Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life As I Know It

I've noticed a lot of internal changes lately.  Mostly, my life has become more "mom" centered, which for me is a lot less "me" and a lot more "kids".  I still enjoy my alone time, I still try to do my nails at home and I take good care of my skin with a strict skin care regiment and face masks about once a week... but I just don't care about things the way I used to.

I used to be really into celebrity gossip.  If I look at an US Magazine these days, I don't even recognize half the faces on the cover.

I used to work out 4-5 times a week.  Now, I'm lucky if I get to the gym once during the week or do an at home workout once.  Truth be told, it means I don't care anymore.  There's no excuse, I make time for other things... I just don't make time to work out anymore.  So sad.

I used to shower everyday.  Now, if I'm not sticky or sweaty and it's been a day... no shower means more time for everything else I do want to do.  HAHA.

I used to be really into heels.  If I have to wear heels for more than one hour (usually for Church on Sundays), my feet start to long for some flats.  Give me some Sperrys, some flip-flops or even ballet flats (which I don't actually find particularly comfortable but aren't high so I'll take it!).  This coming from someone who used to wear heels with everything including jeans.  Yikes!

I used to hate cooking.  Now, I rather enjoy it when I get to come up with meals that I know my kids will enjoy and I won't detest too much.  Jordan loves penne pasta, it's his favorite - doesn't matter what you put on it, shoot he will even eat it plain.  Bubba loves fruit, any type of fruit you give him, he'll take it!

I used to hate having a disorganized home.  Now, I've learned to live with it... for a longer period of time than I would have before.  But it's still fun to go through and organize stuff every now and then.  HAHAHA.

I used to love working.  Now, I'm kind of over it.  I mean, I still put my all into it when I'm doing it, but I definitely don't look forward to it the same way I used to.  I'm sort of looking forward to the day when I get to be a full time mom and utilize nap time or quiet time to clean the house, cook a meal, do a craft, or read a book.

The other day, as I drove home from a fireworks show our uncle put on that didn't end until around 11 ish (while Andy was working), I thought.. man, this is so late... my kids are exhausted and though I'm not, I just want to get them into bed asap!  Oddly, I realized this is the same "prime" going out time of my 20's past.  Weird.  I am officially old.. not by age, but by what I am doing and prefer doing.  Like going home and putting my kids to bed, slapping on a face mask and reading or watching TV.  Hehe.  SOOOoooo much more relaxing.

But I guess that's part of growing up.  You can't always stay the same and you have to understand that change is inevitable.  It's not good or bad, it's just different.

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