late fee since you always pay in full on time but had this one time exception (and it works for more than one time - I think I've used it up to three times ont he same card before). If they say no, ask to speak to their supervisor.  It has never failed me thus far in life and I've had credit cards since 2000.
  2. Start saving! - Even if this means putting aside $100, $20, or $5 a month, put aside money you will not touch.  If your company offers a 401k, DO IT, especially if they match - and if they match, contribute however much they match.  When I was single, I always maxed out on my 401k contributions to whatever they matched.  Don't even stop to think about it because it's free money.  401k is money that is put in for you and not taxed (it's taxed when you take it out, there is a penalty if you take it out earlier but you can normally borrow your own money for first time home purchases and some other stuff). If you have a kid, get a 529 College Savings Plan for them, it's money you can put aside (limits are same as that of estate tax which is $13,000 per person, $26,000 if married) for your child to use for school (anything related, even the purchase of a car used to drive to school and probably even flight tickets, books, tuition, room and board, computer, etc.) and the best part is if you take the money out for something unrelated to education stuff, it's at the income tax rate of the kid (if no job, usually small) and an unfortunate 10% early withdrawal penalty unless the beneficiary got a scholarship, died, or became disabled.  If you don't have a 401k, or even a kid to start a 529, you can start little with a Roth IRA (individual retirement account) which has limits once your income gets higher (for details, see this), but it's post-tax money that is not taxable when withdrawn (normally, I'm sure there are minor exceptions that I won't dwell on).  Of course, create a combination that works for you.  I did 401k until I quit the Firm and our income was significantly reduced.  Knowing we'd have to live off of savings for a few months before Andy's residency began, I never enrolled in my current company's 401k.  It just made sense at the time.  That said, I went seven years prior to that contributing at the max amount that was matched (and some years after I got a raise, I contributed even more because what I didn't see in my paycheck, I never spent).  
  3.  Know your spending habits - You should normally have three months worth of living expenses in your checking account to be on the safe side, but you can't do that unless you know how much your family usually spends in a month.  If you don't want to track it in a meticulously detailed way like myself, at least know your fixed costs (for us, tithing, rent, utilities, phone, cable, etc.) and roughly how much you spend on other semi-fixed items like food, gas, entertainment, etc.  This helps to arm you with an understanding of what exactly spending $100 on that bike you really want, or $75 on those cute pair of jeans you really want, means for your short and long-term savings goals and encourages you to look for deals that are truly meaningful and necessary.  
Those are some simple rules I've lived by that have helped me along the way.  When it comes to spending habits, I know I always think.. oh how much I've saved by getting this cheaper version, but lately, it's been.. but do I really need that because if I don't.. I'm actually saving way more by NOT getting it, even if it is on sale.  My home might not always be the cutest.  My clothes might not always be the trendiest.  My shoes might not be the newest.  My idea of fine dining might just be Claim Jumper.  My idea of splurging might just be dinner and a movie.  But heck, my retirement plan (thus far) sure looks quite nice!    

Tomorrow... Today.

Tomorrow... Andy starts residency orientation and Jordan and I are left to fend for ourselves again.
Today we enjoyed a semi Father's Day (we shall continue next weekend as our trip to Seattle made it hard to plan) with Church in the morning, dumplings and Suits for lunch, a nice walk around the neighborhood, meatballs, broccoli, and rice for dinner, mint'n'chip ice cream for dessert and more Suits. 

Tomorrow, Jordan and I will play at home, explore the town, do some laundry, bust out the crock pot, and hope for two solid naps so I can work effectively and efficiently.
Today, Jordan continued to show us he is learning every second - he crossed his arms during prayer (he did loose interest about 3 seconds into the prayer and stopped and did it again briefly), did "wheels on the bus" again, and blew kisses to everyone we face timed with.

Tomorrow... it may rain and be slightly gloomy.
Today was sunny (it gets obnoxiously BRIGHT here)

Tomorrow... I will order all the bachelorette party favors for my BFF's party.
Today I will enjoy the rest of the Sabbath by journaling and sending my weekly e-mail updates to my family.

Tomorrow... will be the start of Andy's working life.
Today will be the last day I am the sole financial supporter of the family.

Tomorrow... is a great beginning.
Today is great too though.

Tomorrow.... today.

Happy Father's Day too all the dads we know and love, and especially to the dads in my life!

My own dad (yes those are army pants)

My baby's daddy and his pops.

The only photo I could find of our brother in law, Jeff, and of course, it's not even clear (he dodges every photo!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Three Years and Counting...

