Thursday, February 28, 2013

Something to look forward to

Throughout my life, I have had multiple big tests that I have had to perform well on. With each test there was stress, and my future would be somewhat contingent upon my performance. It probably all started with the ACT, although at the time I really didn't understand the importance of that test, so I will go ahead and say it really started with the MCAT. Pass with flying colors, and I might be able to go to medical school. Stumble, and I might have needed to look for another profession.

I would have daily 9 hour + study days with Justin, one of my roommates, and our other roommate Quinn would always tell me and Justin that we just needed something to look forward to. It often was anything as small as taco tuesday with dollar scoop tuesday, date with a new girl, pick up basketball game or pot roast sunday. Whenever Justin and I would get too engrossed in our studies, he would remind us of whatever we had coming up on our slate. That principle got me through the MCAT, and the horrific Step 1 of the medical boards, as I was looking forward to marrying Daisy just a few days after the test.

But alas, it seems the tests never end. I am starting to study for Step 3, the last of my general boards to get my medical license. It would be as rough as prior tests, as I just need to pass, but I am still feeling burnt out from Step 1! Anyways, I am putting good use to the principle taught to me those years ago, and am focusing on the getaway we will be taking the day after my test to meet back up with Justin, Quinn and their families. Can't wait for version #2 of this photo!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Busy Season

Because I am glad busy season is over for me....
Because I have empathy for those still in busy season...
Because busy season was such a big part of my life...
Because busy season equals weight gain, saddened lifestyle, and overload of stress..
Because busy season still gives me the shivers when I hear it being said...
Because busy season will always be a part of me...

Yes I made this.  Tee hee!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pick Your Poison

Andy has been working on Saturdays and Sundays lately and as a result, I have been single mom-ing it again.

This Saturday, we planned to meet up with some friends who also had a working Daddy, but we just couldn't get our stuff together in time.  Instead, I had a brilliant idea to kill some time before gymnastics class at ....  Costco!

We got some free samples, tried out all the patio furniture (all very comfortable, especially if you take the food you are sampling over there to eat), a churro to go, then made our way to class.

After gymnastics and Jordan's afternoon nap, we woke up and Andy was still not home yet.

So, we decided to go to the mall for a stroll and to return some items.  The only thing is, Saturdays at the mall playground are insane.  Crazy.  Full fo germs everywhere!  Lucky for us, I have discovered a well kept secret.

The book store train table, all for us.
We got home just in time to leave again with Andy to run some errands and eat dinner with him so it wasn't exactly an entire weekend without him, just the daytime.

And then come Sunday, we made our way to Church without Daddy (again).  It's not so bad with just Jordan and me, but I can definitely see it being more difficult with each additional child.
This rotation of light weekdays and working weekends has been a toss up.  On one hand, it's nice to have Andy home early so often during the week.  On the other hand, the weekends are quite lonely without him.  Pick your poison, I suppose.  

Monday, February 25, 2013

Balls And Paper Airplanes

I always suspected having a child would mean a living room full of toys regardless of how many tucked away bins, containers, or drawers I got.  What I didn't know was our living room would become  entirely consumed by balls and paper airplanes, two of Jordan's obsessions.

Although we have a variety of balls ranging in color, size, texture, and type, the one we seem to have the most of (and seem to have lost the most of .... though I anticipate finding most of them when we are packing) are little plastic golf balls.  We have little white ones with holes, white ones with pretend golf divets, red, yellow, green, and blue.  And even despite how many little plastic golf balls we have somewhere in the home, at any given time, we only seem to have five rotating in his practice swings.

I also seem to be picking up a lot of paper airplanes lately.  Jordan has become completely obsessed with paper airplanes, trying to make them (he'll take any piece of paper and start folding randomly before he hands it to you for immediate assistance), fly them, and saying "dee" as he flies them (his way of saying airplane in Chinese though far off sound wise).  Because of our proximity to the Spokane airport, you can also frequently find him sitting on our coffee table, looking out the window into the sky for airplanes.  The moment he hears or sees one, he will point and explain, "dee!" over and over again.

