Thursday, April 25, 2013

We might not know, but He knows!

It has now been over 2 weeks since Daisy was admitted to the hospital for bedrest.  It all started with just a tiny bit of spotting.  From what Daisy described to me at the time, it truly was tiny, and almost too little to be concerned.  Thankfully she noticed it, and when she called the doctor, they were concerned enough to see her the next day, even though she had an appointment scheduled in a couple of days.  At the appointment the doctor checked her out, and initially came to the conclusion that she would still be able to make her flight to Utah, for our planned vacation which should have started tomorrow.  Thankfully, one more check showed that wouldn't be wise, as she was 2-3 cm dilated, with a bag poking through the cervix.

She was quickly wheeled over to antepartum, and put on tocolytics to stop the contractions.  Initially they weren't really doing much to stop her uterus, but over the first 24 hours, they started to work.  Over the next 12 days, our doc was internally debating the plan for Daisy and Bubba, and discussing the plan with his partners.  Do we let the baby continue to incubate, and mature, while at the same time risking breaking her water, having the cord and feet pop out requiring an emergency C-section?  Or do we take her back for a scheduled C-section?  Finally, given the fact that Bubba's feet were still dangling and kicking mommy's bladder, it would not be wise to wait any longer, given that the umbilical cord might be near the cervical opening.

Surgery would prove the worst case scenario to be true, and make the doctors' decision the right one - Bubba's feet were down, with the cord wrapped around his feet.  She was 4-5 cm, definitely big enough for his little feet to fall out of, which would have been disastrous.  Instead, he was taken out in a controlled environment, with all the right people there.

Adam came out looking like a champ, but would have his struggles breathing that first night.  Thankfully, I had a co-intern who had just became a new papa a few doors down from Daisy's room to accompany me to give little Adam a blessing.  It wouldn't be until an impromptu fast was started that little Bubba turned the corner.  I guess there are some kinds that don't go out except through fasting.  The cliche of no news is good news, was broken when in the middle of the night, the NICU nurse called to say he had turned the corner.  A miracle!  He hasn't looked back since, and although there is much work to do, he has shown his grit and determination to get it done.

Looking back on the whole experience, I am grateful for two little tender mercies, which in hindsight show that the Lord was aware of us, and the plight we were about to have.  The day before admission, my mom texted Daisy asking her if everything was ok, and that she was thinking of her.  When I talked to my mom later that day to explain that there was some bleeding and we were going to check it out, she said, I just thought I should check in with you guys.  The other little nugget showing us that God was aware was the next morning before the doc's appointment, when Daisy said that Jordan was extremely clingy, which he normally isn't.  Not only was he clingy, but he kept saying Ethan, over and over and over again (which was Adam's name, until it wasn't anymore!)  Lil Jordan knew his brother was coming.  Thankfully, there were people in our lives who took a second to stop and listen, and hear the voice of the Lord.  And although them knowing didn't change what happened, it did bring comfort as we faced the uncertainty of the whole process.


Babe said...

Congratulations! Prayers that he will continue to improve!

Deidra Smith said...

So happy to hear he is doing well!