Monday, June 18, 2012

Tomorrow... Today.

Tomorrow... Andy starts residency orientation and Jordan and I are left to fend for ourselves again.
Today we enjoyed a semi Father's Day (we shall continue next weekend as our trip to Seattle made it hard to plan) with Church in the morning, dumplings and Suits for lunch, a nice walk around the neighborhood, meatballs, broccoli, and rice for dinner, mint'n'chip ice cream for dessert and more Suits. 

Tomorrow, Jordan and I will play at home, explore the town, do some laundry, bust out the crock pot, and hope for two solid naps so I can work effectively and efficiently.
Today, Jordan continued to show us he is learning every second - he crossed his arms during prayer (he did loose interest about 3 seconds into the prayer and stopped and did it again briefly), did "wheels on the bus" again, and blew kisses to everyone we face timed with.

Tomorrow... it may rain and be slightly gloomy.
Today was sunny (it gets obnoxiously BRIGHT here)

Tomorrow... I will order all the bachelorette party favors for my BFF's party.
Today I will enjoy the rest of the Sabbath by journaling and sending my weekly e-mail updates to my family.

Tomorrow... will be the start of Andy's working life.
Today will be the last day I am the sole financial supporter of the family.

Tomorrow... is a great beginning.
Today is great too though.

Tomorrow.... today.

Happy Father's Day too all the dads we know and love, and especially to the dads in my life!

My own dad (yes those are army pants)

My baby's daddy and his pops.

The only photo I could find of our brother in law, Jeff, and of course, it's not even clear (he dodges every photo!)

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