Luck be a baby.

Not only did Joran get to attend the Spokane Golf and Travel Show last week (where he got to hit balls like Daddy into a net), but he also got to feed his paper airplane obsession last week.

Recently, we saw a flier at the library for an "engineering paper airplane" special event.  Jordan, not knowing what the event was as he is not of reading age despite knowing his "O" and "E" thanks to Super Why, was already convinced from the paper airplane on the flier that this was a special flier worth holding onto.  True to the fact, he would not physically let go of the flier (even when it fell in the dirty wet snow leftovers) all week long while riding in the car.  He'd stare at it, point at the airplane depicted, and tell you "dee" and then mutter to himself "dee," "dee," "dee."  So by all means, I put it in our calendar to take Jordan to the library event, and it did not disappoint.

Last Thursday, Andy took him to the library for the airplane event while I stayed home and worked, but from the sounds of it, Jordan was so excited, focused, and on cloud nine... so much that he even had two little cookies.  Andy came home with an origami paper airplane book and Jordan hasn't let it out of his sight.  On a daily basis, he will retrieve the book, open it and browse through it, or bring it to you as an indication that you are to make him a new airplane to play with.  Any piece of paper he sees lying around, he will take into his hands, begin folding, and tell you "dee."  As a result, I have been continually throwing away paper airplanes, only to see them multiply faster than bunnies around the house.  They show up underneath the laundry, tucked away in corners, behind the couch, underneath toys, and everywhere in between.

As for his ball obsession, it's still debatable whether his first word was "Mom" or "ball."  Whatever sport we happen to be watching, Jordan has to grab the appropriate ball for the occasion.  The other morning, he opened up the Mormon Channel app so we began watching an "I am Mormon" video about an ex NFL player.  As soon as he saw the football field, he rushed out of bed, ran into the living room, and came back holding his football.  Now he was ready.  He does the same thing when Andy is watching basketball, he'll grab his basketball, and then go back to sit with Daddy, before trying to make a few shots on his too tall hoop.  And of course, there's no surprise that he will always grab his golf clubs or go hit some balls when golf is on the television.  So predictable.  
Due to his ball obsession, he got a little too much credit from another gymnastics parent who told me how impressed she was with his listening skills at only 21 months.  You see, the gymnastics class was "sports themed" that day, so they had the kiddos kick a foam block like a soccer ball, throw a foam block like a ball, use a stuffed stick to hit the foam ball like golf, and throw the foam block like they are hiking a ball.  Jordan, at 21 months, understood all of these actions, because they are ones he is frequently performing at home with his plethora of balls.  But for the gymnastics parent, she was in utter awe that he understood how to hike a ball, kick, throw, and use the stick to hit it like a golf ball.  Haha.  I didn't even think to point out that he does all that at home, I just enjoyed the compliment and humbly attributed it to the fact that he has slowly caught on with each class he's been to.  It wasn't until I was driving home that I pondered upon it and realized, he had a competitive advantage compared to the other kids not playing with balls, hiking footballs, kicking footballs into field goals, throwing basketballs, baseballs, and hitting golf balls everyday single day.  It's like asking a 1 year old girl to twirl like a princess... pretty sure they've all got it down to the tee.

Balls and paper airplanes.  It's the story of our child's life right now.  He does also enjoy his other toys, but I'd say these make a frequent appearance more than anything else.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cooking with Joy!

