Thursday, December 8, 2011

Clean Me Please

I had been eyeing the refrigerator for quite some time now, in disgust and pity, but also more indifference above all.  It taunted me to clean it.  I had better things to do.  It taunted me to clean it.  I had other plans.  It taunted me to clean it.  I told it to go away.  It taunted me to clean it.  I told it to try someone else.  Much like a helpless teenage girl who can't give up her high school crush, the fridge again told me to clean it.  I ignored it.  Until I saw a piece of my long black hair in the fridge.  Yuck.  Guilty as charged.  Okay.  I guess I will clean you now.

I've been mistaken for a neat freak by many people but in reality, I'm dirty masked by organized.  HAHAHAHAAAA.... muhahahahahahaha.  That aside, I do find pure joy in cleaning, which for me, is loosely used to describe organizing.  In fact, when I was in middle school, one of my closest friends would always invite me over to her house to hang out, just long enough so she could "get Daisy to clean" her room.  I didn't mind it at all and actually looked forward to it each time!  But cleaning the toilet or the fridge are not my favorite things and unlike the toilet, which I have learned to clean more often than not in order to avoid one HUGE attempt at cleaning it.... the fridge just doesn't seem to make its way up that chain of must do.  Until today that is....

Today, I decided to clean the fridge.  Not just throw out the rotten stuff (give me some credit, I actually do that regularly), but clean .... take out all the pieces, wash it with mild soap and warm water (as instructed on the bottom of the plastic bins I had never seen until today).  The last time I cleaned the fridge was when we first got married, but I didn't do a thorough job like today.. at the time, I only clorox wiped the bottoms a bit and called it a day.

I cleaned for half an hour before a 9 AM call with my company's website developer.  I then cleaned for about an hour... fed Jordan... put him to bed... cleaned for another hour while sending e-mails and making phone calls (personal and business)  in between and rocking to a Christmas pandora station.... did some laundry, took out the trash (gross... I usually let Andy do this but it was a little out of control and I couldn't wait until he got home), cleaned some more once Jordan was awake and distracted by some toys... and well... I would say it took me somewhere between 3-4 hours to clean the fridge.

But man did it feel good when I was done.

I wish I had gotten a photo of the before fridge but it's probably better that I didn't.
 all the bins out and clean... !
The left side... all done!
The right side...all done!
some of the food waiting to go back in...
 Oh my goodness... I actually did it!... three... maybe four hours later...
 Jordan playing nice while I clean.  Whenever he dropped a toy, I'd go and play with him for 10 seconds before returning.  He was pleased by this.  

I know all I did was clean a dirty fridge, but the sense of accomplishment I was left with was simply priceless.  Cleaning the fridge, another simple joy of life, who would have thought?!

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Cassy said...

"Dirty masked by organized" hahaha I love it. And there really is somethign about cleaning that makes you feel good...something I don't tap into quite often enough...:)