Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vacation Memories (aka lots of photos)

I had some leftover photos from our last day in LA, having dim sum with my mom and brother, so here they are!

And then we were off to Arizona to stay with the Bluths for a week!  They just bought a new house last year and it is absolutely gorgeous and so impeccably decorated, it looks straight out of a magazine.  Look at the little diaper wreath on their door.. adorable eh?!

 Eliot and Jordan... methinks Jordan can't wait to have siblings (or cousins around!), he loved having Eliot and Jaxson around all the time whether it be in the car or in the home.  We started off Tuesday night with a trip to Cafe Rio and then headed to Last Chance early Wednesday morning.  Jordan was in heaven having a buddy next to him in the car, even if it doesn't look it here. 
Eliot and Jordan decided shopping was overrated and instead took a bunch of trips on these airplanes.  
They just sat there when it wasn't running and as a result, got a free ride when another boy came on.  
They both kept saying "wooooo" and Jordan of course said, "deeee!" (which is his way of saying airplane)
We had burgers at Fez (mmmm sooo good) for lunch, and then went home to rest.  We were out and about again for dinner at Postino's.  
 Our amazing hosts for the week.  The Bluths just had a 2 month baby and Jen was such a trooper for taking Will everywhere and feeding him.  They not only hosted us and our crazy kids for a week but grilled an amazing dinner Thursday night in their beautiful new home AND hosted Easter lunch which was fantastic and delicious.   Thanks Bluths!
 The Garners stayed with Quinn's family for the week where all his family was back for his sister Jenna's missionary farewell (which we got to attend on Sunday!).  Love Eliot's face here.. hahaa and Ryan Seacrest's Quinn's too. 
Tara (Quinn's sister) and Jordan who were just getting married last time we were in Arizona visiting!  How time flies...

Justin since Jess and Jaxson were off somewhere...
Here they are earlier... Jaxson and Jess.. isn't she a cute prego girl?!

Exploring the baci ball field at Postino's...
 And then they discovered the sand....

 He just loves his sunglasses...
 it's a great distraction, that plus paper airplanes...

 Divine food at Postino's...
 If only I could muster up all these ingredients for bruschetta...
We went to the Cubs vs Mariners spring training game on Thursday at noon, and boy was it hot.  Scorching hot.  Our iPhones said 75 degrees but given there was rarely any shade (don't be deceived by the photo.. it was obnoxiously BRIGHT!), the sun directly above us, and not a breeze at all... boy was it hot!
I barely watched any of the game, trying to escape the heat with Jordan.  It was so hot, I couldn't even eat!  All I wanted was a frozen lemonade.  Afterwards, we went to Bahama Bucks... hooray!
And this was the first of ... I think four times we went in the next few days....

Friday was Jen's birthday so we kicked off the day with donuts and balloons we blew up and hung over her door with streamers.  I think the kids were more excited about the balloons than Jen, but it was fun nevertheless.  The boys watched the kids while the girls went to shop, and then we met up with everyone at this Chinese Mexican restaurant which was so much food, that none of us were hungry by dinner.  We left the kids with the men again and went to get gel shelac (sp?) manis and pedis that Claire got for all of us!  It was amazing (and has been a long while since I had a mani or pedi last).  Oh how spoiled we were!  We ended up eating take-out at home because we were all sooo full from lunch and of course, had some more Bahama Bucks! 

On Saturday morning, the men went to golf and the women went to an Easter Egg hunt with the kiddos.  Justin's sister and cousin came out so here Jordan is getting cozy with his sister, Alisha.  

 Cute lil William!  Being such a great lil man throughout the trip!  I think I heard him cry once.. maybe.
 Jordan helping Jen push William to the Easter egg hunt. 
 Easter egg hunt.. on!
The rest of Saturday was spent eating Cafe Rio, shopping, and more Bahama Bucks!  Hahahaa.  Some of the adults went to the Easter Pageant but I stayed home with Jen and Alisha to watch Les Miserables  and just relax after the kids went to sleep.  The boys all went to help clean up the chairs from the Pageant and then, came home with some late night burritos.  
Sunday morning, Jaxson and Jordan spent all morning running around in the Bluths' backyard.  They were both in absolute heaven.  

 We went to Jenna's missionary farewell and then came back to an amazing Easter party hosted by the Bluths.  It was soooo adorable!!  I hope to one day be able to throw a party as cute as her.  
My photos are dark - but see how cute it was??
Jordan LOVED the food and ate a little bit of everything including ham, potatoes, peas, rolls, salad, fruit, etc. But maybe he was just stoked about sitting next to a cute girl and the free bunny ears he got.  

The only photo I have of all three boys courtesy of Jen:
To think this was them almost one year ago at our LA reunion in April 2012:

LA/AZ vacation is over!  *sniff sniff.  So sad... but it was a great week of relaxation, lots of shopping, eating, and good times with friends.  I didn't enjoy unpacking once we were back, but I did enjoy Jordan returning back to his normal sleep schedule (until today that is... but he did make it up with a really long nap).  

We have one more vacation coming up but there won't be any kids for Jordan to play with, only amazing family!  He will, however, have an awesome summer with both of his cousins around to play with so all is well.  All is well.  

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Jessica said...

Love it. Can't wait for next year. I also can't believe how big our boys have gotten and to already be having another one!!! Yay! One more month momma and Ethan will be here. We will have to visit you guys in Utah!