Friday, December 16, 2011

Is It Mean of Me?

Am I the only mom who sometimes thinks... that it is extremely funny... in regards to when my husband is struggling with the baby, whether it's with a diaper change (which at 7 months becomes a constant battle as Jordan flips over to reach for something) or feeding (where Jordan gets excited, flaps his hands and often knocks the food onto whoever is feeding him and himself)?  I guess it's funny because it's the acknowledgment that I'm not alone in struggling with Jordan's current age appropriate idiosyncrasies, it's also funny because it's not me, and that's always funnier, and lastly, it somehow validates the difficulty and sometimes frustrating things I do all day.

It also makes me feel less of a villain when I shove Jordan into my husband's arms the moment he comes home so I can shower, or pee, or a litany of other things that are seemingly unimportant when Jordan is roaming around, and I must needs be, be capturing it on video or my iphone (yeah, my new work paid for one so I still have NEVER paid for a phone... take that suckers!).

Case in point... today... as I was going through work e-mail the moment Andy got back and I gave him Jordan duty (this whole crawling thing is so fun but definitely more time consuming as everyone promised it would be!),  I almost laughed hysterically and a bit vehemently out loud as Andy exclaimed, "Don't do that Jordan!" as he was feeding Jordan.  I wasn't intrigued enough to go see what he was doing, but I'm pretty sure it was either slumping over in his bumbo to eat it instead of the food, thereby getting food leftover in his mouth on the bumbo, and then reaching over to touch it, or just wacking Daddy with his hands and spilling the food everywhere.

In other news... I really want more volume in my hair.  Voluminous hair seems way cooler than flat lifeless hair.  The commercials agree with me.

I haven't posted any of the photos we took for Jordan's 6 month (we got two sessions - these are done by our talented friend Kate  because our other talented friend Jen wasn't sure if she'd make it out from Arizona in time... she ended up coming and took family photos AND photos of Jordan... more of those later) so enjoy Kate's work.  These are my favorite ones!
goofball. ... what are you doing with your tongue?!

tongue out... favorite thing apparently
goofy smirk

My dad came along for the fun
so did my mom


Gena Hopper said...

<3 the track suit

Sarah said...

What cute pictures! Oh my goodness. He is adorable.

Marina said...

I love his tongue. I hope that's not inappropriate ;-)!