Every afternoon when I begin to get dinner started, I am overcome with joy at the simplicity of preparing dinner for my family.  Much of this has to do with the fact that for the first one and a half years of my cooking life (when we first were married because let's be honest, I never cooked before that unless you count heating up frozen food or putting together salads and sandwiches...), I would come home from work around 5:30 or 6 PM (and if I made it back earlier, would somehow find myself online working or on the phone working) and after merely changing out of stiff work clothes and heels, not even having the time to take a breather and watch any television, I'd be getting dinner ready.  I never thought much of it, especially considering the 5:30 or 6 PM end of work day was a surprisingly welcome change compared to the unpredictable work schedule I held as an auditor prior to that.  When I was in that role, I never really stopped to think of the co-workers I had who had families who probably wanted very much to leave in time for dinner.  I guess I was in my own little bubble of... go work out, grab a bite to eat from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, or eat something frozen I had at home... or alternatively, work and then eat on the man.  I was okay with the latter most of the time but I tried to dutifully respect others who wanted to leave work to sit in traffic for an hour at 5 PM and wondered if they ever made it home in time for dinner.  *shrug

Because of the gratitude I felt for being off earlier than most of my peers still in audit, I just sucked it up and tried to halt my hunger while I made an effort to do the chore of cooking dinner.  I guess in a way, I dreaded it a bit.. but I couldn't help but think I was still lucky compared to those still working.  I did secretly wonder how any woman could revel in joy of domesticity when it was after a long day of work (and there are women out there who do, but I am not one of them).

I often wondered why people liked cooking at all.  I much preferred buying something and handing it to the professionals to get it right.  I enjoyed savoring the taste so delicate and scrumptious that attempting to imitate it would just result in disappointment and waste of time on my part.  But even at work, there were those who loved coming in with baked goods for all of us.  I wondered often, but then again, eating their delicious product was a much better use of my time than wondering...

Now that I'm working part-time from home and with Jordan for most of the day, I have the luxury of planning out our weekly menus, thinking of recipes I'd like to try from Pinterest and elsewhere, and then cooking it without the time pressure I felt when I was tired, hungry, and trying to get it done asap.  I often fail and some of the stuff I make it quite disgusting, but Andy willingly tries it and I have been encouraged to keep on trucking.  I've had a few successes here and there and I'm learning.. slowly, but surely!  Lately, I've been having so much fun with it.. I even tried baking.  *gasp!  I of course failed in every way possible, but hopefully with my next effort, things will get better.  I still don't know how I can mess up a basic cookie recipe, but it's never consistent and it's really a hit or miss when I do it.

Needless to say, I am finding joy in cooking.  I never thought I would, but I have and it's much better when I enjoy it and do it versus when I don't and do it.  Seems simple enough, but I seem to forget that when I'm wrapped up in errands and tasks and just don't have the energy to be of good cheer.

Side note... I have begun to capitalize on YouTube tutorials.

I had a palette from MAC Cosmetics with only one eyeshadow tin because when I bought it, I assumed I could transfer the other two pots of eye shadow I had easily.  To my dismay, they were glued down and impossible to remove.  Or so they told me (evil conniving make-up people in black).  I used some make-up to distract Jordan while he was on the diaper pad, and then got to thinking if I should just exchange the full eyeshadow pots for a free lipstick (because of MAC's Mac Back program - 6 containers in exchange for lipstick or gloss).  But a quick google search got me a video teaching me to remove part of the pot with a tweezer, and then put the remaining plastic and tin part on a piece of foil, on a flat iron, and then removing the tin pot from the plastic pot with a needle.  I easily removed two of the eyeshadows from the pots I had and plopped 'em into my near empty palette, and now I have 6 used MAC containers to trade in!  I was esctatic to learn this, especially since I rarely use any of the make-up I have but really liked the one MAC lipstick I did have (which after five years.. is all gone!) Who knows how much longer it would have taken me to use all that eye shadow.. it's hardly got a dent in it.  Maybe I will begin putting eye shadow on everyday... err, too much effort, I'll work on showering everyday first.  
I also YouTubed how to wrap wontons.  I had learned from my mother-in-law about a year ago and had instructions from the package, but somehow, they were just so ugly and I couldn't recall how May had done it before.  So after a plate of uglies, I decided to do a quick YouTube search.  I  quickly found instructions, followed them, and got really cute looking wontons with the remainder of my wonton skin and meat.  See... clear winner!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Heart LA Temple

I've been admiring really cute "I love the Temple" prints via Pinterest and Etsy, but to my disappointment, they are all of the Salt Lake Temple.  Having a special place in my heart for the Los Angeles LDS Temple, I became frustrated that there was nothing out there.  Solution?  I created my own LA Temple print.

