Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Traditions Will Have To Wait Another Year

Wow, Christmas completely crept up on me.  I meant to sew together a banner I made two years ago, but then my sewing machine's needle broke on Halloween and I haven't yet learned how to put in a new one.  We meant to put up lights outside Thanksgiving weekend, but then the snow came and now it's too late.  I meant to clear the two huge bags of Christmas decorations we didn't put up, instead it's just currently staring me in the eye from the corner of the room.  I meant to scour Pinterest for some inspiration for Christmas morning breakfast, but now I'm trying to figure out what I can make without having to buy too much additional stuff tomorrow.  We meant to do an advent calendar scripture and activity or gift every night... but then we sort of stopped around the 8th day of December.  We have a DIY gift still not finished (though we've been working on it for what feels like every night....).  We have gifts still unwrapped.  And we have gifts still left to buy.

We do have a Christmas tree up!  We do have some gifts wrapped!  We have been talking about Jesus and his birthday celebration.  We have been watching Disney Junior shows about Christmas (and Santa too though bahhh).  We have put up our Nativity scenes.

So we do have some stuff done!

Well...better luck next year Christmas.  Those traditions I'm trying so hard to put together once Jordan is old enough to recognize it... will have to wait another year.  So far the one consistent tradition we do have down is not really completing anything.. ha!

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