Friday, June 29, 2012

Games We Play At Home

Jordan and I like to play games at home.  Currently, here are our favorite games to play:

1) Throw all the plastic golf balls as far as you can, then go pick 'em up.  Repeat.
2) Roll a thing of tape on the floor down the hall until it bumps into something.  Repeat.
3) Shriek hysterically after laying down on the Panda pillow pet.  Repeat.
4) Give eskimo kisses.
5) Stack Kirkland paper towels and then knock 'em over.  Count them while stacking, then knock 'em over.  Put 'em in a row, then knock 'em over.  Basically... knock 'em over. Repeat.
6) Pretend to talk on the phone with Andy's old phone, the remote control, the baby monitor, and anything else that's around.
7) Bang on the drumset of pots upside down until Mom says that's enough.
8) Put jenga blocks anywhere it fits (these are fun, we find them everywhere, even places we did not see him put them).  Repeat.
9) Crawl through Huggies boxes.
10) Run through Daddy's BYU and Mommy's CMC school flags like a bull.  Yell and laugh.  Repeat.

We have a good time.  And then I don't feel so bad when I am working at the computer, iPad, or Kindle while he plays with his toys independently before his second nap.   Haha.  

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bruinjack said...

Ha! That paper towel stacking game is endless fun and one of our family classics, too.