Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Should Have Started Our Water Storage

A lot of my co-workers often ask what sets us Mormons apart. I'm always eager yet hesitant to explain, especially since I myself am still learning and many 8 year old Mormon kids who grew up in the Church often know more than me. But I find myself almost always going back to the fact that we have a modern day prophet, apostles, and modern day revelation.

This of course leads us onto the course of talking about the Word of Wisdom, which is why we Mormons don't drink alcohol, coffee or tea, but is also why we don't smoke, use tobacco and are encouraged to eat healthy and exercise. Of course, many don't often hear about the latter, it's the former they want to know about because why would anyone not drink alcohol, coffee or tea? And without me responding, someone will no doubt, always, as a matter of fact, (duh!) claim it's the caffeine, and without me inputting, someone else will no doubt, question why "so and so Mormon" they know drinks Diet Coke?!

Time after time, I explain that it's not the caffeine - not that we know of, it may be - but that's the thing with revelation and our faith - we aren't always aware of why, but we know enough of the blessings we've had or even seen, and the testimony we have of these things that are indeed true!... to follow. I use the example of smoking and tobacco, that when Joseph Smith received the revelation in 1833, society had not yet figured out how bad it was. The "truth" campaigns of today were non existent. In fact, the surgeon general had not even added his warning of the dangers from smoking. But we know today, and luckily for us, we had that revelation in 1833!

The fact of the matter is, I have no idea why tea should be avoided, but it's pretty apparent why alcohol and coffee can be destructive. It's always an interesting conversation and though I've had it many times with different co-workers, I never grow tired of explaining and offering the my own testimony and experiences of how the change to follow the Word of Wisdom has helped me!

So I guess you could argue... knowing we should follow the prophet... we are at fault for not having made more constructive efforts to get our water storage started! This morning, I woke up to NO WATER! Our Brita was unfortunately not full, we had just enough water for two toilet flushes and the Brita water for brushing our teeth. Andy would like to shower, I'm not bummed about that one (I always feel clean... hehe), but what if the water is still off when we get home from work?!

We should have started our water storage. We knew, we were advised, we just kept putting it off. Now, we are motivated, but it's sad that something had to happen to get us motivated. In other news, we do have some food storage (a bunch of cans and some other stuff in tin storage looking containers), but we're not hungry right now, just in need of water.


frugalmom said...

Okay, did I miss something? I mean, I know about the idea of water storage...but why are you without water in your home...from the faucet...

SupaFlowaPowa said...

haha - nope, they just decided to shut it off due to a flood downstairs and it never came back on and then they were confused and it finally came back on later... just one of those random happenings i suppose!