Monday, June 14, 2010

We Graduated from the Singles Ward!

Today was Andy and my last time at Glendale 7th YSA (young-single adults) ward and coincidentally, my one year anniversary since being baptized.

Being baptized was the best decision of my life. Marrying Andy will be the next best decision. But how often do we make bad decisions and then mope about 'em for way too long?

I have been moping about my marshmallow smore seat placecards. It was a bad decision, but I think I need to build a bridge and get over it because I am 5 days away, about 150 smore seat placecards to go and attitude makes a big difference. So going forward, I am going to excitedly glue 150 marshmallows to two pieces of tan foam board with an extra piece of brown foam cut into the shape of a heart - and don't forget two googly eyes!

Though I have a lot to do before the wedding, I'm feeling good about everything outstanding... and really excited for the big day. A bit scared that I won't have any clothes to pack for Hawaii since most of my stuff has already been moved into our future apartment, but overall grinning ear to ear at the prospect of all time and eternity with my best friend. It's not going to be easy, but we'll have great attitudes about it!

2 days until I'm done working
4 days until I go through the Temple
5 days until I'm married
6 days until Hawaii

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh So Grateful

I'm grateful for....

salty crispy chicken at the local Boba places.

good seamstresses who can fix ugly dresses.

whipped Yoplait key lime yogurt.

a brother who came back early and has been running wedding errands for me during the day.

a big soft purple covered bed at night.

girlfriends who swing by to pick up stuff when I am too tired to go drop it off even if I said I would.

cut fruit from my mom to bring with me to work everyday.

a famima downstairs of my office.

a future mother-in-law who is sewing one of a kind, original and adorable flower girl dresses

pretty high heels

co-worker/friends who offer to make my bridesmaids' 3-piece crystal jewelry for the wedding for free!

hand sanitizer outside of the elevators when I get to work.

a future sister-in-law who has connections to a DJ and a slideshow maker!

a day of wedding coordinator who has already begun to call my vendors for reminders.

the post office sending us packages through the mail.

bridesmaids who are making thank you gifts for every guest.

HD television so I can see the Lakers win and the Celtics lose as if I was there.

public transportation, even in LA!

a future father-in-law who is eager to help construct a backdrop for us.

buddies who have helped me make over 100 Martha Stewart poms

water to drink so I'm not thirsty.

Bar Method on video so I can stay toned without money for the live classes that are $20 each.

a fiance who now goes downstairs to the Temple with me to do baptisms every Friday.


a father who brought along a rolling tape measure and got me the measurements within 5 minutes.

a job that gives me the flexibility to get fitted for both dresses on a Friday morning.

music that makes me smile.

deals and steals at Marshall's, Ross and TJ Maxx

a cell phone.

gchat during work hours.


Martha Stewart weddings website.

smelly lotion.

stuffed animals.

ice cream.

people offering to help.

e-mail on my cell phone.

wonderful counseling from the prophets reminding me of the many tender mercies in my life.

angels from above.

the opportunity to constantly improve.

patience. the lack thereof which reminds me of why I need it.





8 more days until forever with Andy begins.