Friday, April 19, 2013

Are You Bored Out Of Your Mind Yet?

When people hear I'm on hospital bedrest, the first question I normally get is "are you bored out of your mind yet?"  Surprisingly.. no.

Bedrest is just like any other lifestyle, once you have a routine with it, it goes by quickly and you just make the most of it and not think too much of the grass on the other side that is most likely greener, and enjoy it!

My days are surprisingly structured now, and two days ago, I began working again, so that has also helped to pass the time.

In the morning, I wake up around 7 or 8 AM, brush my teeth, open the blinds, chat with friends online, check e-mail, listen to some music, maybe watch a Mormon message if I need something uplifting, order breakfast. eat breakfast, do some work or participate in some conference calls, watch a few episodes of whatever show I'm on (finished Parenthood and am now onto Revenge).  Somewhere in here, a nurse will come visit me, take my vitals and put baby and me on the monitor for an hour and give me some Murilax with cranberry juice.

Before I know it, it's time for lunch!  I usually eat lunch around 12:30 or 1 PM, when Andy will bring me something from the cafeteria downstairs.  If work is light, he might stay and eat with me, but if not, I continue to watch a show while I scarf down the food.  The afternoon means some spreadsheet updating, some email answering, and about three more episodes before it's time for my afternoon shower at 4 PM.  After I shower, I usually play around on the computer for a bit, text some friends, or watch another show.  Then, around 6 or 6:15 ish, Andy, May and Jordan come for dinner.  They normally leave around 7:30 PM and then I study my scriptures, get ready for bed, and watch another episode or two.  One night, I ended up making a slideshow of Jordan's first year (something I have been meaning to do all this time but never got around to), and I will aim to make his second year slideshow also.  Before I know it.. it's time to talk to Andy before bedtime, we pray together, and then I might watch another episode before bed or just get ready for bed.  Somewhere in my nighttime routine, the nurse comes in to take my vitals, give me my vitamins, and put me on the monitor for another hour.

All throughout the day, I'm drinking water and getting up to pee almost every half hour.

Time goes by pretty quick as long as I don't let my mind wander to all the other things I could be doing if I weren't on bedrest.  To be honest, our generation is so lucky to have the internet and Netflix and Hulu.  My boss made fun of me on our call yesterday, asking me if I was keeping myself occupied with bon bons and soap operas.  I politely reminded him that modern technology has enabled me to have access to a lot more options of shows to watch and things to browse online.  It's true!  Bedrest ain't the same as it was five, even ten years ago!  It's really not so bad and no, I'm not bored out of my mind yet. I'm actually keeping busy hehe.

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Sarah said...

I love how positive you are. I hope things continue to go quickly