I asked my husband yesterday if he knew what day tomorrow was.  Startled and afraid he had missed an important date, he scoured his brain for an answer.  He looked at me with pleading eyes of guilt as he realized he had not a clue what I was talking about.  After a few minutes, he seemed proud that he knew what day it was.  "You went through the Temple?" he asked, partly declaring it, partly questioning it.  "No!" I exclaimed, pretending to be outraged at his ignorance.  Inside, I secretly smiled a little, knowing if he knew it was near the date I went through the Temple (two days before we got married), then he definitely would be able to figure it out.  I was wrong.  He struggled with other potential answers, but it took him a while.  He did finally get it.

Three years ago today, I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Aka, I became Mormon.  It seems like forever ago.  My life before seems so distant now.  I do remember everyone doubting me.  Questioning me.  Wondering why I couldn't just join some other less stringent church.  I remember hurtful accusations of whether the Church would even allow me to join.  I remember difficult lifestyle changes which were made.  I remember friendships that were affected.

I'm not the same person I was three years ago.  In some ways I'm better, but more importantly, I'm trying now.  I was a good person before I joined the Church, but I'm trying to be even better now.  Even though the obvious changes in my life from an outsider and a lot of my old co-workers was that I no longer partied the same, consumed alcoholic beverages or partook of inappropriate workplace discussions, the meaningful changes are those of more patience, humility, and hope in my life.  I'm still bitter about certain things, but they are lightened with the light of Christ.  I'm still realistically pessimistic about other such things, but I am now optimistically realistically pessimistic about it. But at least Mormon Daisy is no longer a paradox.

Three years and counting.  Seems like yesterday when this happened.

Excited right before...

Here's me with Bishop and Sister Price after the baptism

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Death By Television

After careful consideration and analyzing of our spending habits, Andy and I decided to splurge on cable television while in Washington (we're moving up in the world... slowly but surely).  We've only had cable for a few weeks and we both already know television will eat us up soon!

We avoid watching any TV when Jordan is up (exceptions are made for sports and a few choice kid television shows like Mickey's Clubhouse and Sesame Street), but since he goes to bed around 8 PM, our nights have revolved around the tube.  At first, we were exploring movies on demand (temporary for six months) and enjoying movies normally rated R which were made friendly PG-13-esque by channels like Fx and TNT.   As we progressed from new newbies to slightly veteraned newbies, we discovered an entire world of TV options through television shows on demand.

Last night, we started watching a show from USA, Suits, and we both absolutely love it.  Unlike Downton Abbey, which I've been unsuccessful in coaxing Andy try watching, Suits is something we both love!  Unfortunately, we realized the on demand availability of this show only lasts through this Thursday, and since we're going out of town tonight, we probably won't be able to watch all of Season 1 in time for Season 2.  That might be a good thing, but that doesn't mean I won't try during all of Jordan's naps today!  

We will surely be eaten up by our televisions this year, but on the brighter side, we no longer have to invite ourselves over (sorry Rasmussens) to watch BYU games, and we now have a safe shelter when rain, snow, and cold weather creeps in.

There's always a silver lining, even for death by television.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dinosaur Daisy

Dear Posterity,

Your mother is a bit of a dinosaur.  She qualifies as a millennial (entitled/instant gratification folk with doting parents who sometimes helicopter and a real seeker of true work life balance - a term unknown to Generation X or the Baby Boomers...) but she'll argue against those characteristics and tell you she is a multitasking, diverse, tech savvy and self motivated learner who has luckily had the luxury of living on the cusp of the advancing technology of her day.  She lived in a time of great change.  Some of these items will be foreign to you, and most are obsolete... but they were a big part of your mother's life growing up.  So here goes!

1) encyclopedia [en-sahy-kluh-PEI-dee-uh] - When I was a kid, I begged my mom for an encyclopedia set to have in the house.  It would make school projects so much easier, and what kid doesn't love an entire set of encyclopedias to roam through?!  Alphabetically organized with random information for hours of reading pleasure too!  For years, she promised me one... but we waited because we wanted to make sure I was a good age before purchasing one, and then we were waiting for my brother to be older so we could both use it, and then after many years of hopelessly waiting... the internet came out.  No longer did we have the problem of purchasing a good set.

2) VHS - The video home system was our version of the Blu-Ray or DVDs of today.  They were essentially film stripes in a black box that got placed into a VHS player for viewing on our television.  We owned every Disney movie that came out during my childhood on VHS - and though they tended to get eaten up after constant replays, they were in great condition - and I couldn't wait to have my kids watch those same movies with me.  Now it seems useless to have another device hooked up to VHS for the poor quality, so instead, I anxiously await Disney's unlocking of the Disney vault for my favorite Disney movies to be purchased on DVD (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, Pocahontas, Mulan, to name a few) as I only own Little Mermaid.

