Monday, December 26, 2011

Wedding Advice from the Pros

Last Friday, Andy and I went to our first wedding post baby and I came to an epiphany about weddings... they are much more fun when they aren't yours!

We went to the wedding of an old co-worker of mine from the Firm (who I've known for six years!) at the Smog Shoppe. The Smog Shoppe, for those who do not stalk Los Angeles wedding blogs often, is literally the facade of a smog shop, an old run down and a bit ghetto from the outside with an overflow of green foliage seeping from the outskirts of the wall.  On the inside, it is hipsterly awesome.

As we witnessed James and Stella become husband and wife (which was super sweet and cute as they touched on how the two met... someone suggested they go out... he called, she was busy, he didn't call back, they found each other on and finally went out thinking their options might be limited the longer they waited... and the rest is history!).  As they were getting married, I couldn't help but notice the glow against the white bricks which were landscaped with an assortment of plants...absolutely breathtaking!  It was stunning, and I can only imagine what it would have looked like in the day.  Following the reception, we hung out for a bit at the posh black leather vintage couches in a corner with other firm co-workers, some current, some alum like myself, and I felt quite hipster.  Yeah, that's me - I'm hip, I'm cool.  Once the furniture moving was complete (they changed the courtyard from a ceremony venue to a lounge like atmosphere with a buffet table), we made our way inside the garage of the smog shop for the dinner reception which had garage doors unlike any I have ever seen at a smog shop - as in, these were basically a stack of huge windows on a garage door.  There was a giant ceiling fan which was probably 15 feet in diameter and on one end of the inside room was a giant movie screen wall that fit the entire wall and on the other side was a bookshelf with old books and large alphabet letters.  For photos of the Smog Shoppe, go here and here.

So back to my epiphany about weddings being more fun when they're not yours... absolutely!!  I got to hang out with other couples throughout cocktail hour before dinner, munch on all the weird mochi balls they had (Korean caterer), oohh and ahhh about the bride's beautiful lace gown, laughed at the groom and his single days when he vowed he would never get married until he met his match aka his best friend ever (I mean really, this guy dated the weirdest girls and even had to change his personalized license plate once ex-girlfriends started keying it...), made fun of the groom's ugly dog and question why he was missing from the reception, overfilled our candy bags at the candy bar (by the way, we were probably the first to approach the bar because that's how we roll), towered our plates with a little bit of everything since it was a buffet line we didn't plan on visiting it again, pointed out which girl was the bride in the slideshow to my husband, and then overheard my friend Jen telling her husband the same thing, jumped out of our seats when the MC announced the photo booth was now available (and then sat back down after realizing the embarrassment of being a little too over eager but then laugh at the fact that Andy was still standing and only retreated back to his seat when he noticed none of us had intended to really go right away....and we did eventually all go after Andy convinced us to beat the crowd),  hunted down the girl passing out wedding cake, and best of all... enjoyed my sponsored date with the hubs, our longest date away from our seven month old son to date (the other being the four hour timeshare presentation we went to and left with two free trips).

And, among the fun that was had... the couples ... all three of us... came up with some good wedding advice for the newlywed couple.  The guys decided being sent to their wives's purses to retreat stuff was the worse and the girls, we just laughed.  We talked with the other couples about Christmas gifts, and I learned that guys do not appreciate gifts that are not truly for them and more for the couple.  This includes, but is not limited to, televisions and speaker systems (because everyone gets to enjoy it, not just them...) but apparently purses are just for the girls (even though guys stuff all their junk into them).  It was really funny to realize all the other couples have the same man vs woman issues that we all encounter and laugh about.  And we all talked about how fast our own weddings went, how we didn't feel like we got to see or talk to anyone, and how this wedding was so much more enjoyable than our own!  Hahaha.

Me and Jen

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Friends!

I decided to go green be cheap and not send Christmas cards by snail mail to everyone.  However, the lucky few who get snail mail cards (family, close adult friends and parents of our friends) won't even get them until after Christmas since we failed to mail everything out in time.  Big oops.

