Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lack of Posts.....

I love writing.  I love blogging.  I even consider myself a blogger because I like to blog, not because my blog generates any sort of huge number of visitors, hits, or revenue (like the typical definition of real bloggers hahaha).  It's therapeutic.  It's fun.  And I just enjoy it!  But lately, when free time permits and I want to be on the computer, I don't feel so much like blogging when I could be working on my book (this thing I started for my senior college thesis ten years ago....) that I hope to self-publish on Amazon in 2014 or playing on photoshop (I'm learning so much through tutorials and experimenting).  So sadly family and friends... I guess.... it's come.. the time when our blog has died.  Or is dying.  Is slowly enduring to its end.  Those fatal last posts.  The time separation between each posts grows longer... and before you know it... it's not you, it's me.

Oh well.. be on the look out for my book when it gets published.

Also, my company website got a refresh with rebranding and I have had the opportunity to write a lot of fun articles or edit ones written by others, so that's been keeping me busy too.  Hehe.  Haha.
Peace out homies!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Say it ain't so! KEEP BLOGGING! :)

James Wynder said...

I also echo Chris and Paige Evans remark, KEEP BLOGGING!
Question, what is the subject of the book you are writing?

Lauren said...

OH NO! Don't give in! By that definition, my blog has been dying ever since I started it. Let's resuscitate this thing!! ;)

Traci said...

I've been feeling the same way about. But I wish I didn't! It's just hard to find the time anymore. For the record, I really love your blog and your writing and I hope you don't stop completely!