Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adam's Birth Story: Bright Lights and...

...purple condoms.  That is what I think of when I think about my C-section and how odd it was to observe mostly everything from a lying down position on the operating table. No matter how much they tried to prepare me about what would happen... it was all pretty unexpected.  I've never really read about anyone's C-section experience or heard from friends in detail.. so here's my attempt at recapping the operation.

The room was cold, literally and figuratively.  There were tools everywhere and it didn't look very friendly or inviting.  I was actually shocked that it was indeed the operating room, somehow I imagined a much smaller space but this room was huge and equipment was here and there.  I was just in the middle of the spacious room, on my back, staring up at huge bright lights and purple rubbers over funny looking protruding handles.  I was so curious I asked one of the docs what those were for.  "To keep things sterile when we move 'em" she told me matter of factly.  Ohhhh, I see.  Glad they were purple at least.  So funny looking...!

First they wheeled me in, with my surgical blue bonnet on and my styling open back hospital gown.  The anesthesia team of two kept asking me questions about my husband and me in an attempt to calm me down.  It didn't work.  I stared around at the cold operating room, saw tools of all sorts, steel gray trays and equipment, and it felt stark and eery.  Like I was in some type of action movie where the operation is really a conspiracy and whatever they wanted to do to my body, they could!  I'd have to fight them off with skills I knew not how I acquired, but a distant memory would creep up and I'd have these amazing ninja fighting skills to thwart their deceptive motives.

Instead, the nurse held my head against her shoulder, I con caved my stomach to poke my back out towards the anesthesia assistant who poked and prodded my back, telling me in detail when it'd be cold, then a poke, then some burning while the anesthesia doctor kept talking and semi-asking me questions. The nurse reassured me to relax and lean against her as she held onto my shoulders to support me towards her weight.  She then told me to tell them if I felt anything from here on out as the anesthesia assistant kept working on the spinal.  A few moments I would yell out "poking on the right!" and then the nurse still holding me tightly would echo me louder, and then some adjustments would be made and I'd feel nothing from my back.  It was an odd sensation to be comforted by a stranger and poked by another, but what happened next was even more routine to them and abnormal to me that I just let it be and let the professionals do their job as I wondered when Andy would finally come into the room.  There were two nurses, two doctors, four anesthesia people (while they switched gigs or something, it eventually was just two and then just one), and lil ol' me on the operating bed.  They somehow maneuvered me into lying on my back and then I stared at the bright lights while everyone scurried around me to get things in place.  Some flaps came out and my arms were extended at 90 degrees from my legs, forming the perfect airplane.  On my right, they strapped on a blood pressure wrap, on my left middle finger, they put a little tab of a thing that was supposed to measure my heart rate, and on my nose, they put in a little tube that was supposed to help me with oxygen flow.  It felt like someone was constantly picking my nose while I lay there.

The nurse told me she was going to scrub my tummy to prep for the operation and the anesthesia doctor kept rubbing a piece of cold alcohol wipe, telling me this was normal (above where I'd be numb) and then would touch it against various parts of my body moving up from my ribs to down by my feet, asking me to say if it was normal or different.  We did that exercise about three times total and each time, there'd be gradually more "different" sections as the medicine started to work.

After the nurse cleaned my stomach, they put some sticky sheets over my stomach and then all I could feel was people touching my stomach without really feeling it.  It was the oddest sensation.  At one point, I tried to wiggle my toes, couldn't, and freaked out, then had to remind myself NOT TO WIGGLE YOUR TOES OR EVEN TRY because the attempt itself would continue to freak me out.  At times, they tilted me right, then left, really putting my airplane position into use, and would shout out about the time or something with numbers.

Then one nurse came close to my face, told me they had to talk about how they were going to do this (what?  didn't they already talk?!) and then I heard ramblings as I wondered if something was wrong.  I think they were just coordinating what they already knew but the fact that she said "we have to talk about how we're going to do this" really did scare me.

