Monday, April 1, 2013


I can't get enough of Disneyland. Thankfully, we had the opportunity this past week to go to the magic kingdom. It was the first time that it was just our family enjoying the happiest place on earth. Seeing as it was just Daisy, Jordan and I at the park, we had no one to do baby exchanges with, and so we focused our plan on going to rides we could all go on together as a family.

Jordan was wide-eyed and excited throughout the day. He would point and yell excitedly at just about everything, and especially at things resembling planes, trains or rockets. At the beginning of the day, he had a tough time waiting in the line, but he quickly learned that after waiting in lines, you got to go on a ride. Surprisingly, a number of the rides that he was tall enough for were quite fast moving and high flying. For example, while waiting in the rocket line, he couldn't stop watching the rockets go around and around, and higher and higher. He would point and yell "FLY!" He would sing the pat pat song from Lil' Einsteins, and he would jump with excitement. The first time we rode the rockets, he was so excited as we sat in the rocket. As the ride started turning, he became somewhat unsure of himself. Eventually, he started whimpering, and saying "All done, all done." What I loved was the second the ride ended, he was excited as could be, giving high fives, yelling "FLY" and pat pat all over again.

Later in the day, when we walked past the same ride again, he pointed and yelled "FLY!" We asked if he wanted to go on it again, and he said yes, so we got back in line. He showed all the same excitement, but this time, when we got to the front of the line, he was too scared to get in the rocket. Apparently he just wanted to watch. Daisy, being the quick thinker she was, pulled her phone out, and got him to calm down and sit in her lap, while she played the Lil' Einstein song. The distraction either gave him the courage to ride the rocket, or removed the fear, but either way he went on his second rocket journey. When he was done, he once again showed his excitement, and yelled "FLY!"

Much of the day was similar. A lot of excitement in the line, some trepidation on the ride, and pure pride and joy after. Jordan never seemed to be fazed after the fact, he always seemed pleased with himself for gutting it out. I know I was proud!

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

I don't know how I missed seeing Daisy but I'm sad!! So close yet so far :) Disneyland looked like fun - how can it not be?! :)