So here's the sneak preview for the rest of the world.

Update: the letter that we sent with our photo this year...probably the only time you will see something written by Andy:

Merry Christmas!
According to the Chinese Zodiac, this was the Golden Year of the Rabbit.  According to my zodiac, it was the year of the Jimmer.  He won every player of the year award possible (except for the point guard award—weird, right?), was drafted in the top 10 by the Kings, and was the sole reason I wanted the NBA season to happen this year.  Thankfully, the NBA figured things out, and Jimmer was able to make his rookie debut last night.  He was truly Jimmerific, and I am hoping for an equally Jimazing debut as a rookie Christmas letter writer.
The year began with Daisy and I trying to figure out the name of our unborn son.  It was a lot simpler than I was anticipating.  As soon as the idea for Jordan Dennis Phillips came up, we were both sold.  The only hesitation we had was when my dad, a Dennis himself, felt the need to warn us that anyone with the name Dennis would likely have a “menacing” phase.  We felt the name was perfect, and couldn’t be deterred.
Jordan eventually arrived on April 30th, and has been the opposite of a menace up to this point.  Although he didn’t figure out how to smile until he was about 4 months, he has been smiling ever since!  He is already a frequent flier, having flown to Orlando (for Harry Potter World), Salt Lake, Chicago, and Columbus; we were able to make all those flights without getting dirty looks from fellow patrons.  All during the BYU Football season, he was also there to wipe my tears.  He has truly been an angel.  Recently, he has shown glimmers of what my dad described, as he has learned how to make changing diapers and clothes more of a game than we would like.  Further, the world, or our living room, has become quite the oyster for him as he recently learned to crawl and is just starting to pull himself up.
Daisy began the year still a portfolio manager for the Firm, took a nice long break for maternity leave, and recently made the transition to working from home part time for BlueSky Professional Services Group.  They are an executive search firm with personnel all over the country.  The job’s flexibility has allowed her and Jordan to accompany me on a number of interview trips.  In addition to her new part time job, and looking after Jordan, she continues to write (both for the Phillips blog, and for an online magazine, Latter-day Woman), enjoys working out at hipster fitness classes, and is learning how to be a homemaker (which includes sewing and other crafty stuff as well as expanding her arsenal of delicious meals).
I am currently finishing up my 4th and final year of medical school.  I finally decided what type of residency program to apply to, and am currently interviewing for spots with radiology residency programs around the country.  I have absolutely no idea where we will be next year, as residency positions are determined by something called the “match.”  Every applicant and every program ranks each other, and some computer (hopefully one smarter than the BCS computer that re-matched Alabama and LSU for the title game) will pair up programs with applicants, thus matching us up.  Then sometime in March, we have a ceremony where we get to find out where we matched.  Outside of school, I am just enjoying watching my son get closer and closer to one day holding a golf club.
As exciting as 2011 was for us, we can’t wait for what 2012 will bring.  With Jordan and Daisy by my side, it’s bound to be... unfreddateable!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Insight Into Being Unique

Growing up, people always called me weird.  It didn't stop once I grew up.  In college, at work, in real life.  But being weird isn't so bad when your other half is just as weird.

Yesterday, as we were packing for our short trip to Arizona for Andy's interviews, I started to sing a song.  It went a little something like this.

I need new clothes!  I need new clothes!  I need some new clothes so I can be pretty.  I need new clothes, oh I need new clothes, don't you know that I need new clothes?!

Instead of telling me my song sucked, or ignoring me, Andy joined me with the same melody as he sang, "We don't have money, we don't have money, we don't have money so you'll just have to wait."

I came back with the chorus, "oh but I need new clothes, I need new clothes, if only I had some new new clothes!"

The cacophony of Andy's notes rang loud again, "You'll have to wait, you'll have to wait, you'll have to wait to get new clothes."

Then, on the drive over, we played two truths and a lie.
I started off with, "One time, a guy had a crush on me and-" "LIE!" he interjected before I could finish my statement.  Gee, thanks hubs.

