Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oddly Enough...

I feel really overwhelmed when I begin to think about how to decorate our new home.  What paint color, what wall art, what type of curtain, what themes, what photos, what new frames, what shades, what blindes, etc. etc - all that just intimidates me and I'm actually dreading it a bit.  I'm not very artistic in that sense and having an interior designer would be great in this case!  Give me some options and I'll just say yay or nay.   I can't even figure out what exactly is my style.  I know things look cute in magazines, but when I think about the reality of that being a home with children running around in, I think bleh....!  I've been on Pinterest trying to seek inspiration but I'm always thinking is it kid friendly, baby safe?  It really is a lot to think about!

However, I do get really abnormally excited over organizing stuff that nobody will see (unless they open my cupboards whilst in the bathroom or something).  How I'll split sections in my drawers, put under the sink cabinet boxes, boxes within boxes, bags within bags within boxes, organize my shelves, determine which cabinet holds what, etc... oh, that stuff just tickles me skipping happy!  I have been scouring,, Ikea, BB&B, and the Container Store to begin understanding the high and low costs for things I want to organize with.  Gone will be the ghetto days of using free Costco boxes and empty shoe boxes to organize my cabinets and drawers.   In its place, I hope to obtain some nice media boxes, some nice clear plastic boxes, and maybe even fancier stuff!  Knowing that I will have ample space to store things is also tremendously exciting.  I can't wait!

Now if only I had a label maker.  With cute font.


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bruinjack said...

If you want child proof blinds (by child proof I mean no cord to choke on) you can get the cellular blinds cord free. And they are great if you have a view because you can get them to go down and up but the sun will never be in your face. Pricey, but I have a lady that does it cheaper than the hardware stores and costco. And she doesn't live very far from where you are moving if you are interested.