Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Mom Excuse

Getting up in the morning has become increasingly harder to do.   I think it's because since I know I have all day... what's sleeping in a bit going to do?

Once a week, I have a weekly call for my Company that gets my bum up at 8 AM.  Besides that... Jordan seems to be a great alarm clock.  ... except that I really really wanted to get into tip top shape (hate my muffin top and all that mid-section flab that is flabalicious) before Christmas sets me back 5 pounds.  I even resolved to start going to the gym at 6 AM.  If only I could find someone to join me at my fancy gym at 6 AM everyday... then I wouldn't flake on myself.

So far... I've set the alarm four times... and I've skipped out all four times.  Maybe I should throw the towel in, wave my white flag and start doing P90x at home.  Ahhh... the thought of Tony yelling at me that coke is badddddd or pastrami sandwiches are baddddd has me thinking otherwise.  

Here's to tomorrow right?

Meanwhile, Jordan's ready to go to work.  See his cute tie and pocket protector.  

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Michelle Baird said...

I can come workout with you! I don't have a gym membership (and can't afford one), but maybe we could go running or do a yoga video. I'm free and need motivation!