My doctor came over at one point, standing over me, and asked me if I was ready.  I'm not sure what I said, but I think I just stared at him in awe and fear and did not say much.  I knew they were waiting for the medicine to kick in before Andy was allowed in, but they pulled out the huge blue paper curtain, put it up in front of me so I couldn't see anything but a blue wall, and at that point, I was unashamed to ask the nearest person - the anesthesia guy, where my husband was.  Someone said I was ready, the doctor said he was doing a test and then asked me if I could feel it.  "No," I responded, "but I can feel something between my legs" because the catheter was seriously bugging me out.  "I highly doubt you can feel the catheter but not the pinching I just did with a really sharp tool to your stomach" he told me.  "Okay," I replied.  "So we're ready?"  I asked.  "Yes, all ready." he told me.  *gulp  Where is Andy?!

Everyone sort of looked the same with the men in surgical caps, same colored scrubs, mouth covers, and the women with the only difference being their surgical bonnets instead.  A man walked towards me, took off his mouth piece really quickly and leaned over to kiss me as he told me "I'm here now" or "you'll do great" or something like that - I was confused for a brief nanosecond before I realized it was Andy, my sweet dear husband, coming to be by my side and yes.. now we were ready for action.

Andy talked to me, the anesthesia guy was also in back of me near Andy, constantly asking me to let him know if I felt anything at any given point.  I kept asking if they got it, when the baby would come out, if he'd be crying, and if everything was okay.  Andy and the anesthesia guy would look over the blue curtain while I lay there.  I tried to pass what felt like forever by asking Andy questions, and he obliged by answering them to the best of his ability.  It must have been an hour later when I heard a baby crying, and they took him out, all I could see was the blue screen, and Andy and the anesthesia guy were both looking at the baby.  He kept screaming which made me feel good that he was alive and about, even at 34 weeks and 4 day only.

I heard the doctor tell his assistant doctor that the cord was below the legs which were crossed and I know he breathed a huge sigh of relief knowing this was indeed the best course of action given we could easily have been in the emergency c-section scenario with a prolapsed cord.  Then they told me it only took four minutes from point of first incision to baby out.  FOUR MINUTES?  It felt like an eternity!!!!  Wow.  The really long part was them sewing me back up because I was all alone for this part since Andy had gone up to the NICU with our newborn.  I stared at the purple condoms above me, the bright lights, the blue curtain, and every now and then tilted my head back to see the anesthesia guy who would ask me again if I felt okay.  It felt assured that he was continually monitoring me in case sensation in my body all of a sudden came back.  I realized that this was all very routine for the doctors as they chatted about their lives and I eavesdropped, as if we were all hanging out in the breakroom.  I wished so badly I could have gone up to the NICU with Andy and baby but felt good that Andy had gone with him.  Before they left, the nurse brought my newborn over to me as I lay there.  I gave his tiny swollen face a little kiss before they whisked him away to the NICU.

More pulling.  Tugging.  Talking amongst the medical professionals as I lay there... wondering how bad recovery would be.  Then, just like that - they were done.  They brought in another bed, had me roll to my left, then right, then left, and somehow got me from one bed to another.  As I lay in the new bed, my eyes drifted to the old bed, where I saw spots of blood on the bed and a big clear bin full of what looked like paper towels soaked in blood.  Ewww.  Blood scares me.  I was repulsed.  I felt grateful for the blue curtain and that I was not able to see any of it.  And then... they wheeled me out.

And just like that... I had a baby by doing absolutely nothing but cooperating and lying still while everyone did the rest.

And that is what it felt like to have a Cesarean, the operating part at least.  The recovery... now that is an entirely different and equally long and dull story for another day.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

We might not know, but He knows!

It has now been over 2 weeks since Daisy was admitted to the hospital for bedrest.  It all started with just a tiny bit of spotting.  From what Daisy described to me at the time, it truly was tiny, and almost too little to be concerned.  Thankfully she noticed it, and when she called the doctor, they were concerned enough to see her the next day, even though she had an appointment scheduled in a couple of days.  At the appointment the doctor checked her out, and initially came to the conclusion that she would still be able to make her flight to Utah, for our planned vacation which should have started tomorrow.  Thankfully, one more check showed that wouldn't be wise, as she was 2-3 cm dilated, with a bag poking through the cervix.

