Thursday, January 17, 2013

Excuse My Lack of Blogging

Lately, all my free time has been devoted to consolidating all our loan documents, creating a list of home renovations, talking with contractors, inspectors, our agent, the title representative, and thinking of cheap DIY decorating ideas, designing the layout of our den, the restroom, and the boys' room, and ranking in order of priority the many things I'd like to update in the home (both short and long term).  So excuse my lack of blogging which has fallen in priority ranking.  Here's what we've been doing per my iPhone, though I have also been lacking in that department.
 It was Grandma's birthday, so Jordan made her a card with sparkly letters.  
 Daddy built Jordan and Finn a fort!  It was amazing and that night, Jordan learned the word "up" as Finn kept asking if Andy could put it up again when they tore it down.  
 After three rebuilds, Andy got tired, but not these two boys! "Up! Up! Up!" they kept chanting. 
Jordan has this obsession with glasses.  He loves his lenseless frames, these above, aviators, white shades, you name it, he will put it on and thinks he is just so cool.  

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Lauren said...

That is one awesome fort! I can't wait until London is old enough to appreciate a good blanket fort!