But I think that's what makes being married to Andy so fun.  He really is my best friend.  The one you want to sometimes kick.  The one you want to sometimes hug.  The one you miss.  The one you laugh at.  The one you laugh with.  The one you fart in front of.  The one you make smell your breath to see if it's okay.  The one you complain to.  The one you tell everything to (even if he's not listening).  The one you think about often.  The one you love tremendously.  The one you can every once in a while, pridefully ask, can you believe we created this cute kid together?!
  Family photos in Orlando courtesy of our Uncle Ike!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Is It Mean of Me?

Am I the only mom who sometimes thinks... that it is extremely funny... in regards to when my husband is struggling with the baby, whether it's with a diaper change (which at 7 months becomes a constant battle as Jordan flips over to reach for something) or feeding (where Jordan gets excited, flaps his hands and often knocks the food onto whoever is feeding him and himself)?  I guess it's funny because it's the acknowledgment that I'm not alone in struggling with Jordan's current age appropriate idiosyncrasies, it's also funny because it's not me, and that's always funnier, and lastly, it somehow validates the difficulty and sometimes frustrating things I do all day.

It also makes me feel less of a villain when I shove Jordan into my husband's arms the moment he comes home so I can shower, or pee, or a litany of other things that are seemingly unimportant when Jordan is roaming around, and I must needs be, be capturing it on video or my iphone (yeah, my new work paid for one so I still have NEVER paid for a phone... take that suckers!).

Case in point... today... as I was going through work e-mail the moment Andy got back and I gave him Jordan duty (this whole crawling thing is so fun but definitely more time consuming as everyone promised it would be!),  I almost laughed hysterically and a bit vehemently out loud as Andy exclaimed, "Don't do that Jordan!" as he was feeding Jordan.  I wasn't intrigued enough to go see what he was doing, but I'm pretty sure it was either slumping over in his bumbo to eat it instead of the food, thereby getting food leftover in his mouth on the bumbo, and then reaching over to touch it, or just wacking Daddy with his hands and spilling the food everywhere.

In other news... I really want more volume in my hair.  Voluminous hair seems way cooler than flat lifeless hair.  The commercials agree with me.

I haven't posted any of the photos we took for Jordan's 6 month (we got two sessions - these are done by our talented friend Kate  because our other talented friend Jen wasn't sure if she'd make it out from Arizona in time... she ended up coming and took family photos AND photos of Jordan... more of those later) so enjoy Kate's work.  These are my favorite ones!
goofball. ... what are you doing with your tongue?!

tongue out... favorite thing apparently
goofy smirk

My dad came along for the fun
so did my mom

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Mom Excuse

Getting up in the morning has become increasingly harder to do.   I think it's because since I know I have all day... what's sleeping in a bit going to do?

Once a week, I have a weekly call for my Company that gets my bum up at 8 AM.  Besides that... Jordan seems to be a great alarm clock.  ... except that I really really wanted to get into tip top shape (hate my muffin top and all that mid-section flab that is flabalicious) before Christmas sets me back 5 pounds.  I even resolved to start going to the gym at 6 AM.  If only I could find someone to join me at my fancy gym at 6 AM everyday... then I wouldn't flake on myself.

So far... I've set the alarm four times... and I've skipped out all four times.  Maybe I should throw the towel in, wave my white flag and start doing P90x at home.  Ahhh... the thought of Tony yelling at me that coke is badddddd or pastrami sandwiches are baddddd has me thinking otherwise.  

Here's to tomorrow right?

Meanwhile, Jordan's ready to go to work.  See his cute tie and pocket protector.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Reading Day

I contributed another article to Latter-Day Woman about my newfound internet obsession, Pinterest.

Check it out on page 30 and while you're at it.. check out Easy Money on page 36 and Family Photo: How to Dress the Whole Gang on page 42, just some of my favorites, but really - the whole magazine is fun and any links viewed can be clicked on directly as everything is hyperlinked!  Enjoy!