3) home phones - In our day, we used to have phones in the house connected to the walls.  No, not cell phones, actual phones with telephone cords and no reception problems.  My parents still have one, but it's wireless - only the base is plugged into the wall.  

4) stereos - Before iPods and before laptop computers played Pandora or I Heart Radio music, there were these machines that played music.  We called them stereo systems and even boom boxes and they were a thing to be admired.  My parents got me a remote controlled 3-CD disc changer, two cassette tape, and radio all in one stereo system with two speakers from Pic'N'Save (now Big Lots) for $100 in 1994, and it lasted me all through high school and college.  My brother got a much cooler one with blue lights but his died before mine, which finally got donated to Goodwill in 2007 when the CD changer broke.  It was a sad day.  
5) CD or cassette tape singles - Unlike today when you can buy just one song on iTunes, our day consisted of CD and cassette tape singles, which were also about 99 cents or $1.99.  Too bad I gave most of these away to Goodwill a long time ago.

I got to thinking of these after a lesson at Church today where we talked about how the kids of this generation will not be able to socially interact as well because of the tendency to text or play online games via iPhones.  Guilty as charged.  But while everyone was feeling sorry for my generation, I was thinking how far we've come!  Hehe.

Friday, June 8, 2012

New Hobby... Definitely? Maybe...

I don't have many hobbies I take seriously.  I'm a flake like that. I would like to devote some time to improve my sewing skills, my other miscellaneous crafting skills, getting aerobic certified, and I sincerely love reading, but with the mom gig, the part time job thing, the I'd rather work out and blog or write thing, and then of course the trying to keep the house orderly and a place the Spirit can dwell with all the never ending laundry, dishes, and cooking that is part of family life thing, there doesn't seem to be much time for anything else.  And let's face it, in order to get good at anything - you have to work and work and work at it.  Time is of the essence.  And effort too I suppose.

So, like most people I have done the P word.  Prioritize.  Yeah, it's no fun - but it's part of life.  A lot of my priorities change and get rearranged, but one that doesn't is family.  And one thing that I am obsessed with doing in regards to family is documenting everything that happens.  Before the days of digital photos, I was always carrying around a hand held camera, developing film (freshman year, we spent hours after school in the black room of the Photography studio but try as I might, I don't remember how we developed the film anymore), and capturing the moments of my teenage years, all whilst journaling about it here and there in a diary of some sort, and later with the world of xanga (a type of blog way back when) and blogger.

Somehow, I was meant to become Mormon because upon doing so, I realized how much this hobby of mine is actually encouraged in the Church!  The Church History Library has just TONS of journals from the pioneer treks made back in the 1800's, along with a lot of family history preservation from old journals. It's all so fascinating to me, probably one of the reasons I love reading fiction based on actual historical events surrounding the Chinese Americans coming to America (think Joy Luck Club, Mona in the Promised Land, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Shanghai Girls, Fifth Chinese Daughter....and so on and so forth).

So upon reflecting on my interests in documenting, I thought I should maybe learn how to use that expensive camera Andy's parents got us two Christmases ago (that has been collecting dust and is not used often).  With my iPhone and small point n shoot, it's been overlooked often.  Yesterday, I started my self learning by reading free tutorials online and learning all about aperture (a hole that lets in light), shutter (the speed the camera opens and closes to take the photo), and ISO (no idea what it really means just know it's all about how much light which confuses me from aperture but hey, I'm a work in progress).  Of course I wanted to just buy an app with all my iTunes birthday money ($15 from Andy and $25 from work) for just $9.99, but Andy (the logical and even more frugal one) convinced me to explore the online world of free first.

Here's my first attempt.  At what?  I'm not sure.  Still learning.  It's a new hobby.  Definitely!  Well... maybe.  (ps that's one of my favorite movies - Definitely, Maybe with Ryan Reynolds!) And for selfish reasons (to document my family life), because who wants to pay someone else to do it when you can do it yourself?  Not me!

I know I'm 3/4 Asian mom, but really.. this is kinda too yellow, even for me. 

Just sitting over here with Daddy looking at the Lake mom! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Told You So!