She was quickly wheeled over to antepartum, and put on tocolytics to stop the contractions.  Initially they weren't really doing much to stop her uterus, but over the first 24 hours, they started to work.  Over the next 12 days, our doc was internally debating the plan for Daisy and Bubba, and discussing the plan with his partners.  Do we let the baby continue to incubate, and mature, while at the same time risking breaking her water, having the cord and feet pop out requiring an emergency C-section?  Or do we take her back for a scheduled C-section?  Finally, given the fact that Bubba's feet were still dangling and kicking mommy's bladder, it would not be wise to wait any longer, given that the umbilical cord might be near the cervical opening.

Surgery would prove the worst case scenario to be true, and make the doctors' decision the right one - Bubba's feet were down, with the cord wrapped around his feet.  She was 4-5 cm, definitely big enough for his little feet to fall out of, which would have been disastrous.  Instead, he was taken out in a controlled environment, with all the right people there.

Adam came out looking like a champ, but would have his struggles breathing that first night.  Thankfully, I had a co-intern who had just became a new papa a few doors down from Daisy's room to accompany me to give little Adam a blessing.  It wouldn't be until an impromptu fast was started that little Bubba turned the corner.  I guess there are some kinds that don't go out except through fasting.  The cliche of no news is good news, was broken when in the middle of the night, the NICU nurse called to say he had turned the corner.  A miracle!  He hasn't looked back since, and although there is much work to do, he has shown his grit and determination to get it done.

Looking back on the whole experience, I am grateful for two little tender mercies, which in hindsight show that the Lord was aware of us, and the plight we were about to have.  The day before admission, my mom texted Daisy asking her if everything was ok, and that she was thinking of her.  When I talked to my mom later that day to explain that there was some bleeding and we were going to check it out, she said, I just thought I should check in with you guys.  The other little nugget showing us that God was aware was the next morning before the doc's appointment, when Daisy said that Jordan was extremely clingy, which he normally isn't.  Not only was he clingy, but he kept saying Ethan, over and over and over again (which was Adam's name, until it wasn't anymore!)  Lil Jordan knew his brother was coming.  Thankfully, there were people in our lives who took a second to stop and listen, and hear the voice of the Lord.  And although them knowing didn't change what happened, it did bring comfort as we faced the uncertainty of the whole process.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Missing Home

Well... after 12 days, I'm missing home so much.  I want my bed, I want my husband next to me, and I want my son to cuddle with me in the morning.  I am tired of sleeping in the hospital bed and even the beautiful flowers, kind visitors, and thoughtful presents don't cheer me up when I'm alone at night, about to go to sleep, and longing for home.  I just want to go home!  The only thing that seems to make me feel better is quietly crying to myself for a few minutes, wiping the tears away, telling myself to be strong, and getting ready for bed.

My mom calls me to ask me how I'm doing.  "Any improvements, time to go home yet?"  I don't think you understand Mom.  It won't really improve at this point, the best situation is status quo.  "Oh, so you're not going home soon?" she asks me.  No, unfortunately not.  If I do, it's because the baby's come and we don't want that quite yet.

Today, I am 34 weeks and 2 days.  It's hard to look out further than a few days, but I suppose the next goal is to make it to 35 weeks which is five more nights.

The days are easy.  The nights are also easy if I go to sleep.  If I allow myself to stay awake, hearing the heart monitors of those next door, imagining myself at home, then I get depressed.

I know it's better for me to be alone at the hospital than for our baby to be alone in the NICU.  But it's also scary.  If I might go into labor in the middle of the night.  If I might wake up with my water broken.  If we'll have to have a c-section sometime between now and when I wake up next.  So sometimes, I am afraid to go bed and end up lost in my own thoughts.

I also know that at this point, our hospital bill will already be insane and that we'll probably max out on our deductible and our out of pocket.  But that doesn't make me feel any better when I think about our rent, mortgage, normal fixed expenses, and all the added costs of getting our home ready (grown up problems).  I know we are going to be okay because of careful spending and a lot of savings over the years, but I hate seeing that number decrease in size.  My old financial advisor once told me it was safe to have three months worth of expenses saved up in your checking account and even more in your savings for rainy day situations like me stuck in the hospital for 12+ days.  I'm sure glad I heeded her advice, but still sore about having to pay those dang hospital bills, contractor invoices, car payments and student loan payments (those are the absolute worst!).

