Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As Of Lately

Jordan's so much fun lately.  I think I'm really enjoying this 21 month (tomorrow) stage a lot more than all the baby, crawling, and walking but not talking a whole lot maybe signing stage.  He cracks me up and I am obsessed with him lately.  He's our little growing, learning, copycat, over energetic, golf enthusiast of a son.

Lately, he has been pushing the limits, seeing how far he can go before he gets a timeout, throwing tantrums here and there, copying words he hears us say at random times, and developing opinions all on his own.

For FHE on Monday, I taught a lesson about our bodies being a temple.  I said "Jordan, did you know your body is a temple?" and his response was "body."  Melt my heart.

Today, as we were walking out the door to the gym, I asked him if he knew where we were going.  He didn't respond, so I responded for him, saying "I know!" and then he repeated back, "I know!'  It was extra special because our niece, Violet, used to say that all the time and I absolutely loved hearing her little baby voice say it.  Now we have our own baby voice in the form of Jordan saying "I know!" too.  Precious beyond words.

Lately, I'm his favorite, not because I'm special by any sort of way, but because I'm home all day with him.  By pure logic of most hours spent with him, he loves "mom" but when I show excitement for "Daddy" coming home, he does too.  He mimics me, so I have to remember to give Andy a hug and a kiss when he gets back, even if my hands are full and dinner is on its way to the table.  It's a good reminder that Jordan gives us, especially since he won't move towards Andy until he sees me do it first.  He's also extremely proud of himself and fascinated by the fact that he actually gets who Mom and Dad are now.  He loves sitting there, pointing at me, saying "Mom!" and then pointing to Andy, saying "Dad!" or "Daddy!"  Epiphany!  He just gets such a kick out of it and it's great because for the longest time, though he could say both "Mom" and "Dad," he pretty much called both of us "Mom."  He also is picking up signs a lot quicker than before, and will do a sign before he decides to use the word.

Since OGO (Andy's dad) made up his own sign, my mom (his wai-puo) made up her own sign.  May stuck to Grandma, so we taught him the sign for Grandma, and I recently taught him the sign for Grandpa but told him this is wai-gong (my dad).  So now he signs these four and occasionally decides to say the word as well.  He's got oh-go!!! down, mutters grandma, and hasn't yet tried puo puo.  He sometimes says Jordan but it is piece meal and sounds more like "ore-den" and he can say "baby" point to my stomach and then go after my belly button.  He knows to be gentle with my stomach, to rub it instead of hit it, but he really likes skin to skin, he will lift up my shirt anytime we tell him to go say hi to the baby, and then go after the belly button after he's done caressing my abdomen and saying "baby."

In preparation for big brotherhood soon, we've been reading some books about being a big brother, and since he is becoming the big book dork that I expected him to become, I am enjoying the time we spend reading together everyday (finally!).

Our house continues to be a child zone, toys everywhere, even when they are tucked away in their rightful spot - you just can't hide all the brightly colored child toys.  I actually thought we didn't have many, and then a friend visited me (and she is sans children), and she commented that Jordan sure has a lot of toys.  Oh how quickly we forget what it actually means not to have any toys in our living room.  But now we have to add to the work files I try to put away, all the home files as we finalize our loan and home purchase.  Eek!

I am 22 weeks pregnant and feel very much so!  I'm already unable to fit into most of my normal jeans and have begun sporting work out pants (sorry Jeff) in public, leggings, and pregnant jeans.  I'm committed to not buying any new pregnant clothes this time around, but only time will tell if I make it. Meanwhile, my work schedule has become more compacted since instead of working here and there throughout the week, I now have designated times when I sit down and work uninterrupted.  This means an hour in the AM, two during Jordan's naps, and another when everyone goes to sleep at night.  It's got its ups and downs but we manage and this way, Jordan only has to become a TV zombie baby for an hour a day (and a little more when I have calls scheduled).

Andy is working a lot more than what we've experienced so far, from about 6:30 AM to 6 PM every night, not something to really complain about but we do miss having him home before 2 PM.  Those were the days.....  I guess this is a small insight into what next year will be like.  Boo!  At least we'll have family nearby.  It's weird that he's an actual doctor now, even though he's still at the bottom of the totem pole, he is above those dang medical students.  Ha!

Life's good.  We can't complain (even if I do from time to time).
Jordan trying to do a handstand like Daddy. He loves exploring new moves now that he's got gymnastics once a week
 Growing up too fast! 
 zoned into Golf Digest
 eating shredded cheese and crackers
 stuffing a banana into his mouth, then realizing it's too much and spitting half of it out.  story of our banana eating life. 
 Me: "Can you say cheese Jordan?"  and then this eye roll look. 
 22 weeks pregnant!
 paper airplanes to warm the heart before daddy comes home...
Spokane Chiefs hockey game (it's not NHL, not sure what it is, but it was fun and buck night so Andy had 4 hot dogs and Jordan and I had two popcorns together)
 riding the ice cream truck with his best buddy (not sure how he'll handle being apart from Finn next year)
 new Sunday thing to do: watch a family movie together!  CJ7 - highly recommended!  

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