I thought I'd share the photoshop fun I have been having lately because sharing is caring.  With that said, you should be able to click on the image (so it enlargens), then right click and save as a JPG and print as a photo at your local Costco, Target or Walmart by uploading it - or print from your computer at home.  If you click on the links below (those blue hyperlinks), you can download the PDF version which you can save and print as well.  All resolutions should work.  

Also, check out my DaiseeInk Etsy Shop for customized prints for sale. Thanks for stopping by!

My girlfriend Whitney has always thrown amazing birthday parties for her kids.  She's one of those moms who make you wish you did more for your own kid but can't fathom the time or effort to.  She was searching for some prints and asked if I could help her... so here they are!  Now, I mustache you a question... what do you think?  Cute?  These are for her second son, Cole's first birthday, I can't wait to see photos of how she frames 'em and puts 'em up!  
Thanks for Combing - in circle

Join the Bash
Grab a stache
Candy Stache
Welcome to the bash
Wet Your Whiskers
Made some nursery prints for my baby girl.  I am uploading as JPGs because they print out nicely at Costco, Walmart, Target, etc.  as 8x10s.
Be YOU-tiful

State art for those who have lived where I have lived! I made this one for myself.  
CA Vintage State Print
Vintage Utah State Print
Vintage Spokane State Print
Bathroom art for those who might enjoy our bathroom humor, again for myself... haha

Made these for my girlfriend, Marcy's bachelorette party.  I love me some games at a bachelorette party but well, once you have kids and a family and lots of bills... you're not always able to fly out to the numerous parties to celebrate like you did whilst single (at least I did!)  This one was in Chicago, a city I love visiting (used to go a lot for work stuff so would see her almost once a year!)  Oh well, at least I can help through photoshop!  

Bachelorette Memory Game
Bachelorette Advice Game

My best friend has a company she started and it's basically heel covers to help with emergencies before you can make it to the shoeman.  Her dedication and commitment is what inspired me to make this print, along with the fact that we are shoes off in the home but I hate reminding everyone who comes in!!  I'm Asian.. isn't that enough of a warning for you?!  

I'm a little OCD, but more with organizing, not so much with cleaning.  I've also had help with cleaning since college (we always had someone come clean our bathrooms), living at home, and having super neat freak roommates who always made me feel like a slob.  Well... now I'm the neat freak compared to my husband, but it's a nice visual for him so he knows what I'd like done and how often.  
Baby shower time!  
Hopes for Baby Print
How Many M&Ms Print
Chinese Red Egg & Ginger Party (1 month celebration for Chinese peeps)
Red Egg & Ginger Party Print


Anonymous said...

I am in love with these mustache signs and am currently without a devise to create them myself. Would you be willing to share these with me? My email is it would mean so much to me. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

The moustache signs are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I could only get some of the signs. Would you be able to send me the "Thanks for combing" and the "Wet your whiskers"? My email is Thank you

Anonymous said...

I am unable to save/download the signs for the mustache party. They are adorable and perfect for my sons birthday party! Could you please email them all to me at
Thank you so much :D

The Jones' said...

These are so darling!! How nice of you to share! I want to print out the "Welcome to Mustache Bash" in the 20X30 size. Do you know if the resolution will be okay? You can respond to my email. Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...


Can you please email me the mustache prints to in a higher resolution so I can print them?

When I try to get them on here they are too small and won't print properly!

Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Could you please email me the mustache printables?

These will be perfect for my son's birthday party!!

Emerald Ring said...

thanks so much for sharing. Can you please send me the thanks for combing mustache file to my email please.

Anonymous said...

Could you please email me the mustache printables thank you.

Kristi Kokoski said...

Can you please email me the mustache signs? I am having problems printing them from the links. Here is my email:

Thank YOU

Anonymous said...

Can you email me the mustache printables please?? Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

Could you please email the "grab a stache and join the bash" print? Thanks so much.

APad said...

Love the signs! Are you able to email me the link for Grab a stache and join the bash? My email is Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I am not able to find a link for the "grab a stache and join the bash" sign. I would love it for an upcoming party this month.

Could you please email it to me at I would really appreciate it!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I didn't realize until now that the Grab A Stache and Wet Your Whiskers signs were unavailable. Would you be willing to share these with me for my hubbys upcoming 30th on the weekend? I absolutely adore them.

Thanks so much xo Amy

Anonymous said...

I am unable to save/download the signs for the mustache party. They are adorable and perfect for my sons 1st birthday party! Could you please email "photobooth", welcome to the bash", and "thanks for combing" in high resolution to me please at
Thank you so much :D

Anonymous said...

Hi can u please send me all the mustache links to my email. Its for me sons first bday. I would really appreciate it. My email is

Anonymous said...

Would you please email me the mustache printable at
Thank you very much indeed.