Monday, February 18, 2013

Take More Photos!

We got Jordan a shirt from Gap that we thought said "#1 Big Brother" except it actually says "#1 Brother."  Oops.  Well, I suppose he is the #1 brother for now, plus we can't exactly put a shirt on #2 who is still inside the womb.  But man, that #1 big brother is just so full of energy and loves to be with Mommy, which I love too! 

I've been trying to coax Andy into taking more photos of Jordan and me.  When I look back at the past almost two years, there are a lot more photos of Andy and Jordan than Jordan and me.  Part of the problem is me complaining about a "bad" photo everytime Andy takes one, but I don't want to look back at photos in the future with my kids and have them ask, "Where are you Mommy?"  

So here's to taking more photos of Jordan with me, and of documenting the growing babe (below at 24 weeks). 
Last Friday, we went to the bank to close the deal on the home and transfer the majority of our savings *gulp. Jordan is a huge fan of Wells Fargo because the dum dums offered there always make their way into his mouth.  The bank is a fun lollipop place, and Jordan was an angel for the long time we were there, finishing up the wire transfer (which news to us can only be done in person at the bank).


Lauren said...

Wow, you look so great Daisy! I wish I looked half as good pregnant as you do! I love your shirt!

Al & Whitney said...

haha I tell Al the same thing....he never takes pictures of me and the boys.