Andy asked me how I made the image of the temple.  Well, the nice thing about the LA Temple is that it's basically just rectangles and triangles along with a small Angel Moroni at the top.  I used rectangles, triangles, and circles...  ta-da!!!!

Do you likie?  The original motivation was actually intended to be a wedding gift for a dear friend who is getting sealed there tomorrow morning (and sadly, we could not make it back).  So after making her print, I modified it to be a generic I heart the Temple print too (in audit, we call that dual-purpose).  

From the looks of it, I am getting a lot of good use from Adobe Photoshop, though I'm still quite lost when it comes to things I remembered doing with it in college (all those dang years ago), like dragging a line as a ruler and not a permanent line.  I'm definitely not a pro like our friend Jen, but googling my problems has easily solved every question I've had thus far.  I'm also not creative per say, but heck, I can copy a print sold on Etsy with minimal effort and that has been exciting and rather rewarding.  I sure am getting a lot of use out of Adobe Photoshop!  In fact, my thoughts turned to maybe contributing to my husband's obsession with having a golf themed boys' room and me creating some golf prints.  I'd like to get a silhouette of Jordan's golf stance after he swings and freezes at the top, but I've also been wanting to do profile silhouettes for our family since we were engaged and thinking of wedding themes, so maybe I'll finally get around to doing that.  

No doubt about it...Adobe Photoshop has been the most utilized Christmas gift ever!  And, oddly, I find it thrilling to create something on Photoshop, even if it's just recreating something I've seen.  I can be found wrapped up in Photoshop while we watch TV.  New hobby!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Daddy's Day Off

I tend to forget that Andy's day off for the last three weeks (and one more week left of this rotation) is on Wednesday.  That meant Tuesday night was super special with us renting a Redbox (The Words - pretty good movie!) and going to Baskin Robbins for family scoop night ($1 kid scoop, $1.50 adult scoop).

Don't be deceived by the photos - Jordan was not partaking of the delicious ice cream.  He tried all the samples I did off of the small spoons, but once we gave him a big cup of ice cream, he was not interested.  Instead, he found pretending he was eating with his tiny spoon out of the water cup to be quite fascinating.  He's like the kids in Hook just imagining.

Then, I realized my normal Wednesday weekly two to three hour call was cancelled, so we got to hang out the entire day with Daddy!

On Wednesday morning, I got a nice 30 minute elliptical work out in our apartment gym while Andy and Jordan snuggled and then played a bit.  I then came back to whip up breakfast for us which is my favorite part of being together on the weekends (or Wednesday).  Andy is not as huge of a fan of breakfast as me, but he endears and participates when he's home, needless to say, we have not really been out for breakfast much (I think once...) but I am still working on it.  
I quickly gobbled some granola with yogurt and then whipped up some smoothies for the boys while french toast was cooking in the background.  

Jordan loved his smoothie so much, he barely ate any french toast.  The smoothie had: 1 cup of almond milk, 3 T of vanilla yogurt, 3 slices of cantaloupe, a handful of spinach, 2 scoops of rainbow sorbet, and 1/2 cup of frozen pineapple.  