Latter-Day Woman Holiday Issue

Monday, December 12, 2011

Our 1st Annual Tacky Christmas Party

One of my favorite parts about college was dressing up for crazy parties.  Coincidentally, that was also my favorite part about drinking before I became Momo.  So when people ask me if it was hard to give up alcohol, it's pretty easy to understand why it wasn't.  On the one hand, I had a source of strength from Heavenly Father that is indescribable and unlike any capability of my own.  On the other hand, I still get to dress in costume for parties (and my husband does not object and so far we have dressed up for Halloween, Christmas parties and we like to match for Church a lot).  Once dressed up, we have enjoyed the company of other friends of like minds and together, we have played wacky games and enjoyed Costco appetizers, bubbly Martinelli's and yummy desserts.

Enter....our 1st Annual Phillips' Tacky Christmas Party (the annual implies we will be doing this every year going forward now...)  This was the photo we used on our invite, our sweaters from 2009 which have been used 3 times but were never washed since everything was glue gunned on.  Hahaha... we can't find them, we think we threw them away.

Did I ever tell you I go to the largest ward (church meeting group we are demographically bound to) with so many young couples, that hosting a party actually becomes difficult to figure out how many people our tiny apartment can fit?!  There were so many people I've talked with a few times or gone to baby showers for who I wanted so badly to invite, but sensibly so, my husband advised me to keep the guest list to 50 (excluding kids).  Even though there is never 100% attendance, it was hard and I finally imposed an invite of couples and friends who had come to our apartment or hosted us at theirs at least once, or couples we had hung out with more than twice.  It sounds silly that we even have to do that, but seriously.. the friends we've made from our ward are many and our ward is hip, young, fun, hot, neat, and cool.  If I knew how small of a group would have actually showed up since a lot of people had left for the holidays, I would have invited way more people!  Okay, that's my sad rant for those who I love and have met and was not able to extend an invite to.

So apparently ugly Christmas sweater parties are so popular now, one cannot find anything good at Goodwill or Salvation Army.  The trick these days is to stop by K-Mart or Wal-Mart for a cheap and festive sweater or holiday outfit.  I made ours again (that seems to be the easiest way) so our outfits were under $5 for all three (used what I had).

 Blair and Tyler 
Jill and Sean 
Al, Alex and Whitney
Andy, Jordan and me
Mike and Cassy
Dan and Tori
Ryan and Diane
Jeff and Passelly
Gabby, Paselly, and me
Jordan loving that Cassy is feeding him instead of Daddy or Mommy
Whitney and me with our babies 
Jill and Whitney

We had a white elephant gift exchange with some hilarious gifts including a tall wicker giraffe that now sits in our living room.  

We also played Minute to Win-It and had so much fun, I failed to take any photos except for this one game which was hilarious... they had to use the banana to get the apple to the finish line.
And that's a wrap.  Hope your Christmas parties were as tacky as ours.  

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Clean Me Please

I had been eyeing the refrigerator for quite some time now, in disgust and pity, but also more indifference above all.  It taunted me to clean it.  I had better things to do.  It taunted me to clean it.  I had other plans.  It taunted me to clean it.  I told it to go away.  It taunted me to clean it.  I told it to try someone else.  Much like a helpless teenage girl who can't give up her high school crush, the fridge again told me to clean it.  I ignored it.  Until I saw a piece of my long black hair in the fridge.  Yuck.  Guilty as charged.  Okay.  I guess I will clean you now.

I've been mistaken for a neat freak by many people but in reality, I'm dirty masked by organized.  HAHAHAHAAAA.... muhahahahahahaha.  That aside, I do find pure joy in cleaning, which for me, is loosely used to describe organizing.  In fact, when I was in middle school, one of my closest friends would always invite me over to her house to hang out, just long enough so she could "get Daisy to clean" her room.  I didn't mind it at all and actually looked forward to it each time!  But cleaning the toilet or the fridge are not my favorite things and unlike the toilet, which I have learned to clean more often than not in order to avoid one HUGE attempt at cleaning it.... the fridge just doesn't seem to make its way up that chain of must do.  Until today that is....

