Friday, February 15, 2013

Trying To Be Stylish... A Failed Attempt

I've become obsessed with a few fashion bloggers and find it so entertaining to see what they wear everyday via Instagram and Blog.  When my husband scrolls through my Instragram account (which he does daily at night), he is also subject to what these bloggers post.  Many times, I scream, "Oh, I love her shirt.. too bad it's from J. Crew."  or "Dang!  I want that Theory top!" .... and of course, "Her purse is Prada?!  That is one cute Prada bag though..."  It's great to admire from afar but come on, regular people can't afford that without going into some serious debt, and certainly not me!  His response is normally something along the lines of "Well, it must be easy to look cute all the time when everyone sends you free stuff."  Ha.  I love my husband and how he gets it.

Meanwhile, I will get jeggings from Walmart (seriously, less than $6, yes please!) because I've discovered that's all I want to wear while pregnant besides my work out pants, and blouses from TJMaxx with my luxury spending to continue at Forever21 or H&M, with occasional finds at Macy's - where I expect to become a pro next year since my mother-in-law and her sister are pros, and both happen to be in Salt Lake!

I am also sending my mom photos of what I like - jewelry I can't afford (who spends more than $10 on  a piece of jewelry?  Okay, maybe I'm the only one who doesn't...), rain boots I really don't need but kind of want anyway, and jackets I really don't need but sorta still want.  Duh.  She calls me from time to time while shopping, but lately, she has been ignoring the photos I've been sending and while in LA last time, showed me these bright silver leggings she had purchased for me.  Sorry mom, you know I'm not that trendy EVER, and you know I wouldn't be caught dead in those.  So she took 'em back, told me they were hers anyway, but she was intending to give me hers and go get another pair.  Meanwhile, I continue to ask her when she's getting me the J Brand jeans she promised but instead got herself some.  She also called the other day while at Nordstrom and asked me if I want Coach boots.  "Do they look like the black rain boots I sent you a photo of?" I asked her.  "Well, they are snow boots." she responded.  "Oh," I said, rather dejected, "well what color are they?" I asked.  "Brown," she told me.  And then, I put two and two together and asked her, "Does it say 'Coach' all over it?" to which she responded, "Not coach, but the logo, yes."

"No mom!  I am proud to be Chinese American, but I am not a FOB!"  I will not wear logo shoes.  I sincerely hope she adheres to the photos I'm sending her more.

Yes, trying to be stylish is kind of a failed attempt, but it really does take so much effort and money that sometimes, I'm okay with just being out and about in my CMC sweatshirt and workout pants.  I suppose there are also more pressing matters of life that may matter more... but one day, I will be trendy... one day, just watch and you shall see.


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Lauren said...

My obsession is looking stylish on the cheap. I dunno, I find a thrill in recreating an outfit I saw on a blog with thrift store/discount finds, because seriously, I can never justify spending more than $15/$20 on one piece of clothing. Sure, I've splurged a few times, but normally, it's all about TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Good luck in your efforts to be the stylish really does get harder with kids, because some days, I never make it out of my jammies/work out clothes. I guess I just have to invest in cute jammies and work out clothes...=)