Friday, June 1, 2012

We'll Miss You LA Dodgers

The best part about living in LA, and I mean in LA proper (that was our actual address, up until then I was a poser), is the proximity of our former home to the Dodger Stadium.  Our drive home was less than five minutes and against traffic. Kind of like living anywhere but LA.  HAHA.

Our last game in LA before we departed for Spokane was with the Whiteheads and the Oldroyds.  Dodger games with the Whiteheads is sorta our thing.  We carpool with them (they also live in LA proper near us) whenever there's an opportunity, and the last game we went to was forecasted to rain.  It sprinkled a bit, was not too bad at all, but under new management, everyone in the audience got free tickets to another game... score!  That game itself - by the way - was the most amazing baseball game I have ever been lucky enough to attend.  The Braves (Andy's favorite team) came back at the bottom of the ninth and it was pretty fun to watch Andy scream like a little girl, living his childhood dream of watching his favorite player, Chipper (he's very old now) Jones.  So being able to go one last time with the Whiteheads, a few weeks later, along with the Oldroyds, was pretty spectacular.  As evidence that we once lived in LA, we made sure to take plenty of photos and since the Dodgers won, all the fans were so ecstatic, one of the guys sitting by us, offered to take photos and to say he took only a few photos is an understatement (but I didn't include them all).

 nice face Andrew.
 Diane is going to make a Dodger fan out of Ryan.  Here you see it begins..
so many lights!
 Dodger win!  Just in case anyone cares, I wear this blue sweater to almost every Dodger game. 
Maybe like the tenth photo we took .... 


Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

How fun!!! It is SUCH a perk how close we live!

Anonymous said...

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