Today, I decided to clean the fridge.  Not just throw out the rotten stuff (give me some credit, I actually do that regularly), but clean .... take out all the pieces, wash it with mild soap and warm water (as instructed on the bottom of the plastic bins I had never seen until today).  The last time I cleaned the fridge was when we first got married, but I didn't do a thorough job like today.. at the time, I only clorox wiped the bottoms a bit and called it a day.

I cleaned for half an hour before a 9 AM call with my company's website developer.  I then cleaned for about an hour... fed Jordan... put him to bed... cleaned for another hour while sending e-mails and making phone calls (personal and business)  in between and rocking to a Christmas pandora station.... did some laundry, took out the trash (gross... I usually let Andy do this but it was a little out of control and I couldn't wait until he got home), cleaned some more once Jordan was awake and distracted by some toys... and well... I would say it took me somewhere between 3-4 hours to clean the fridge.

But man did it feel good when I was done.

I wish I had gotten a photo of the before fridge but it's probably better that I didn't.
 all the bins out and clean... !
The left side... all done!
The right side...all done!
some of the food waiting to go back in...
 Oh my goodness... I actually did it!... three... maybe four hours later...
 Jordan playing nice while I clean.  Whenever he dropped a toy, I'd go and play with him for 10 seconds before returning.  He was pleased by this.  

I know all I did was clean a dirty fridge, but the sense of accomplishment I was left with was simply priceless.  Cleaning the fridge, another simple joy of life, who would have thought?!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pray.. not Play.

It's common knowledge that native Chinese speakers attempting to speak English confuse their Rs for Ls.

So English becomes EngRish.

Hello becomes Herro.

And then we joke about it and flip it the other way...

Sorry becomes sollie.

Very becomes Vely.

Why do we do such things?

My brother's English name is Ray and I swear my parents didn't do it intentionally, but his Chinese name is Lay-Lay.  One friend who found out Lay-Lay was his actual name, not just a nickname I had come up with to poke fun at the R-L and L-R confusion, pointed that out to me... and we laughed for days.

So tonight, when Jordan again refused to sleep... laying on his stomach in the pack n play, he bumped his head towards the mesh to see if he could break through, giggling with increased volume, hoping we'd get him.  It was a funny and cute sight and we both held back our smile, forcing a frown as I advised Jordan it was time to pray, not play.  At the sound of my own R-L comment, Andy and I both laughed.  To which Jordan joined as he continually shoved his head towards the mesh, as if to show us the true round shape of his head and simultaneously see if he could indeed get closer to us.  He then decided to use his hands to do the same thing... his hands opened to give us five, he pressed against the mesh, looking out at us with his eyes wide and hopeful.

Yet again, we told him it was time to pRay not pLay.

pRay!  Not pLay!

It has neLer stopped being funny foL me.  At Reast not yet.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Would You Do?

Checked into our Columbus Ohio hotel. Disappointed that parking costs $23 per night.  Devastated more like it.  Guess that $40 meal comped in Chicago was a tender mercy for the outrageous cost of parking Ohio would bring us.

Unloaded all our stuff into the hotel room.  Found ESPN2 on our huge flat screen TV.  Headed to Goodwill where we didn't find anything "as is" tack enough for our upcoming Christmas party.  Bought Jordan a cute zip up hoodie and items to bedazzle with tackiness.  Ventured to Ray Ray's BBQ truck which we found on Yelp!  Discovered it was serendipitously a block from Goodwill.  Imagined ourselves living in Columbus.  Noticed the candles in every window on some houses.  Admired the large colonial style homes.  

Returned back to our hotel.  Gave Jordan a bath.  Worked on company's financials while Andy watched the BYU vs. Hawaii game.  Ate an apple.  Fed Jordan.  Put Jordan to sleep.

And then..... it happened.  

He's still crying it out.  

Give up?  Us?  No way!  

He was crying.  He was wailing.  He was yelling.  He was so... so... sad.  

A knock on our door.  

"Is everything all right?"  In the background, our child is still crying.  

"Yes, he's just teething," says my husband.

