Monday, June 25, 2012

Butt Pains

One noted side effect of living in a small town with lots of nature and outdoorsy stuff: butt pains.  We got me a mountain bike from our Costco rewards and went biking as a family this weekend. It was really fun despite my constant anxiety of dying, from either a misplaced rock I would flip over on or a drunk driver who would not see me and t-bone me out of nowhere.  We ventured out onto a path Andy found the other day, and saw horses, lots of green grass, homes far and few in between, and awed at the beautiful scenery and breathtaking view of downtown.  But shortly after we came home, I realized my bony butt hurt.  I need a seat pad, cushioned biker shorts, or more fat on my butt bones.  Ouch.  What a pain in the butt.


Sarah said...

That's an awesome seat for Jordan! I have never seen one like it. Jealous :)

Lauren said...

Worst part of biking! Hopefully you get a better cushion...or maybe your tooshie will just toughen up!

Jordan is so cute in his little seat!!