Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Patience and Macarons

This morning, like every morning, I woke up with five people in my bed.  My second always sneaks in around 7 AM to my right, he likes this position so he's the only one on that side and he can grab my hair.  On my left was my youngest, who had been crying for some miserable reason at 5 AM, so I gave her a bottle and she went back to sleep and I was too lazy to return her.  On the left of her was her big brother, who had joined the party latest, so far - he likes sleep the most, but balanced with his disdain for missing out, he begrudgingly woke up, brought his yellow blankie with him, and then told us al that he was going back to sleep.  To the left of him, lay my dear husband.  Yet even without the kiddos taking over our bed, he still is far and away on his side as is the joy of a king sized bed.

I asked my eldest to please take his blanket back to his room as I made our bed.  He told me he would in a bit and then proceeded to do whatever he was doing.  I asked him again, and again, and then again.  All nicely, no screaming, just calm and relaxed.  I finally gave him my look of what the heck are you doing, I am about to lose it, to which he responded, "be patient Mommy, I'm going to take the blanket back soon."

I tried my best not to react, but I was dying on the inside.  I then asked him again to please take the blanket back and that patience was something we reserved for situations not of the present.  "Mommy, I'm praying that you will have more patience"  this after he heard my own personal prayer outloud asking for patience and humility, especially when dealing with my kids.  Funny that he should mention patience though, as much was needed as I plowed through making 250 French macarons (which are sandwiches, so really I made roughly 500 shells but probably only 200 came out nicely, the rest were burn or overcooked, or concave shells of nothing, but I filled 'em all! anyway).

We forget that Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways.  Like how miraculously my eldest had a playdate in the afternoon, or how my youngest slept for 2 hours as I worked away on filling all the macarons, or how my husband's cousin offered to come help me fill the remaining shells after she had gotten off work, or how my MIL was free to come watch the babies while we finished them all.  And then, there was the surprise when my husband came home from the bachelor party (paintballing and Brazilian BBQ) outing that started at 11 AM at 4 PM just in time to take over the kids and get us all ready to grab our car from the shop.  And then, there was us getting lost on our way to a dinner buffet as the kids bugged us about how hungry they were, but then once we were there, the hostess told us if we had arrived 20 minutes earlier (about the length of the time we got lost), we would have waited for huge bus parties to finish.  Well, in my book, that is serendipitous if we can have our kids buckled down driving around lost instead of waiting around (oh the complaining and whining that would have ensued!).

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