Monday, December 6, 2010

A Whole New Me

Food hasn't had the same appeal as it used to. In fact, often, I am quite satisfied having a ritz cracker with cheddar cheese and a dob of ketchup on repeat for dinner. Other times, pickles and iced oatmeal cookies sound terrific. Cole slaw makes an appearance quite often, as do pickles and Hawaiian potato salad. Off my list of foods regularly eaten are ice cream - any kind..... the creamier, the worse. I have eaten ice cream a total of three times over the past 3 months and bite sized serving sizes. Instead, sorbet sounds great and any type of fruit is welcome, even more so than before. Soup is also great... soup for dinner, soup for lunch, soup for breakfast... but just a cup, no bowls because that is just too much.

So I guess my new food groups consist of weird, different, and sour.

Past times also have not had the same appeal they used to. Fatigue seems to overwhelm any desire to work out and my consistent obsessions with work out routines, often trendy, expensive and different, has been put on hold. Instead, sleep is exceptionally appealing as are naps, something I never ever desired before. Blog stalking is not as fun, in fact it gives me a headache, facebook makes me nauseous and crafts have taken a backseat. Instead, I am a huge fan of watching trailers on youtube, playing the piano (weird!), and cleaning. It's odd that a whole new me seems to have emerged.

One morning, on a flight to San Jose, I not only wore really ugly flat but comfortable shoes the entire week, but as I awaited for my flight to board and watched the abc7 recap of "Dancing with the Stars" results show the night before, I started feeling emotional. Tears started streaming down my eyes as I thought of how sad it was that someone was going to be eliminated. A few weeks later, as I watched an episode of Friends, the one where Monica and Chandler decide to move to the suburbs, I again felt so sad. Tears once more.

On top of that, for the past three months, most of my days meant too many aromas, a lot of almost about to gag and puke, and a lot of aversions to normal foods. I also am a lot more whiny (husband can attest), a lot more unreasonable, and a lot more unfun.

Turns out, there's not just a whole new me, but a whole new life of its own on its way as well!

So sidenote you ever think how amazing you are? Because out of ALL the ones fighting to get into the egg, YOU won! You beat everyone else out! You not only shouted for joy when you heard Heavenly Father's plan but you made it out here asap!

Well, our little one made it too... and in 6 months.... we will have our own May baby. Baby Phillips is on its way! And how thankful we are for this blessing and how frightfully unready I feel everyday.... oh well, at least the awful first trimester is over.


Genny said...


Congratulations Daisy and Andy!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, Daisy!! First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Second...I waited a nearly-two-months after my wedding to get pregnant. I've lost count- did you last longer than me?

And third...did it take you three months of morning sickness to realize you were pregnant?! You poor thing!!


SupaFlowaPowa said...

@Genny hahahahaha
@Aunt LoLo no, thank goodness no, we've known since week 8 but I guess now I can officially blog how awful the first trimester was! hahaha

SupaFlowaPowa said...

@Aunt Lolo - we're also at 2 months hehe

Deidra Smith said...

Congrats! And good luck. I think many of us are whiny, a little unreasonable, and unfun when we are pregnant. As amazing as it is to be part of the life-making process, it is also a bit miserable. Hang in there! It's so worth it and you guys will be great parents.