Thursday, November 11, 2010

Insecure Big Booty

When I moved all my stuff from my parents' home into Andy's then apartment (now OUR apartment), I strategically left out the comfortable soft $10 bucks purchased, pink but almost white and kinda see through, velour Ross purchased sweats that I loved SOOO much because they were old. And dirty. And see through (a bit). And kind of high water. And kind of gross. Well, actually... none of that mattered as much as they made my butt look big and how could I let my fiance, soon to be husband, see the true size of my butt in those sweats?!

I also had an old pair of Juicy Couture pink bottoms (not velour, surprisingly) with a little heart on the right side which after a few washes, was too big, so I put into the dryer for too long and was then too short and too big.... so naturally, I left those at my parents' home as well.

Before I met Andy, when I had left for San Jose on my adventure of 3 months living on my own in Corporate Housing with the mini-rotation with Learning & Education, I had done the same thing with my favorite bright green Macy*s velour pocket sweat pants, with a promise to buy some cuter "lounge around" pants. I had purchased this beauty for only $6 but my brother constantly reminded me how he absolutely hated them and whenever I slothfully adorned them to every late night movie we watched out on the town together, it only added to his pleas for me to stop wearing them. "They're so BRIGHT and UGLY!!" he would complain. They were the vivid color of bright green grass like said photo below. "But they're so comfortable!" I said. "And cheap!" I reminded him. "Then go get another pair that's not so ugly or don't wear them out of the house!" he would say. I didn't listen to him until it was time for my adventure alone.... and I thought the only incentive for me to go buy cute lounge pants was to be void of any lounge pants at all.

How naive I was. Three lounge pants unavailable later.... the cold hits LA, I am freezing because I have no comfortable velour Ross pants and only a pair of Andy's pj pants that are too big for me and don't keep me very warm at all.


Deidra Smith said...

Lol! All of the things we do in the name of vanity (or lack of:).

Jessica said...

i know of a solution.....go BUY new ones!!!! u are the money maker! :)

Ian and Gena Hopper said...

and you didn't even mention the amazing thing that is the elastic waist band!