Next, we headed to Toys 'R' Us where Jordan got to test drive an Escalade, which he was a definite fan of... but who isn't?  There was a Ross next door so we went there and I got a skirt and pair of jeans about two and four sizes, respectively, larger than normal, so they would fit my ever expanding pregnant body.  I plan on wearing the skirt to church every other Sunday (just a plain black one) and the jeans are a fun shade of mint green (I know, so last spring Daisy) that I had been eye-ing for a while  and am excited to have even if they are not the coolest things anymore.  
Jordan was famished at this point.  It was around 11:30 AM and he inhaled some crackers, oogling them like treasures and mumbling "more" through a mouthful of crackers.  So we decided we'd eat out for lunch, using our handy dandy mail collected coupons at Carl's Jr.  Andy and I both had turkey jalapeno burgers and Jordan almost an entire large quesadilla, while we all indulged in some criss-cut fries and it was well worth it considering we spent about $6... man, how does one even dine out without coupons?  I don't ever want to dine out without a coupon again!
Jordan had a nice long nap while I worked and Andy worked out.  But two hours later, we were ready to venture out again!  This time, we made our way to the local Asian market (a tiny little place), Costco for some gas, and then to a pet store where Jordan got to oogle after some puppies.  

We came home and too tired from our day out, just had dumplings and ramen for dinner.  Then, Andy headed off to Scouts with Jordan while I worked and cleaned the house.

It's always fun when Andy has the day off and I'm grateful that this day off was free of home buying paperwork stress.  Yay!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The beauty of sports...

There have only been two national championships of teams that I follow during my lifetime. In 1984, when I was about 3 months old, BYU won the national championship in football. In 1995, the Braves won the World Series. Outside of that, for every team I follow, each season ends the same way, in some sort of heartbreak.

There was the heartbreak of Jimmer's senior year, when we went from a potential #1 seed, to losing our only productive big man, to come up one shot short of the elite eight. There was every year in the '90s, except 95, when the Braves, even with the most dominant pitching staff, arguably ever, couldn't produce when it really mattered. I remember demanding my dad play catch with me after his Padres knocked the Braves out of the playoffs one year. Then there's the Jazz. We were often on family vacation during the playoffs, as they would extend into the early summer. When the Jazz finally broke into the finals, they would give us a sliver of hope, only to be posterized by MJ, again and again.

You would think with all that heartache, I ought to just give up sports. But if it doesn't hurt to lose, it wouldn't be so amazing to win. And although each season, the sports gods can only declare one team a champion, I have found that sports can deliver little moments of relief from the many difficulties of life.

Take for example the basketball game between BYU and Utah State last night. With the game tied, BYU had the ball with only seconds remaining. The initial shot by Carlino came up short, and Cusick was in the right place at the right time for the put back and the two point victory. A great moment in sports, big rivalry game, a down to the wire finish, with a gamer winner at the buzzer. However, I imagine it being an even bigger moment for his family, who earlier in the day found out that his father had cancer. There are little things that can provide an escape from the more difficult aspects of life in the way sports can.

I remember the season opener for BYU football in 2009. They were playing the #3 ranked team in the nation, the Oklahoma Sooners. BYU was a huge underdog, and yet they somehow pulled off the upset. At the time my pops had recently joined the ranks of the unemployed, and wasn't having much luck in the job hunt. I remember that one of my first thoughts after the game was gratitude that my BYU blue through and through dad would have a little something to cheer about during that difficult time.

Clearly in sports, for every winner, there is a loser. Just as elated as I was that BYU had beaten Oklahoma, they could have easily had lost. Had they lost, I would have counted my blessings, put the game into perspective, and moved on. But they won, and I got to, for a moment, escape the stresses of medical school and taste the sweet victory.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So Cal Asian Foodies

*long post that jumps around without real transitions warning.

I don't know why, but I find it horrifically offensive when people accuse me of being a foodie and I would rather shrink in a corner than admit that.  I'm not sure what the exact definition of a foodie is, but it feels like you need more money to be one and you care to spend the money to be one so therefore, I do not qualify.  I have many friends who do, and I admire them for their foodie hobbies and look forward to recommendations and photos of places to eat, but as for me... I take photos of my food because I'm Asian and that's what we've grown up doing.  I Yelp! about my food because I like to share my opinion, not because I'm exceptionally good at rating places or a certified food reviewer.

