Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Size Fits All

A lot of people like prego pants, but it is safe to say, I am not one of those people. Though the belly band which sits atop the jeans is aimed to allow comfortable expansion (something I thought I would gladly welcome and revisit post pregnancy for buffet outings), my flat Asian butt cannot hold up my jeans, my pregnant tops are not long enough, and without a belt, the entire equation of prego pants is utter disaster.

I initially thought the problem was the fact that the pants only came in three sizes - S, M and L. I then was given the opportunity to try on designer pregnant pants (all over $200 buckaroos) which definitely fit better, but were way too long (which doesn't make sense, because don't prego feet swell and not fit into heels?!). There was just no way around it.

Even though I know my prego pants don't fit well, they are the only non Lululemon pants (stretchy - yay!) that I can can still wear these days so sadly, I still wear 'em when I need to look decent and don't feel like wearing another prego dress (my Monday through Friday uniform and Sunday best).

Tonight, as I was sporting my prego pants, I dwelled on the fact that if only one size fit all! That somehow... if my pants were like those in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, my jeans would just fit perfectly - no matter how little or big my Asian butt got or how big Baby J gets! But then, as I thought more about it, I realized - one size fits all is a myth. One size never fits all! It simply means it is so big, anyone can wear it, which usually means, somewhere, if it fits someone perfectly, it may also be too small for someone else but that generally, it will just be too big!

There really isn't anything that is one size fits all - even if it's got spandex, elastic or lots of room to stretch and shrink. One size fits all... big fat liar more like it!

But you know what is one size fits all - no matter what shape or size?

The Atonement.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is one size fits all - no matter how educated, how nice, how rich, how skinny, how faithful, how great, how INSERT you are.... it fits all of us. Nobody has sinned so much that the Atonement doesn't work and likewise, nobody is so perfect that it is unnecessary and in that aspect, the Atonement truly is one size fits all.

One size does fit all.


Deidra Smith said...

I always had trouble with pants too. I'm six feet tall, so it was impossible to find them long enough and I didn't think the stretchy part was comfortable over my belly at all. I usually survived by wearing regular jeans under my belly (sometimes I would take a hair band and loop it from the button hole across the button to give me a little extra stretch:) Then I get some under shirts from motherhood that stretched over the belly and tucked into the pants so that if my regular shirts weren't long enough at least you just saw black or white undershirt and not my protruding belly. Nothing was great, but you make do when you have to be somewhere and then throw the pj bottoms or sweats on as soon as you're home. Good luck! I feel your pain.

frugalmom said...

Sigh...I totally remember prego pants...and not liking them one bit! I feel your pain. :-)

The Atonement on the other hand...what you said is just right. :-) Its just perfect. And doesnt knowing that about the Atonement just make you feel so good inside?

SupaFlowaPowa said...

my mom just said she'd buy me a pair of uber expensive designer prego jeans since i might be prego many times in the future if we have tons of kiddos... hmmmm ... can't really decide cuz i don't NEED it.. but i do WANT it.....