But then I have to be grateful for all the blessings also.  For May being here to help us out and for Jordan adjusting so easily (he's happy as a clam and only asks for me on the ride home).  For the job I can still do from hospital bedrest and am still getting paid for.  For Andy working at the same hospital I'm stuck in so I actually get to see him twice, sometimes three times a day.

I guess it often feels easier to complain than to look to the brighter things, but I won't throw myself a pity party just yet because there is a lot to celebrate as well.

Nevertheless, I do miss home.  Home sweet home.

And it will all be worth it when we have sweeet baby in our arms (hopefully instead of the NICU) and can go home to sleepless nights and infinity exhaustion.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

Are You Bored Out Of Your Mind Yet?

When people hear I'm on hospital bedrest, the first question I normally get is "are you bored out of your mind yet?"  Surprisingly.. no.

Bedrest is just like any other lifestyle, once you have a routine with it, it goes by quickly and you just make the most of it and not think too much of the grass on the other side that is most likely greener, and enjoy it!

My days are surprisingly structured now, and two days ago, I began working again, so that has also helped to pass the time.

In the morning, I wake up around 7 or 8 AM, brush my teeth, open the blinds, chat with friends online, check e-mail, listen to some music, maybe watch a Mormon message if I need something uplifting, order breakfast. eat breakfast, do some work or participate in some conference calls, watch a few episodes of whatever show I'm on (finished Parenthood and am now onto Revenge).  Somewhere in here, a nurse will come visit me, take my vitals and put baby and me on the monitor for an hour and give me some Murilax with cranberry juice.

Before I know it, it's time for lunch!  I usually eat lunch around 12:30 or 1 PM, when Andy will bring me something from the cafeteria downstairs.  If work is light, he might stay and eat with me, but if not, I continue to watch a show while I scarf down the food.  The afternoon means some spreadsheet updating, some email answering, and about three more episodes before it's time for my afternoon shower at 4 PM.  After I shower, I usually play around on the computer for a bit, text some friends, or watch another show.  Then, around 6 or 6:15 ish, Andy, May and Jordan come for dinner.  They normally leave around 7:30 PM and then I study my scriptures, get ready for bed, and watch another episode or two.  One night, I ended up making a slideshow of Jordan's first year (something I have been meaning to do all this time but never got around to), and I will aim to make his second year slideshow also.  Before I know it.. it's time to talk to Andy before bedtime, we pray together, and then I might watch another episode before bed or just get ready for bed.  Somewhere in my nighttime routine, the nurse comes in to take my vitals, give me my vitamins, and put me on the monitor for another hour.

All throughout the day, I'm drinking water and getting up to pee almost every half hour.

Time goes by pretty quick as long as I don't let my mind wander to all the other things I could be doing if I weren't on bedrest.  To be honest, our generation is so lucky to have the internet and Netflix and Hulu.  My boss made fun of me on our call yesterday, asking me if I was keeping myself occupied with bon bons and soap operas.  I politely reminded him that modern technology has enabled me to have access to a lot more options of shows to watch and things to browse online.  It's true!  Bedrest ain't the same as it was five, even ten years ago!  It's really not so bad and no, I'm not bored out of my mind yet. I'm actually keeping busy hehe.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hospital Bedrest: Day Seven

I have a 32 oz mug that is consistently full of water which I empty at least 4-5 times a day.  My main objective is to lie on my side, drink that water, and pee.  Life seems pretty simple when your only MO is to drink and pee and stay in bed.

Everytime I go into the restroom within 4 steps of my bed, I stare at the shower which has a dangling piece of thing on it that won't stop moving.  I wonder each time if it will be still when I go in next, and every time so far, it has continued to wiggle at me.  It fascinates me.

I have become simply famished lately.  I want to eat anything and everything and the only thing I look to the clock for is solace that it might almost be time to eat again.  I know I am losing muscle mass and tone with each passing minute I lie in bed, but somehow the desserts and carbohydrates available are more appealing than the protein and fruit I once craved the first few days I was in the hospital.

I have become consumed by the show Parenthood and am almost completely done with all four seasons.  When I take a respite and fall into a nap, I dream that I am in the show or interacting with the characters.

