Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Best Kept Secret of Salt Lake City

We've discovered the best kept secret of Salt Lake City (though the Yelp and Urban Spoon reviews would claim otherwise because everyone is already raving about it).... Bombay House who?  This place was good AND affordable... and they have an all you can eat buffet Monday through Saturday for less than $10.  Score!  Only drawback is that it's a bit far.. in the Valley of Salt Lake.  But the owner also has an Indian grocery store linked to it, so you know their ingredients are super duper fresh!  

What is this wonder I speak of?  Zabiha Grill!  This was one of the places on our Wasatch Savings cards (you know those fundraisers they have the kids sell) and boy was it a find and I am so glad we found it now and will have four more years to dine there!

We're not Indian, nor do we know much about Indian food and its authenticity but this place was beyond delicious based on our limited Indian food tasting experiences.  Everything was so deliciously flavored, fresh, and the service was exceptional.  The chef himself even came out to talk to us - it's a whole in the wall kind of place, so it feels very warm and personable.  

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