I like trying new and innovative places that get great reviews because I like good food.  Good food can be something cheap, something expensive (as long as I'm not paying), or something super Corporate.  The nice thing about mom and pop places is that sometimes you do get more for your money, or more ambiance to enjoy, and then it becomes famous and everyone invades it and it's just not worth the effort anymore.  I know, I sound so hipster and it's so annoying to admit it, but that doesn't mean I don't go back or that I look down on chain restaurants.  Or that I don't love getting in line for the tourist trap that will be a huge letdown just so I can cross it off my list and not wonder when I drive by the long line again (here's looking at you Pink's and Honey Boba).  I personally love chain restaurants and have been to more than the average consumer, but I simply do not discriminate... it's just with us not eating out lately and on a budget, when we do.. we usually try to go somewhere we haven't been yet.  But good places to eat are good places to eat, and for the short time that we're visiting So Cal come March, I already know all my normal spots to hit up.  I don't care much for anything new or trendy, but maybe we will try one or two... for the most part, we will be going back to all the good eats I miss so much.

Come to think of it, most Asian people who grow up in Southern California are probably easily labeled as foodies.  Not by choice or habit or design or hobby, but by mere fact that Asians just love food and aren't super outdoorsy like white people (there are exceptions like when they grow up and become more adventurous or start to run a lot or bike a lot like one of my cousins who is super into marathons and being fit and healthy now, but keep going with me people) and frankly, hate the sun (ever seen those Dark Vadar visors, gloves while Asians are driving, and umbrellas to shield the sun?), so with it sunny all year round in SoCal, food just becomes the one safe haven away from the sun where one can bond and eat and talk and connect and umm, we love our cameras and have even before they became easy to use via phones, yes - we use to carry those big cameras around and developed our film before everything became digital, that's just what we do....  and throw peace signs, but seriously - it's what we do.  

Food brings everyone together, but for Asians, especially American Born Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Phillipino, or whatever else I've left out, it is a thing, a big thing.  I've never had my friends back home get together just to hang out without having something to snack on be it fruit or chips or something!  Most of the time, we go out to eat because what else would we do... go to the beach?!  Heaven forbid.  Again, that's something we've grown into but we still would prefer to eat than hang in the sun together.  

You think about how much variety there is in Asian food, and you can only fathom why food is such a big deal because really, there are so many different kinds of it.  Chinese food is actually not a category of its own.  You see, within that, there is Taiwanese, Shanghai, Hunan, Cantonese, and that's just to name the ones I can think of!  Then there's also Mongolian, Malaysian, etc. and provinces and areas that I don't even know about but have surely eaten foods from.  With Korean, there's Korean BBQ, tofu, soups, sushi (they call it kim bop), rice, noodles, etc.  With Japanese, there's sushi (which is super hip now for everyone) but then there's also the BBQ bar grilled Japanese type of genre that hasn't really been explored by non-Asians yet (at least to my knowledge).  But western civilization has modernized most of the popular Asian foods and helped make them easy to appreciate by the general public, which is why sushi, Korean BBQ, Vietnamese Banh-Mihs, and pho have slowly made their way into mainstream eats.

Growing up, I knew more about all the different Asian food before I even knew what minestrone was (or the pronunciation for that matter).  With the exception of Indian food (which I did not learn about or try until college in 2002), my world of taste had already encompassed all other Asian areas of the world.  And yet, I did not know what rye bread or matzo balls were until 2005 (because I grew up in Arcadia people, not Bel Air).

I also think the "foodie" labeling comes with time and experience.  I look at my cousins who eat at all the hopping places, but I also remember when my eldest cousin came home from eating out one time in the 90's and explained, Olive Garden is the best restaurant ever!  Okay, it's a great restaurant, but certainly not the best Italian out there!  I guess taste and disposable income for dining out just evolve (and hopefully grow) over time, but one should never forget their roots!