I wonder if my husband will come visit me if work slows down, but when he does come, I feel ashamed of my bed head and colorless face that greets him.  I loathe my super short hair that cannot be tied up or pulled back without looking simple disgusting.  

I look forward to the moment Jordan's face lights up when he's wheeled into my room.  May and him come everyday around dinner along with Andy and we have dinner together.  It's been so nice to have home cooked meals with May around and to hear about their day, to see Jordan so happy and watch him explore the hospital room which hasn't ceased to bore him quite yet.

My body has begun to ache from the muscle atrophy.  It's made me think that a scary c-section might actually be a better alternative given how weak I am feeling, how will I push a watermelon out if the time comes?!

I am really happy to still have Ethan cooking on the inside instead of the ICU, but my fear of how much my hospital stay is costing us has also been creeping up on me.  I know it's unlikely we will hit the deductible of $1,500 plus the out of pocket maximum of $5,000 after paying only 10% out of pocket after the initial deductible, but I am still really frightened by the unknown financial burden since we are also paying double utilities, double rent/mortgage, and a bunch of contractor costs for the Utah home.

Our scheduled trip to Utah for a week at the end of April is now cancelled.  I haven't worried too much about the home and how we will get blinds in or curtains up or walls painted... I figure I have all the time in the world after we're physically in Utah and even as sleep deprived as I know I will be, I will have the use of my body to roam around and do things.

Our bodies are truly temples.  I don't think I ever realized how much it did and how lucky I was to work out, walk, run, and whatever else bedrest will not let me do with it.  Our minds, on the other hand, can get us into so much trouble over thinking and stressing out.  For the most part, I've been able to let my mind dull out all day while sleeping or watching Parenthood and haven't thought about reality much.  I think that's a good thing.  Too much thought with not enough movement is not a good thing for me right now.

Day 7.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

From My Hospital Bed

It's now day four of my occupancy in a hospital room.  There's not much I can complain about.  I have a fantastic view of downtown Spokane, wi-fi, a computer complete with Netflix access, a kindle with a ton of reading options, and my iPhone which has kept me in touch with family and friends by phone, facetime, and text after my admittance into the hospital at noon on Wednesday.  Since being off of the IV on Friday at noon, I am now allowed access to the bathroom within 3 feet of me, and was given fresh Kiehl's samples for my first shower since being on hospital bedrest.  The nurses get me warm prune juice and water out of a humongous Providence Sacred Heart mug (souvenir) whenever I ask, every meal has had fresh fruit at my request, and I've had boiled egg whites almost every morning without having to boil the eggs myself.  Life is simple but good from this hospital bed.

I am missing real life though, especially when I can see the amazing sunny weather from my large windows.  Walking around.  Doing stuff.  Going places.  Driving places.  Working on spreadsheets.  Sitting up.  Working out.  Thinking about the new house deco.  Even doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning.  But most importantly, spending time with Andy and Jordan, especially Jordan who is a staple of my life all day.  I miss it so so much.

But for now, my prime objective is to, as the doctor's put it, "be boring and stay rested," so baby Ethan can cook a bit longer inside of me instead of the NICU.

When everything happened insanely quickly after my Wednesday appointment when the doctor realized my cervix was opening from within and the baby was breached, we were so blessed and lucky to have so many friends around to help out with Jordan.  Jordan didn't even know anything was off.  Then, May, Andy's mom, was able to arrange a flight out to be with us (for who knows how long at this point...) on Thursday and has been with Jordan while I'm in the hospital and Andy is at the hospital working.  We are so so lucky that she could come out to be with us and help us out.  She has been learning the semi-complex driving roads of Spokane and getting out with Jordan and I feel so comforted knowing Jordan is with Grandma all day long.

Every day, I get to see Andy if work is light (not often), if he has some spare time to come finish his notes in my room, and when he drops off my lunch.  Then, for dinner, I get to see May, Andy, and sweet little Jordan who's face always lights up when he's strolled into my room before he goes insane running after the hospital curtain and trying to look out the big windows in my room.  It's not for long and I know he will forget who Mommy if I do make it through four more weeks to term, but I suppose it's a small price to pay for being able to take Ethan home with us.

