Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mormon History Museum Children Area

One of my favorite parts about visiting the Salt Lake Temple Square (besides the beautiful lights and peaceful nature of the place) is the free Mormon history museum with the fun interactive children's section!  The last time we went, it was closed and Jordan was too young, but this time - perfecto!

 I thought this was neat.. but the picture doesn't do it justice.  Just a bunch of light bulbs!  brains thinking hard!
 Loved the velvet color cushions.
 The star lanterns.. so beautiful.
 Funny mirror, but really I just like this mirror cuz my legs look so skinny in it despite my growing abdomen.
But here's an actual photo of Jordan who is the main character here.
Fishing with Daddy and some stranger kid. 

 got one!
 so this is the boat Lehi built Ogo?
 provident living: planting your own veggies and then harvesting 'em
riding with Grandma
Upset that Grandma left. hahaha. 

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