So all this has got me thinking because I have seen a trending shift of eating out to fancier places by a lot of people these days, and I've come to appreciate that a real foodie cannot look down at a chain restaurant or think it's below them, instead - they had to have been there, done that.  Hence, So Cal Asians easily qualify as foodies but Beverly Hills wannabes who have never been to a chain cannot.  And the more I think about it, the more I am envisioning where we take our kids when we do go out in the future.  I certainly do not want my teenage sons explaining to their friends how great Ruth's Chris when he's never even been to a Black Angus.  That just doesn't feel right.  Then again, I don't want to take him to Ruth's Chris period until way later in life.  Maybe after he's already had it, when he's working for the man and the man is paying for it.  Until then, I refuse to pay for it, and I know for a fact that Andy is on board with me.  We are just stubbornly cheap like that, but we personally think it builds character... and true foodies.

Okay, so maybe by default of being from So Cal and Asian, I am a bit of a food person, but a foodie that does not make me.

Still my favorite place in Spokane... Chaps, and the only place we've been to three times, alas these photos are from the summer (notice how small my baby is).

Monday, February 18, 2013

Take More Photos!

We got Jordan a shirt from Gap that we thought said "#1 Big Brother" except it actually says "#1 Brother."  Oops.  Well, I suppose he is the #1 brother for now, plus we can't exactly put a shirt on #2 who is still inside the womb.  But man, that #1 big brother is just so full of energy and loves to be with Mommy, which I love too! 

I've been trying to coax Andy into taking more photos of Jordan and me.  When I look back at the past almost two years, there are a lot more photos of Andy and Jordan than Jordan and me.  Part of the problem is me complaining about a "bad" photo everytime Andy takes one, but I don't want to look back at photos in the future with my kids and have them ask, "Where are you Mommy?"  

So here's to taking more photos of Jordan with me, and of documenting the growing babe (below at 24 weeks). 
Last Friday, we went to the bank to close the deal on the home and transfer the majority of our savings *gulp. Jordan is a huge fan of Wells Fargo because the dum dums offered there always make their way into his mouth.  The bank is a fun lollipop place, and Jordan was an angel for the long time we were there, finishing up the wire transfer (which news to us can only be done in person at the bank).

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Golf Fanatic

Ever since Jordan got his hands on some golf clubs at 13 months, he has not let go.  On Saturday, we went to the Spokane Golf and Travel Show and though shy at first, Jordan eventually navigated the kid zone and enjoyed his time there.

At 8:15 AM, Jordan and I headed off to the Show which began at 9 AM in hopes of getting our free limited while supplies lasted "customized" golf club just for kids.  They were not so much customized as they were giving us one for his height, which in our case, was the shortest they had, coincidentally still too long for little 21 month old Jordo.  And they were not so much short in supply until late in the afternoon, but we didn't want to take our chances, and what else better did we have to do anyway (Andy was working).  Afterwards, we met up with Andy for lunch at the hospital and then we went home for Jordan's naptime.  Andy got off work and headed over to the show to hit some balls with the new gear, and then he came home.  Jordan must have sensed it because he was up at precisely the moment Andy walked in the door.  He had his afternoon bottle, and then we were off to the Show again, but this time with our own clubs and balls (the ones there were chunky plastic and they were hitting miniature tennis balls - Jordan was not a fan).

