Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Few Good Boys

Every Wednesday night, I get an hour and a half to clean up the dishes, work, and just be by myself.  It's an hour of uninterrupted work time that I have really begun to value.  This is when Andy goes to Scouts with Jordan since he's a Scout Leader for 10 year old boys.

Andy came back from last night's activities and told me Jordan thinks he's a Scout.

I got such a kick out of these photos looking at how much he wants to be like the big boys.  But then it got me thinking about examples and how importan it's going to be for my boys to have good men to look up to.  At his age, if he sees an older boy doing anything - good or bad, he will want to mimic them.  

The same thing happens at Gymnastics, where he's the youngest in every class we've been to.  Besides the few minutes he wants to run around like a maniac, he looks towards the older kids to see what they are doing before following (most of the time).  
Then I got to thinking about my own life and how I often look to women more experienced than me for advice and examples.  Sometimes it because materialistic hopes of wanting to look as good as them, other times, it is more meaningful and has to do with what good people they are and my desire to be just as kind.  

As much as Jordan can look to the Scouts or the other kids at gymnastics, first and foremost, he will be looking to Andy and me.  Feels like a lot of pressure but I've always been a supporter of good habits everywhere so that being on "your best behavior" isn't applicable since that is your only behavior.  It's how I feel about almost everything except farting, which I tend to do around people I know well.  It's something I really need to work on as a household of boys will easily lead to yelling "safety!" and other potty type things.  

But a few good boys older than Jordan is what I do hope for as he's growing up, for him to look up to, for him to want to be like, for him to learn from.  And I do hope Jordan is that boy for Ethan.  

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Gena Hopper said...

I'm still not over the farting, but don't worry D- should rolemodels be lacking, they can always know to model Jesus!