Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Told You So!

When Andy and I were first engaged and were planning our wedding, I remember others (Andy's sister Tammy and her husband, Jeff) telling us to just do a destination wedding, or better yet, templ-ope (it's like eloping but in a Temple and yes, there's a nice Temple in Las Vegas even for us Momos!)  Of course we argued that we wanted a traditional Temple wedding and reception following.  Of course.  Naturally.  Duh.  Because you know, that's what optimistic, recently engaged couples think.  

And then wedding planning begins....

And guess what?  It sucks.

It's not as glamorous as television makes it.  Bridezilla is a real thing.  

And so was the story of my BFF's wedding (upcoming in July in a small community within Napa)... and the other day, she called me and groaned and moaned about how she should have just had a destination (more destination than NorCal) wedding.  "Or maybe eloped?" I asked her eagerly... waiting for the moment I could say, "I told you so!" .....

But then again, everyone else (married and more expertised) told us too.  *sigh. 

Here are a few of my favorite engagement shots of them.  San Fran is just beautiful. 

I think wedding I told you so's are like when you don't have kids and you see a kid throwing a tantrum.  You think, without much inkling, that your kids will never be like that, or that even if they are, you will never let them get away with it.  And then you have kids.  And .... well, let's just say perspectives change.  Cuz guess what?  ...Crying ain't never hurt nobody.  

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Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

It's so true!! For the families as well. When we got married my mom said she would give us like ten thousand to not have a reception... wish I would have taken her up on that offer now... lame!