"Is there anything we can do?" they ask.  

"No, he's just teething, we're sorry.... there's nothing we can do," my husband responds. 

They leave.  

"Who was it?" I ask (I had not moved from where I was working).  

"The people from downstairs front desk," Andy says.  

At first... I thought, great... we can never train him to cry it out since our neighbors are complaining.  But then... after I mulled about it a bit, I got angry.  He hadn't even been crying for more than ten minutes, and they called downstairs to complain?  To express concern?  To say we're bad parents?!  It's 10:30 PM on a Saturday night... it's not like we're throwing a party, destroying the furniture or being that loud.  Right?  ....  

As I muttered in my state of confusion and anger, Andy rocked Jordan to sleep as he watched the rest of the game and I continued working but now I can't help but think... have we started a really bad trend?  Maybe we should stop traveling with Jordan and start giving him a better routine.  

What would you have done?  

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Simpler Life... and Adventures in Chicago

This past Tuesday, Andy, Jordan and I left for the windy city of Chicago, Illinois for the 2011 Radiological Society of North America Annual Scientific Meeting.  Okay, more like Andy came for the conference to present some research while we came along for the ride (one of the many reasons I love my other part-time job which goes where I go!), to meet up with friends, eat and shop.  After just three days in the heart of downtown, there doesn't seem to be much else to do (besides what we've been doing) and we'll be off to Ohio tomorrow to accompany Andy on another interview Monday.

The irony is our departure for the windy city coincided with the wind greeting our hometown as the Santa Ana winds raged up to 85 mph Wednesday night, assaulting our hometown and leaving fallen trees too old and fragile to survive, and the entire area of Pasadena it in a state of emergency with no electricity for days.  My own parents, who are nestled in the comfort of Arcasia, have been lucky to have gas and water, but electricity is still pending after two days.

As I called my mom yesterday to give her an update on our happenings here in Chi-Town (more on that later), I asked her how everything was back home.  She told me they'd returned to a simpler life.  No internet for my pops.  No television for my mom.  They ate dinner by candlelight, my mom worked out at home, they conversed and then they got ready for bed, thinking it must be 10 PM.  When she realized it was only 8 PM, she told me this must be how people used to have a ton of kids.  Yes, she knows I want 5 kids and is entirely supportive, but sometimes I think she doubts we will get there after 1... 2... or 3.  Truth be told, I have no idea what the future will bring either, but we're open to the idea (shoot for the sun right?)  It was a funny observation but also very keen.  Having a ton of kids is not really that insane as long as you keep it simple which is quite hard to do, but hey - maybe they'll create an app for that.

Chicago has been SO. MUCH. FUN.  Having been here more times than I can count or keep straight for trainings in the past with the Firm, I wasn't horrifically excited at first.  What I failed to overlook was that I'd be coming with my family, making it an entirely new, exciting and fun-filled experience.

Given my past hoity toity spoiled rotten days of free luxurious hotels sponsored by the Firm, I didn't expect much from our Best Western, so I was surprisingly shocked when I realized our hotel was nicely tucked in downtown, near a ton of great restaurants, within walking distance to a bunch of shopping and that the inside of our room is actually beautifully decorated and quite nice with a California King and a flat screen television.

Our first day - Jordan playing  after he ate while I work and Andy was checking out the conference.

Justin, Andy's college roommate and one of his partners in crime during their single dating days (and stalking random girls in person or on facebook) and his wife, Jessica and their 2 month old son, Jaxson, were on their way through Chicago to southern Illinois for an interview (he's also a fourth year in medical school), so they came to visit and stayed with us one night - it was so much fun to see them and we got photos for free with Santa, ate at Portillo's, grabbed hot chocolate at 7-Eleven, popcorn at Garrett's and then a snack at Chic-Filet (that's how we roll).  