Most 21 month olds are not really "into" anything as much as Jordan is "into" golf.  He pours over all the balls and swings in Golf Digest, watches instructional golf videos with Andy, and enjoys professional golf on television.  So we figured he'd love hitting balls into the net (just like Daddy does at the golf or sporting goods stores we go to often) on the green with a tee.  Before we left, he was so excited.  He took his golf clubs in his little golf bag and knew we were off to do some golfing.  But once we were there, the men and women in uniform red polos guarding the net intimidated him.  He kept staring at them and wouldn't move towards the tee.  When we asked him if he wanted to hit some balls, he shook his head quickly and wanted to leave.  We persisted because we both knew how badly he wanted to hit the balls.  After much hesitation, he finally warmed up to a green that didn't have a scary red polo person next to it, and even when he started to hit the balls and the scary red polo-ed people ooh'ed and aah'ed and said, "what a great swing he has!" he just stared back at them with a blank stare, as if to question, "who are you people?!"  It was really funny.  He didn't warm up until 15 minutes later, we told him it was time to go.  We headed towards a putting green and an instructional PGA net and that was where he really got comfortable and started "yeah-ing" everytime he got a ball into the hole.

Now I'm not a fan of golf, but given the heightened interest from my son and husband, I have reluctantly acquiesced to their golf desires and found myself here for most of Saturday.
Looking back, it was quite enjoyable to see how happy it made both of them.  Looking into the future, I feel I will have a lot of free time when my boys go off to the Country Club for some golf.  Andy is still hoping I will join and play, and after a free instructional lesson from a PGA something or other person (certified, professional?  I have no clue...) and being told I had athletic ability (something I have never ever heard in my life) and potential, he was hoping I was sold, but not so much.  I wonder if the tables were turned, and we had a daughter who was into ballroom dancing, and had gone to some ballroom dance convention, if Andy would have taken some free dance lessons.  I think not... so hopefully he is reading this and aware of how great I am for going along and enjoying it all!

I took along our fancy single lenses camera to document the day partially because Andy wanted me to take a lot of photos of Jordan's excitement and partially because I felt silly using an iPhone to take a million photos.  So I lugged our big camera in my diaper bag and didn't feel as silly taking it out and snapping a lot of photos at one time.  In fact, I felt like a wannabe professional and just kept snapping away.  I think I will take my big camera with me to more places now and try to get some better quality photos and try to post photos more.  Anyway, will let the photos speak for themselves (some are taken with my phone still though). ...
waiting in line for the festivities to begin!  We went through all the ABC's (he has trouble with a few letters and his favorite are 'E' and 'O' but I must say, watching Super Why has really heightened his alphabet speaking abilities), played with the car keys, the combination lock and whatever else was in my purse before I eventually busted out the phone (we were there about twenty minutes before they opened and I didn't want him running around before it was time to go in, and with that much carpet space, he was so so tempted!  Staying stuck in that stroller was quite the challenge!)
 going through the goody bag to fill up inside
Excited to see a ball and a club on the flier (even upside down) .. look at that line in back of us! We were probably about 20th in line and the line went all the way to the stairway entrance, it was quite long.  
 the free "customized" just for kids table
 Mom, why do they use such large plastic clubs and tennis balls?!
 Perhaps I'll give it a go...
We were excited to learn they had classes offered to all ages who were willing, and as we went over to sign up, we were told that classes start for ages 7 and up.  I was perturbed that they didn't train their temps a little better but oh well.  Andy thinks there will be classes in Utah Jordan can take once he's a little bit older and ready to take instruction.  

 The long putt people let Jordan walk on and said he could putt for free (cost $3), but their clubs were too big.  Too bad we didn't have his clubs with us!
He thoroughly enjoyed riding in this golf cart and pretending to drive it.  Maybe Daddy will buy me one of these...
Leaving for lunch with Daddy and playing with the free customized club that is way too big.
Headed to the hospital for lunch... Jordan loves this bridge that we get to walk across
We always stop to look at the cars going by underneath, sometimes if we're lucky, we see a plane too!
 We like to color these little cups while we wait for Andy.
And when that becomes boring, the iPhone comes out.
Part two at the Golf Show... with his own clubs and balls this time!

 blurry but cute... he's saying Yeah!!! everytime he gets the ball into the hole