Sunday, February 3, 2013

Immature... Kind Of

I've been thinking of wall art I want in our kitchen and everything I've browsed on Pinterest is really cute, really inspiring, and easy to do-it-yourself!

some fabric, a frame, old utensils, and some paint and this could be done in under $7
might be harder, but I kind of like it as a large print if I had a large wall to put it on in the kitchen (which I don't)
super cute, but kind of looks too similar to the wall art frames I'm going to have in the boys'/guest bathroom

The truth is, the above wall art designs are all kind of too mature and grown up for me.

Having only been in the kitchen for about three years, I feel like I am still a newbie.  I am not yet a connoisseur of fine tableware, dining or kitchenware for that matter (I told my sister-in-law we'd use paper plates for Thanksgiving since we had no fine china and she laughed and made Andy and I think twice about hosting Thanksgiving until we had proper china or someone to borrow it from).  I barely got a food scale for Christmas that I've only used twice so far.  I use my Vitamix for smoothies, soups, food processing, chicken shredding, and pretty much everything, and I only have one serving spoon and fork.  My nicest kitchen appliance besides the Vitamix is my Crate and Barrel ice cream scooper.  So you see.... the kitchen is not a place I fully feel comfortable nor do I really know how I want it to look, though the above ideas are a good place to start.

In reality... I wanted to put up prints more like this...

 Andy said "spork" was too far from Luke and that this wasn't funny.  
 He said this should have had "you lose sum" first.
 I had to explain to Andy that "YOLO" means "you only live once" - yeah, I'm way cooler than my hubs
 Andy just barely started eating sushi after we got married, so this is stretching it for him, he's more of a California roll and teriyaki kind of guy, but at least he indulges me when we go to my mom's friends' sushi place and get a TON of free yummy raw fish on the house.
 So maybe in the end, I will only have one of these hilarious but also kinda cheesy prints. And the wok may have to stay.  
but these are so much funnier and entertaining than the other boring ones.  Right..?!

In other news, thanks to the Adobe Photoshop my in-laws gave me for Christmas last year, I finally got around to doing something productive on it while we watched TV on Friday night.  

Here are my creations for the boys' bathroom, which will also be the guest bathroom.  At first, I wanted to go with a nautical theme, thinking that the colors would be light blue, navy blue, white, and red (perfect for when we have a daughter eventually)... but since we don't have much of a connection to nautical things besides me having been a Mariner at Dana Middle School and knowing how to chant the Mariners Ahoy cheer as a drill team member, it seemed a bit silly.  So instead, I decided to stick with the color motif and made these instead.   

They'll be put in white frames, am considering matting them if I feel they need more depth, and then we can keep our blue bathroom rugs, towels, and I'll just purchase some cute light blue hand towels and red ribbons to tie 'em together for the guests.  Yay!


Deidra Smith said...

I like your prints. They're great!

Lauren said...

Ha, I love the funny kitchen prints!

And I love state maps of places you've lived. I really want to do something like that for our home.