Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not a Dog Person But....

Boy, does Jordan loves dogs.  He will just chase after them, yelling out "woh woh" which is his interpretation of a woo-woo dog sound.  He knows how to say "Fatty," the name of my parents' dog, and he just is enamored with him.  When we were staying with my mom in LA, he'd wake up and hear the pitter patter of Fatty's footsteps in the living room, put his hands up to his ears as if listening really closely, and then ask, Fatty?

So given the opportunity to take a dog off of our friends' hands, I graciously (and stupidly) volunteered.  It would only be for a week.  I'd get permission from the management here at our apartment since pets are technically not allowed.  It'd be easy peasy.

And it was.

For the entire day, Andy thought we would be dog sitting for our fellow resident radiology buddies, the Smiths.  I even got them in on it so Andy believed it whole heartedly.  He came home, still concerned, and asked me if I had gotten it in writing from management that the dog could stay with us for a week.  This is not a small dog.  This is quite the opposite.  I can't believe he fell for it.

April Fool's.  I'd say I got my husband pretty good.

No, we aren't getting a dog.... not even to dogsit for.  We aren't dog people.  He was probably very confused but being that the Smiths have picked us up from the airport numerous times, at all odd times of the dawn and night, he didn't think much of us doing them a favor since they have been so kind to us.  In fact, he was not even upset that I had offered to help out with such a big dog favor without consulting him first.  What a great guy and gullible husband.

I also tricked my mom... who started yelling at me with a million reasons why we should not get a dog. When I reminded her what day it was today, she laughed, a little embarrassed.

I told my brother I won a small lottery.  He told me family members would all want a piece.  I wonder if he was referring to himself... before I could wonder any longer, I told him it was April Fool's.

And I also used the dog story on some other friends who were all shocked.  It was a good one.

Happy April Fool's!  Hope you got to fool someone, even if for a bit.

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