Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grace of Christ

If there's one thing that I am grateful for heading into my test week, it's the knowledge that after all we can do, the grace of Christ kicks in to bridge the gap left by our inadequacies. With time ticking away, and the realization that gap won't disappear, the only way I get to sleep at night is knowing that I have done all I can.

P.S I was sent this sweet link to a Washington D.C. Temple Visitor's Center display. Check it out, it's pretty sweet.


Tammy said...

That exhibit is at our visitor's center right now, can't wait to go!

Aunt LoLo said...

Betcha didn't know my littlest bro just arrived in the D.C. North Mission Home yesterday, didja?! (Ok...I really do have OK grammar. Just not right now.)

Thanks for the cool slide show link!

Deidra Smith said...

Thanks for sharing that link. That was beautiful.