Friday, December 18, 2015

Costco runs

There's something so wonderful about arriving at Costco bright and early and getting your favorite parking space that it warrants its own blog post.

This morning, after dropping Jordan off at school, my two babies and I made our way to Costco, only to be greeted with an almost empty parking lot. It was spectacular. They recently opened the office Costco at our chain location so the entire store opens at 7am! However, news has been slow spreading this update so even at 9:30, we were among the few that were there (10 is the normal opening time).

The three of us strolled leisurely through the warehouse and grabbed what we needed. We even had time to snap photos and walk through all the toy aisles. I think we may have to make Friday morning Costco runs a normal routine. 

Bubba wore his Captain America mask and held his shield the entire time. We got a few weird looks but mostly adoration and praises about how cute bubba was. I think he liked the attention. Dagny kept trying to turn around and see what I had put in the cart. We enjoyed a smoothie and a churro on our way out, and I thought to myself... If all my Costco runs were this simple, I might spend more money so hopefully this isn't always a norm. Hehe 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

When Jordan Grows Up

Dear Jordan,
The other day, I asked you how many kids you were going to have when you grew up.  You said 6, and then asked me where you were going to live.  I told you I hoped nearby so I could see you a lot, and that I hoped your brother Bubba and sister Dagny, also lived close by.  You told me you could live next door.  And then, like an epiphany, you told me you could live in our basement.  And, since we just got a free futon from a neighbor, and you just learned the terminology, "futon," you explained that your kids could all sleep on the new futon.  After I expressed concern over the space issue, you said you could solve it with just having four kids, this way, they'd all fit on the futon.  Problem solved!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stuck Home All Day Potty Training

It's almost 1 PM and I'm already dying from staying home ALL DAY, intently focused on Bubba and his every move, trying to see when he needs to pee.  So far, he's escaped from me twice, had two accidents, peed once while he was playing on the iPad right in front of me into bball shorts (I think they mimic swim shorts and don't feel quite wet, and at that point, we just went PANTLESS.  He wouldn't go pantless yesterday because he kept asking me for shorts or pants or pull-ups.  Today, he finally gave in (or he's also sick of changing pants everytime he pees in 'em).  So we have had one successful pee in the little potty, and now we're just pantless and waiting for the next pee to come around.

The boys are armed with their ipads, poor Dags has been strapped in her little high chair to hang with us at the dining table and we are all bored to death.  PEE BUBBA!  PEE!

No poop yet.