I know it's only been four days, but I feel like everytime I see Jordan, his hair has grown so much and that he gets taller everytime I see him.  I can't believe how much quicker he seems to change when I don't see him every second of the day.

I'm nervous about a lot of things right now, but trying my best to relax and just focus on cooking the baby inside of me.  My mind races often to a million places and sometimes I'm lost in a sea of bewilderment, wondering why I'm going through pre-term labor.  I always thought only those carrying twins went into pre-term labor and the rest were very rare cases.  Alas, I am one of them now.  I also find myself thinking... well, I have been so healthy during this entire pregnancy, working out, eating right, and the baby has always been healthy... so what exactly happened?  Did I do something wrong?  Why did my cervix open up?  Was I too stressed?  Was there too much going on?  Is my body actually really weak and unable to handle it?  Will this happen each pregnancy after also?

I know there's no rhyme or reason to it, but also that modern medicine has made it possible for me to be here, being boring all day long, watching Parenthood (my favorite new show!) and sleeping.  I know there is no specific reason or maybe there are a lot numerous reasons, but one thing I do know is had I been alive in a different time, I might not be here anymore. Or my baby might not be here anymore.  And for that, I am so grateful and willing to forgo all curious wonderings and just focus on staying hydrated, peeing, and laying on my side (defying gravity by not letting baby kick its way out of my cervix).

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be here.  Probably until the baby comes but ideally, we'd like to cook him until week 37 which is a LONG four weeks (not four days) from now.  Only today did I realize that means through Jordan's birthday, Mother's Day, and my own birthday (38 weeks), which is a bit sad but there are worse things and for now, I'm okay with just being boring from my hospital bed.

From my hospital bed,
Ms. Boring

 the commode I used for the first two and a half days before I was taken off the IV and given bathroom privileges
 the nice hotel looking couch and view of downtown Spokane
 my trusty sidekick so far
 like my little arm bracelet?  It looks very punk rock. 
 I'm doing a-okay. 
A photo I got showing me my son was okay while I was in the hospital.  How I miss him so much!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Too soon!

Today has been a whirlwind of a day. It started at morning report of my medicine rotation, where I found out that there were 8 new patients admitted overnight, which is a ridiculously huge amount at my program. That meant a ton of work throughout the day. It got a lot more hectic when I got a phone call from Daisy at the end of morning rounds informing me that she was being admitted into L and D for pre-term labor.

Our little guy inside her belly is only almost 33 weeks. We'd like him to get to 35 weeks, and love for him to get to 37 weeks, but it will take both medical and divine intervention to get him there. So while Daisy sits in the hospital, and I am at home listening to Jordan coo himself to sleep, I alternate between reading up on my long forgotten OBGYN literature, and pray for my wife and son. One of those things brings peace, the other, not so much - I'll let you figure out which is which.

Thankfully, Daisy is a strong woman, and can handle the lone hospital bed, which is to be kept flat at all times. Thankfully, my mom found an early morning flight out. Had my mom been unable to get here until later, we have already been overwhelmed with outpourings of support, and offers for help. People are truly good.

A Foreshadowing of the Future?....

Andy wanted this print instead.

In case you have no clue what this means... it's the Masters Golf Tournament logo and the green is the jacket you get if you win.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vacation Memories (aka lots of photos)

I had some leftover photos from our last day in LA, having dim sum with my mom and brother, so here they are!

And then we were off to Arizona to stay with the Bluths for a week!  They just bought a new house last year and it is absolutely gorgeous and so impeccably decorated, it looks straight out of a magazine.  Look at the little diaper wreath on their door.. adorable eh?!