Jaxson  and Jordan - best buddies and so happy!  Jessica got them these cute matching outfits (thanks Jessica!) and they actually came with a penguin hat too but both boys weren't fans.
on a more serious note....they kind of look like the penguins.. one taller than the other... lol
Contrary to popular belief, not all Asian babies look the same, and this is actually Jaxson, not Jordan.  Jordan had the same outfit when he was smaller which reminded us of his tiny baby days...... we loved holding Jaxson and him cuddling with us especially since Jordan won't have it anymore but we'll have another baby soon enough.

The bean at night.  The mirror underneath the bean is way trippy.  I was on the right in real life.. but on the left on the bean... woah!!!
Last night, we thought we'd go see the Zoo lights, but then we realized it started tonight... so instead we walked all around downtown in a big loop, ate at Giordano's (I still am not a fan of deep dish but Andy loved it) and Jordan got to meet Marcy, one of my best friends from college.

Today for lunch, we went to Xoco for lunch, a place with 4 stars on Yelp! (of course I"m a yelper, I'm Asian and I love to eat) and we got seated in 5 minutes because we had a baby in a stroller (the line was out the door long and the wait was estimated at 30 minutes), but then they forgot our food... and after 45 minutes, they realized (guess they thought we were just chilling?) and apologized profusely, gave us another thing of guacamole and comped our meal.  Win win!

Reason number 101 why I love my husband.  We finally got him a pair of sunglasses (his old ones broke and I just haven't gotten around to fixing them yet... oh and they were a gift from an ex, but I swear that's not why...) from Niketown and he loved 'em so much, he couldn't stop doing this when we got back.  
 Too bad he also kindly reminded me to fix his other pair so he could have a variety of sunglasses.  It's on my list hubs.

Having grown up in California my entire life, I really did not know how to dress my son for the cold.  Luckily, my mom saved the day with this ridiculous but super cute and very warm blanket cover-up.  He has two!  

 And I think he loves it so far. And even more exciting - Jordan just got his first two teeth (we saw one before but then the gums grew over it.. these are the real deal - sharp and everything!)... which is why he's still "crying it out" right now.  *sigh.  

Monday, November 28, 2011

Crying It Out

Jordan's been crying for 45 minutes.  I got him and fed him but then he wanted to play.  Then his eyes fluttered and you could tell he was struggling to stay awake, a laugh came out at the same time that his fists went towards his eyes....his red, red ... very red eyes.  Oh my.... what have I done?!  Back to the crib son!  45 painful heart wrenching crying minutes later.... he has finally fallen asleep...

Jordan is on the verge of crawling and is too excited for sleep.  Sleep is overrated.  I agree son!  Unfortunately, I need him to nap so he can be happy, rested and ready to work at crawling when it's playtime later (and I can finish everything on my list for the day!).

I hate letting Jordan cry it out and I'm probably the reason he has been pushing the buttons lately.  With every daytime "crying it out" session, I have been getting him, prolonging his next "crying it out" session because hey, it worked last time he did it!... Meanwhile, my heart is breaking at his lurching cries and gasping for breath whimpers, and how I long to just cradle him safely in my arms instead of making him sleep.  But wait... NO!  Because then he rubs his eyes and I KNOW he is tired, but refusing to sleep.  It's just more fun NOT sleeping.  Alas, I return him to his crib.  I let him cry.  I sit and listen and long to get him.  I tell myself no.  And then I try to distract myself but man, is it painful.

 Why would I sleep when I can eat pandas?!
 Or pillows?
 Crying it out - the most agonizing thing a parent can endure.  After 45 minutes, this is how I found him (I put the blanket on after I found him asleep).

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but after that "crying it out experience," my lonely lunch by myself didn't make it any better.  Except for my lunch dates with my mom and brother (who just left for Taiwan for six months ... sad face), lunch normally consists of leftovers, lunch meat straight from the bag shoved into my mouth or inhaled (whatever is quicker), a yogurt, and maybe some fruit.  I try to remember to breathe but really my goal is to eat quickly so I can get other stuff done.  

Today, I decided to be adventurous and made myself a salad and well.. we don't really have salad bowls so here I am.  And well, the lonely lunch was made funny by my big blue ghetto bowl.  

I know, I'm so posh but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do to get stuff done.