When Andy and I were first engaged and were planning our wedding, I remember others (Andy's sister Tammy and her husband, Jeff) telling us to just do a destination wedding, or better yet, templ-ope (it's like eloping but in a Temple and yes, there's a nice Temple in Las Vegas even for us Momos!)  Of course we argued that we wanted a traditional Temple wedding and reception following.  Of course.  Naturally.  Duh.  Because you know, that's what optimistic, recently engaged couples think.  

And then wedding planning begins....

And guess what?  It sucks.

It's not as glamorous as television makes it.  Bridezilla is a real thing.  

And so was the story of my BFF's wedding (upcoming in July in a small community within Napa)... and the other day, she called me and groaned and moaned about how she should have just had a destination (more destination than NorCal) wedding.  "Or maybe eloped?" I asked her eagerly... waiting for the moment I could say, "I told you so!" .....

But then again, everyone else (married and more expertised) told us too.  *sigh. 

Here are a few of my favorite engagement shots of them.  San Fran is just beautiful. 

I think wedding I told you so's are like when you don't have kids and you see a kid throwing a tantrum.  You think, without much inkling, that your kids will never be like that, or that even if they are, you will never let them get away with it.  And then you have kids.  And .... well, let's just say perspectives change.  Cuz guess what?  ...Crying ain't never hurt nobody.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

LIfestyles of the Young and Happy

My life in LA

Stay tuned for my life in Washington. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Love My Other Job

Other than being a mom, I work part time at home.  I never thought I'd be able to say I love my job, but I think I'm there.  I really do LOVE it.

Work gave me these...
15" MacBook Pro
An iPhone

An iPad

And yesterday, I got 1/3 of this paid for by work. 
It's a time capsule, in case you were wondering.  

I also got permission to get a fax machine.  That might not be exciting to you, but it's loads of thrills for me. 

I love my other job.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Me...?

Part of the joy I find in moving is the chance to create a new "me."  From basic re-organizing (which I find immense joy in) to more complex decisions of what old clothes (ones I rarely wear) do I throw away to even more female materialistic driven motives of whether or not to start wearing make-up, the big move gives me a chance to be someone new.

Abandoning my former habits of anti-social work at home mom, I get to start over and make new friends who know nothing about me.  I could have a poorly attempted British accent, and they wouldn't know if it was real or not.  I could speak only Chinese and they'd think me a FOB.  In many ways, it's creepy to put so much thought into it, but in many other ways, it's fascinating to my psyche.

The thought has crossed my mind .... that I can wear make-up and not be complimented on the sudden change because nobody knows (something I tried out when I was in San Jose for a short stint of work and work was a quick 5 minute drive).  I can curl my hair, get bangs, put my hair in a bun, and nobody would notice.  Do I want to spend my days here in Washington as a super duper craft-a-holic mom, a culinary chef of a mom, or a finance savvy mom?  Who knows?!  Who cares?!  But the point is, I get to reinvent me.

It's like college all over again.  The opportunity to be someone new in someplace new.  How grand that thought is.  Let's just hope freshman 15 doesn't repeat itself.

 He gets his lips from his daddy but his pucker from me.
Exploring our new home.  
Washington state, we have arrived.

Friday, June 1, 2012

We'll Miss You LA Dodgers

The best part about living in LA, and I mean in LA proper (that was our actual address, up until then I was a poser), is the proximity of our former home to the Dodger Stadium.  Our drive home was less than five minutes and against traffic. Kind of like living anywhere but LA.  HAHA.

Our last game in LA before we departed for Spokane was with the Whiteheads and the Oldroyds.  Dodger games with the Whiteheads is sorta our thing.  We carpool with them (they also live in LA proper near us) whenever there's an opportunity, and the last game we went to was forecasted to rain.  It sprinkled a bit, was not too bad at all, but under new management, everyone in the audience got free tickets to another game... score!  That game itself - by the way - was the most amazing baseball game I have ever been lucky enough to attend.  The Braves (Andy's favorite team) came back at the bottom of the ninth and it was pretty fun to watch Andy scream like a little girl, living his childhood dream of watching his favorite player, Chipper (he's very old now) Jones.  So being able to go one last time with the Whiteheads, a few weeks later, along with the Oldroyds, was pretty spectacular.  As evidence that we once lived in LA, we made sure to take plenty of photos and since the Dodgers won, all the fans were so ecstatic, one of the guys sitting by us, offered to take photos and to say he took only a few photos is an understatement (but I didn't include them all).

 nice face Andrew.
 Diane is going to make a Dodger fan out of Ryan.  Here you see it begins..
so many lights!
 Dodger win!  Just in case anyone cares, I wear this blue sweater to almost every Dodger game. 
Maybe like the tenth photo we took ....