Friday, February 22, 2013

Daddy's Day Off

I tend to forget that Andy's day off for the last three weeks (and one more week left of this rotation) is on Wednesday.  That meant Tuesday night was super special with us renting a Redbox (The Words - pretty good movie!) and going to Baskin Robbins for family scoop night ($1 kid scoop, $1.50 adult scoop).

Don't be deceived by the photos - Jordan was not partaking of the delicious ice cream.  He tried all the samples I did off of the small spoons, but once we gave him a big cup of ice cream, he was not interested.  Instead, he found pretending he was eating with his tiny spoon out of the water cup to be quite fascinating.  He's like the kids in Hook just imagining.

Then, I realized my normal Wednesday weekly two to three hour call was cancelled, so we got to hang out the entire day with Daddy!

On Wednesday morning, I got a nice 30 minute elliptical work out in our apartment gym while Andy and Jordan snuggled and then played a bit.  I then came back to whip up breakfast for us which is my favorite part of being together on the weekends (or Wednesday).  Andy is not as huge of a fan of breakfast as me, but he endears and participates when he's home, needless to say, we have not really been out for breakfast much (I think once...) but I am still working on it.  
I quickly gobbled some granola with yogurt and then whipped up some smoothies for the boys while french toast was cooking in the background.  

Jordan loved his smoothie so much, he barely ate any french toast.  The smoothie had: 1 cup of almond milk, 3 T of vanilla yogurt, 3 slices of cantaloupe, a handful of spinach, 2 scoops of rainbow sorbet, and 1/2 cup of frozen pineapple.  

Next, we headed to Toys 'R' Us where Jordan got to test drive an Escalade, which he was a definite fan of... but who isn't?  There was a Ross next door so we went there and I got a skirt and pair of jeans about two and four sizes, respectively, larger than normal, so they would fit my ever expanding pregnant body.  I plan on wearing the skirt to church every other Sunday (just a plain black one) and the jeans are a fun shade of mint green (I know, so last spring Daisy) that I had been eye-ing for a while  and am excited to have even if they are not the coolest things anymore.  
Jordan was famished at this point.  It was around 11:30 AM and he inhaled some crackers, oogling them like treasures and mumbling "more" through a mouthful of crackers.  So we decided we'd eat out for lunch, using our handy dandy mail collected coupons at Carl's Jr.  Andy and I both had turkey jalapeno burgers and Jordan almost an entire large quesadilla, while we all indulged in some criss-cut fries and it was well worth it considering we spent about $6... man, how does one even dine out without coupons?  I don't ever want to dine out without a coupon again!
Jordan had a nice long nap while I worked and Andy worked out.  But two hours later, we were ready to venture out again!  This time, we made our way to the local Asian market (a tiny little place), Costco for some gas, and then to a pet store where Jordan got to oogle after some puppies.  

We came home and too tired from our day out, just had dumplings and ramen for dinner.  Then, Andy headed off to Scouts with Jordan while I worked and cleaned the house.

It's always fun when Andy has the day off and I'm grateful that this day off was free of home buying paperwork stress.  Yay!


Lauren said...

Daddy Days are the best kind of days!! Dan only had school one day this week, and it has been so awesome. London is loving it, and I can tell in these pictures Jordan loves having Andy around too. Dads are fun!

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