Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of April...

Two posts in one week is a lot, I know. But I recommitted myself to blogging at least twice a month, and so if you procrastinate the first post till the last week of the month, this is what you end up with.

And seeing as I am currently suffering the consequences of procrastination, I thought I would just share a couple of quotes on the subject and resolve to not do it again.

One of the most serious human defects in all ages is procrastination, an unwillingness to accept personal responsibilities now.
Spencer W. Kimball

Two centuries ago Edward Young said that procrastination is the thief of time. Actually, procrastination is much more. It is the thief of our self-respect.
Thomas S. Monson

Procrastination, as it may be applied to gospel principles, is the thief of eternal life—which is life in the presence of the Father and the Son.
Joseph Fielding Smith

In reading those in my current state I have come to realize that what Nephi said is true: the truth cutteth the wicked to the very center. Ouch.

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Jennifer Nanci Lee said...

love it! i need to take some of those doctrines and apply them more fully in my life. i have been one, every now and again, to put off something that i know i should not have. thanks for your example of taking the truth, even if it cuts, to heart and sharing it. you have inspired me. thanks!

p.s. i started reading Not My Will, but Thine yesterday night... having some of my own revelations!