Friday, February 1, 2013

So Stoked For February

February is always a good month.  Though I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day (it's a made up holiday, no matter how cute all the hearts, ruffles, red, purple, and pink you put in it!), I am a huge fan of the sweetness that comes with it (literally) and an excuse to party, and don't forget February is also the month of Chinese New Year and the Superbowl.  It doesn't get much better than this for a non-real holiday month.

It's also the time we get to reset our expenses accumulated for the month!  This means I can dive back into my extravagant grocery shopping once more.  Ha.  Okay, I'm trying to cut back and am going to coupon and look through ads a bit more (especially since Wal-Mart price matches and we have one very close by), but I can't help but feel relieved that I can stop trying to create some dish out of what's left in my canned goods cabinet and freezer.  Our freezer is near depletion.  It's kind of scary actually. I've never seen it so empty.  Andy said maybe this was an exercise I should have executed a little closer to our departure date in June.  "Well, I'm just getting into the habit," I told him.  And today, against all my will, I did not buy the pack of three whipped creams, frozen dumplings, coconut water, and mahi-mahi that I saw and so desperately wanted from Costco.

Where I did cave was I bought the more expensive per ounce dark chocolate pomegranates versus the milk chocolate raisins.  The logic was, well if we (Jordan loves them too!) are going to get fat from something like this, it might as well be in less quantity and a bit healthier (dark chocolate is supposed to be better for you).  I also got to thinking while I was at Costco observing the strangers waiting in line near us.  At least we will (hopefully) be in a better place financially (less debt and maybe more income?) when our two boys are teenagers and eating a LOT, and those Costco trips together are going to be so much fun!  I'm already excited when Jordan points to something he really wants.  I often find myself caving and letting him get whatever it is - maybe because it's kind of a rare thing, or maybe because I'm just a softy who spoils my child.  Whatever... it's been fun.  

So yes, Jordan and I headed over to Costco this morning after a fun playgroup beforehand.  Costco on a Friday before the Superbowl for lunch?  Yes please!  Methinks it was a great idea!  The foot traffic was a little overwhelming but I can't really complain with just one angelic child sitting at the front or our cart, eager to try the food samples with me.  We had a blast!  Jordan's such a great sport when it comes to Costco food sampling with mum.  He was especially fond of the sausages, that or he loved holding the toothpick and eating it off of it, but either way, he had three samples of sausage and meatballs.  I was a fan of the special fancy cheese, wasabi and horseradish gouda, fancy champagne gouda, and some type of french onion gouda.  Oh it was just heavenly!  We also had some pulled pork on a pretzel bun (those pretzel buns are so good!), pita chips, nacho cheese, quesadillas, and dark chocolate pomegranates and blueberries.

And, to top things off, it's actually sunny in Spokane lately!  The weather is in the high 30's and low 40's and the sun is shining down and slowly melting away all the ice!  Though we had a slight fall on the dirty melted snow now ice and had to return home to change our clothes before play group, Jordan seemed to understand that he should not run on the icy floor anymore or he'd get a dirty and wet bum again.  He kept trying to wipe his hands off even though they were clean, as if to tell me, eww Mom, I got dirty.  Ha.  He's so funny.

Lately, we love reading!

At play group, he began to say "mine" when another boy took his blue Spiderman ball, but when all the other kids took his car and started racing it around the gym, he could care less.  The other moms kept commenting about how nice he was to share, but in reality, he was furious that another boy had taken his ball.  Even when the other boy was throwing it to him, trying to be friends, Jordan refused to give in and just looked at me, pouted his lips and grimaced his eyes, saying "Mom... mine?!"  I explained to him that he should play with the little boy and throw the back ball, but everytime he got the ball in his hand, he just ran off with it.  He's possessive about his balls.  You can take his other toys, but not his balls!  

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