Thursday, February 28, 2013

Something to look forward to

Throughout my life, I have had multiple big tests that I have had to perform well on. With each test there was stress, and my future would be somewhat contingent upon my performance. It probably all started with the ACT, although at the time I really didn't understand the importance of that test, so I will go ahead and say it really started with the MCAT. Pass with flying colors, and I might be able to go to medical school. Stumble, and I might have needed to look for another profession.

I would have daily 9 hour + study days with Justin, one of my roommates, and our other roommate Quinn would always tell me and Justin that we just needed something to look forward to. It often was anything as small as taco tuesday with dollar scoop tuesday, date with a new girl, pick up basketball game or pot roast sunday. Whenever Justin and I would get too engrossed in our studies, he would remind us of whatever we had coming up on our slate. That principle got me through the MCAT, and the horrific Step 1 of the medical boards, as I was looking forward to marrying Daisy just a few days after the test.

But alas, it seems the tests never end. I am starting to study for Step 3, the last of my general boards to get my medical license. It would be as rough as prior tests, as I just need to pass, but I am still feeling burnt out from Step 1! Anyways, I am putting good use to the principle taught to me those years ago, and am focusing on the getaway we will be taking the day after my test to meet back up with Justin, Quinn and their families. Can't wait for version #2 of this photo!

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SupaFlowaPowa said...

and now your hair will look just like that photo from last year too. hahaha