Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Biggest Challenge...

To my surprise... was not giving up 10% of my annual income (albeit not that much to begin with). To my surprise... was not attending Church for 3 hours on Sunday (it's not only fun, it just feels so right and good!). To my surprise... was not giving up beer, saki, saki bombs, wine or peach vodka sodas along with dominating at beirut or flip-cup (I suppose I can still do the latter with H2O). To my surprise... was not staying clear of green teas or my favorite Coffee Bean tropical passion tea (which I still have 2 huge packs of courtesy of the BFF since Coffee Bean is rare in San Jose). To my surprise... was not knowing I'd have two visits each month from another Church member known as home and visiting teachers (seriously two?). To my surprise... was not committng to the law of chastity (ironically all the ex's seem to think otherwise and have taken on the challenge with no success). To my surprise... was not having to wear a skirt every Sunday (LOVE skirts and dresses). To my surprise... was not knowing my non LDS friends or family would be precluded from my wedding ceremony (there's still a reception.. plus ceremonies are boring except for those in 'em). To my surprise... was not knowing I'd need to buy more sweater cover ups and shirts with sleaves and say farewell to my super duper cute dresses and shorts (it's just a baby step in the grand sprint of living according to the gospel).

To my surprise... the biggest challenge was and still is.. keeping the Sabbath day holy.  

After struggling with the concept of not going anywhere where people had to work on Sunday (this by the way rules out everything), about partaking in spiritual things ... I was utterly confused and a lil shocked.  What about my kids?  What if they had tournaments on Sundays?  What if they were going to graduate on Sunday?  What if right?  Well, the missionaries gave me some good advice about how I could keep the Sabbath day holy and now.. I find myself there.  I will worry about the kids after I find a guy.  And how my Sundays have changed.  ...

I avoid the gym. Instead, I walk Fatty about 2 miles and listen to conference talks or continue with the Book of Mormon (I'm on Mosiah 15 .. woo-hoo!).

I avoid going restaurants and the grocery store. Instead, I stock up on Saturday with anything I may want to eat and avoid any food shopping on Sundays but diving into the leftovers and bits and pieces left around the house (it manages to work thus far).

I avoid the urge to shop on Sunday. Instead, I think of how much money I'm saving and daydream of how I can rearrange old outfits to make new ones (but not for too long... cuz that's not really that holy).

I avoid teleivision shows. Instead, I blog about my spiritual journey. If I finish.. I do watch a bit of tv.. but no more than an hour (Hey.. I'm honest.. but I am sincerely trying)!

I avoid girly fashion and celebrity crap magazines. Instead, I spend my time catching up with friends and family (not just the BFF and the mom, but the ones I don't talk to everyday at 7:30 AM as well).

So all together, I have been trying to keep Sunday Holy by turning to spiritual things which I know will strengthen my faith. The funny thing is, this lifestyle change is much harder than anything else.  It's easy to make excuses, but I'm a big girl so I can admit to my own faults and acknowledge the areas of improvement and growth.  But... to comfort myself that I was not alone, I searched for some guidance and found reassurance of why I must do so... 

the following is from Elder Gillespie...(and no, I have no idea who that is)...

"the Sabbath was given that we might keep ourselves “unspotted from the world.” it is a day to partake of the sacrament, a day “to pay [our] devotions unto the Most High,” a day of “fasting and prayer,” a day to offer our time, talent, and means in service to our God and our fellowmen, a day to “[confess our] sins [to our] brethren, and before the Lord.” It is also a good day to pay our tithes and fast offerings, a day to be marked by sincere sacrifice of the pursuits and pleasures of the world. It is a day to keep the Sabbath covenant, a day of “rejoicing and prayer,” a day of “cheerful hearts and countenances.

The prophet Spencer W. Kimball counseled: “The Sabbath is a holy day in which to do worthy and holy things. Abstinence from work and recreation is important but insufficient. The Sabbath calls for constructive thoughts and acts, and if one merely lounges about doing nothing on the Sabbath, he is breaking it. To observe it, one will be on his knees in prayer, preparing lessons, studying the gospel, meditating, visiting the ill and distressed, sleeping, reading wholesome material, and attending all the meetings of that day to which he is expected. [Failure] to do these proper things is a transgression on the omission side.”

So with a *sigh and a flick of my feet as I pivot.. I take on the challnege to do such. Here I go.. wish me luck. I will be the biggest winner.. not loser.  

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Ian and Gena Hopper said...

What? What do you mean we can't to your wedding ceremony? that's the marriage! D!!!!