Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Ramblings

I have become more dedicated to personal journaling and thus, my blog has suffered a bit.
So some random ramblings from my weekend...

Observation: A lot of people home or visit teach on the last Sunday of the month and while it's nice to get visited a lot.. we should spread the love more....
Recommendation: Don't wait until the last weekend for home or visiting teaching and if no family is around, try to open your home to friends for Sunday dinner!
Random: We really should pick the photos we want to print for framing in our house of our wedding day before the baby is here and mac'n'cheese from scratch is disappointing compared to easy mac.

Observation: Building a fort out of blankets with your nieces is fun until it becomes dangerous as one niece plans to jump down from above and the other is below, running through the tunnel of blankets that has been created.
Recommendation: Consider safety when formulating budget friendly ways to spend time with nieces.
Random: I hope my kid is as cute to me as my nieces are.

Observation: If you let a 3 year old decide what to eat first for dinner at a buffet, she will most likely lean towards the muffin, brownie and cookie before getting to the peas and corns.
Recommendation: Don't give the 3 year old the option ahead of time.
Random: How will I know if my kid is eating enough?

Observation: The freeways are a parking lot if it's raining and it's Friday night.
Recommendation: Go to the Temple to knock off some time and sit out the traffic.
Random: I really want a Temple gown - and I am leaning towards a mumu with a tie in the back, seems much more practical and comfortable!

Observation: Tortillas are a far more superior starter food than tortilla chips and go with salsa AND butter.
Recommendation: Go to El Torito Grill for dinner.
Random: I think I ate 8 tortillas plus my dinner.

Conclusion: Always observe life and make a recommendation for improvement. Random thoughts are okay as well.


Tammy said...

Hilarious, seriously... so funny! Love it!

HCIC said...

haha. get the gown with the zipper in front. its amazing.