 Eliot and Jordan... methinks Jordan can't wait to have siblings (or cousins around!), he loved having Eliot and Jaxson around all the time whether it be in the car or in the home.  We started off Tuesday night with a trip to Cafe Rio and then headed to Last Chance early Wednesday morning.  Jordan was in heaven having a buddy next to him in the car, even if it doesn't look it here. 
Eliot and Jordan decided shopping was overrated and instead took a bunch of trips on these airplanes.  
They just sat there when it wasn't running and as a result, got a free ride when another boy came on.  
They both kept saying "wooooo" and Jordan of course said, "deeee!" (which is his way of saying airplane)
We had burgers at Fez (mmmm sooo good) for lunch, and then went home to rest.  We were out and about again for dinner at Postino's.  
 Our amazing hosts for the week.  The Bluths just had a 2 month baby and Jen was such a trooper for taking Will everywhere and feeding him.  They not only hosted us and our crazy kids for a week but grilled an amazing dinner Thursday night in their beautiful new home AND hosted Easter lunch which was fantastic and delicious.   Thanks Bluths!
 The Garners stayed with Quinn's family for the week where all his family was back for his sister Jenna's missionary farewell (which we got to attend on Sunday!).  Love Eliot's face here.. hahaa and Ryan Seacrest's Quinn's too. 
Tara (Quinn's sister) and Jordan who were just getting married last time we were in Arizona visiting!  How time flies...

Justin since Jess and Jaxson were off somewhere...
Here they are earlier... Jaxson and Jess.. isn't she a cute prego girl?!

Exploring the baci ball field at Postino's...
 And then they discovered the sand....

 He just loves his sunglasses...
 it's a great distraction, that plus paper airplanes...

 Divine food at Postino's...
 If only I could muster up all these ingredients for bruschetta...
We went to the Cubs vs Mariners spring training game on Thursday at noon, and boy was it hot.  Scorching hot.  Our iPhones said 75 degrees but given there was rarely any shade (don't be deceived by the photo.. it was obnoxiously BRIGHT!), the sun directly above us, and not a breeze at all... boy was it hot!
I barely watched any of the game, trying to escape the heat with Jordan.  It was so hot, I couldn't even eat!  All I wanted was a frozen lemonade.  Afterwards, we went to Bahama Bucks... hooray!
And this was the first of ... I think four times we went in the next few days....

Friday was Jen's birthday so we kicked off the day with donuts and balloons we blew up and hung over her door with streamers.  I think the kids were more excited about the balloons than Jen, but it was fun nevertheless.  The boys watched the kids while the girls went to shop, and then we met up with everyone at this Chinese Mexican restaurant which was so much food, that none of us were hungry by dinner.  We left the kids with the men again and went to get gel shelac (sp?) manis and pedis that Claire got for all of us!  It was amazing (and has been a long while since I had a mani or pedi last).  Oh how spoiled we were!  We ended up eating take-out at home because we were all sooo full from lunch and of course, had some more Bahama Bucks! 

On Saturday morning, the men went to golf and the women went to an Easter Egg hunt with the kiddos.  Justin's sister and cousin came out so here Jordan is getting cozy with his sister, Alisha.  

 Cute lil William!  Being such a great lil man throughout the trip!  I think I heard him cry once.. maybe.
 Jordan helping Jen push William to the Easter egg hunt. 
 Easter egg hunt.. on!
The rest of Saturday was spent eating Cafe Rio, shopping, and more Bahama Bucks!  Hahahaa.  Some of the adults went to the Easter Pageant but I stayed home with Jen and Alisha to watch Les Miserables  and just relax after the kids went to sleep.  The boys all went to help clean up the chairs from the Pageant and then, came home with some late night burritos.  
Sunday morning, Jaxson and Jordan spent all morning running around in the Bluths' backyard.  They were both in absolute heaven.  

 We went to Jenna's missionary farewell and then came back to an amazing Easter party hosted by the Bluths.  It was soooo adorable!!  I hope to one day be able to throw a party as cute as her.  
My photos are dark - but see how cute it was??
Jordan LOVED the food and ate a little bit of everything including ham, potatoes, peas, rolls, salad, fruit, etc. But maybe he was just stoked about sitting next to a cute girl and the free bunny ears he got.  

The only photo I have of all three boys courtesy of Jen:
To think this was them almost one year ago at our LA reunion in April 2012:

LA/AZ vacation is over!  *sniff sniff.  So sad... but it was a great week of relaxation, lots of shopping, eating, and good times with friends.  I didn't enjoy unpacking once we were back, but I did enjoy Jordan returning back to his normal sleep schedule (until today that is... but he did make it up with a really long nap).  

We have one more vacation coming up but there won't be any kids for Jordan to play with, only amazing family!  He will, however, have an awesome summer with both of his cousins around to play with so all is well.  All is well.