Sunday, February 15, 2009

Since I'm without a valentine...

On my couch the past two nights has been sleeping one of my good friends. In my dictionary I define good friends as someone who helps you to reach your full potential: I have realized that my life has been full of such people.

I started my life being born into a household of friends. Friends who fed me, cleaned my diapers, and helped my learn the fundamentals of life. They taught me how to make more friends. They taught me everything I have ever needed to know to be happy. They have always been there and will continue to be there for me.

I then began making friends who weren't obligation to love me. Friends who helped me learn to share. I had friends who showed me what it meant to develop talents, by outworking me. Because of them, I tried to do the same. I have friends who showed me what it meant to be a friend, when they would stand by me, when I didn't deserve it. Friends who turned the other cheek as I failed at trying to do the same for them. I have friends who I saw stand up for their beliefs, their standards when it would have been easy to cave. They made it easier for me to do the same. I had friends who helped me decide to go on a mission, because they never wavered in their desire to go. How could I not dedicate two years, when they who had so much more to lose were so steadfast in their decision?

And most importantly, I have a Friend who came into this life, born in a manger. He lived a perfect life, and He was mocked, spit upon, lashed, and eventually crucified. A Friend who bore the weight of all my sins; who gave a sacrifice so great, that if I become a better Friend to Him, He will help me become like Him.

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Deenie Weenie said...

Andy! you would be the best Valentine anyone could ever dream of having cause you are so awesome. you are a great friend and i really appreciate you for everything you do and who you are!

Love always,