Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Heart LA Temple

I've been admiring really cute "I love the Temple" prints via Pinterest and Etsy, but to my disappointment, they are all of the Salt Lake Temple.  Having a special place in my heart for the Los Angeles LDS Temple, I became frustrated that there was nothing out there.  Solution?  I created my own LA Temple print.

Andy asked me how I made the image of the temple.  Well, the nice thing about the LA Temple is that it's basically just rectangles and triangles along with a small Angel Moroni at the top.  I used rectangles, triangles, and circles...  ta-da!!!!

Do you likie?  The original motivation was actually intended to be a wedding gift for a dear friend who is getting sealed there tomorrow morning (and sadly, we could not make it back).  So after making her print, I modified it to be a generic I heart the Temple print too (in audit, we call that dual-purpose).  

From the looks of it, I am getting a lot of good use from Adobe Photoshop, though I'm still quite lost when it comes to things I remembered doing with it in college (all those dang years ago), like dragging a line as a ruler and not a permanent line.  I'm definitely not a pro like our friend Jen, but googling my problems has easily solved every question I've had thus far.  I'm also not creative per say, but heck, I can copy a print sold on Etsy with minimal effort and that has been exciting and rather rewarding.  I sure am getting a lot of use out of Adobe Photoshop!  In fact, my thoughts turned to maybe contributing to my husband's obsession with having a golf themed boys' room and me creating some golf prints.  I'd like to get a silhouette of Jordan's golf stance after he swings and freezes at the top, but I've also been wanting to do profile silhouettes for our family since we were engaged and thinking of wedding themes, so maybe I'll finally get around to doing that.  

No doubt about it...Adobe Photoshop has been the most utilized Christmas gift ever!  And, oddly, I find it thrilling to create something on Photoshop, even if it's just recreating something I've seen.  I can be found wrapped up in Photoshop while we watch TV.  New hobby!

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Lauren said...

Wow, that looks so cool! Makes me want photoshop!