Friday, October 8, 2010

We Shall Run and Not Be Weary... Walk and Not Faint

As of lately, we have not run or walked beyond the steps necessary to get to the elevator or to work and the hospital. In truth, we have been absolutely lard-riffic and plain slothful. The simple pleasures of P90x and Bar Method videos, trips to the gym and a few times at our community pool have become less as we have only a few mere hours before our 9:30 PM self imposed curfew. Somehow, the four hours (on a good day for both of us) we have together goes especially quick considering dinner, clean-up, scripture study and getting ready for bed. Despite wanting to desperately make working out a part of my morning routine, my bed seems so much fluffier and appealing and in the mornings, I'm always more hopeful that the night will somehow have more potential.

Nevertheless, if we cannot get the proper exercise we must do something else. Alas, I have determined that offsetting our lack of exercise with healthier eating is the answer for now. I am now imposing my wheat pizza dough, fiber cereal and constant fruit eating (that's our dessert) on my other half and he has happily accepted. In exchange, we try to have a bottle of Diet 7-Up in the house that we can mix with orange juice, smoothies and other more fruity drinks to derive the pleasant sugary drink effect. I prefer not to drink wasted calories but sometimes juice just tastes better than water. Furthermore, I have discovered the "less calories" lemonade and apple juice and determined that the former far exceeds the latter in taste value.

And with our newfound bits of healthier habits, we will still be able to hopefully run and not be weary, walk and not be faint .... and eventually get back into our work out routine (once Surgery rotation ends... we can sleep at 10 PM... hooray!).

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Deidra Smith said...

It just gets easier . . . . wait, no it doesn't. I hope you find a good routine that works for you. I find myself hoping that vacuuming, scrubbing tubs, chasing toddlers for a diaper change, and repeated trips up and down the stairs daily will add up to some kind of workout. (I don't think they add up to enough) But, the lack of enough time at our house is a constant issue too. Good luck!