Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting the Right Set Up

As many of the recent posts have demonstrated, Jordan has developed quite the love of golf. Not only does he love hitting golf balls in the house, but he also loves reading golf digest, watching golf on television, watching daddy play golf, as well as watching instructional golf DVDs. I can't help but think I am watching my early retirement plan unfolding before my eyes!

When Jordan sets up properly to the ball, he makes some pretty impressive contact. However, that doesn't happen every time. He will often swing at a moving ball, or just keep his feet in the same place and swing no matter where the ball is in relation to his stance. Not the best of habits. Given that he sometimes gets frustrated missing the ball because of his set up, I decided that I would try to help him get the concept. Let's just say he's only 20 months, and I really had no chance. But I will most definitely keep trying.

After putting him to bed I grabbed a conference talk to study, and made my way to the kitchen table, instead of the couch. It's a new habit I'm trying to develop, as I realized that getting the proper set up for scriptures study is just as important as getting the right set up for golf. When I am on the couch, often my time goes underutilized; at the table, I am much more involved, and have definitely felt the flash of inspiration much more often. Here's hoping J Denny and I can both solidify our set ups!

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