Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Lesson On Lids

It's never good to caveat a blog post with, I'm not being racist... but I'm not being racist.

It is a known fact to any Asian person that most Asians have single eyelids and most Caucasians (any pretty much anything not Asian) have double eyelids.

So what exactly are double eyelids? Look for a fold over the eyelid, it may be thin, thick or in between. If there is nothing besides an eyelid, you have a single eyelid. But you are also most likely Asian and already knew that.

It is also a known fact that many Asians regard eyelid surgery (to alter single eyelids to double eyelids) as a common matter of fact cosmetic must do.

My own aunt was about to give me free eyelid surgery when I turned 18 so I could go to college without people knowing of my single eyelids.

I began cutting little slips of scotch tape when I was 15 to tape my eyelids and thereby create a double eyelid.

I got a real natural double eyelid (though small) at 16.

I discovered double eyelid tape at 17 (they are mass produced and sold everywhere in Taiwan).

I discovered eyelash glue works even better at 19 (they are packaged with a thin application brush in Japan, Korea and Taiwan).

I never got the eyelid surgery.

My other double eyelid (also small) came in at 27. I am convinced it was the constant use of the eye glue. My best friend also got a double eyelid at 27. She has been using eye glue as long as me.

Dreams do come true.

My son was born with single eyelids. Everyone in my family said it was from me, even though I have two double eyelids (yes, I know, they're small!) which were materially forced into existence with tape and glue. Everyone in my family wondered why Jordan didn't get his dadddy's big double eyelid eyes.

The other day, my best friend wondered outloud.... "Do you think Jordan will put tape or eye glue on his eye to get his double eyelid?" We laughed at how ridiculous we sounded. Both of our round eye big double eyelid husbands do not understand our eyelid obsession.

On September 22, 2011, Jordan's right eye gained a lid.

Eight days later, on September 30, 2011 - Jordan awoke and had two double eyelids.

Dreams really do come true!*

Single Eyelids
One Double Eyelid
Two Double Eyelids (with Uncle Ray, who also just recently got his lids but he never used tape or eye glue... maybe if we waited, they would have come in naturally?....)

*disclaimer - I will still love my future kids if they have single eyelids and I will still think they are the world's most adorable baby ever!


Jade said...

That is an interesting story. Your bay is very cute. :)

Ashley said...

Isn't it funny the things we obsess over? I had never heard of the whole "lid" thing before and never would have known that eyelid surgery even existed!
Single or double, he is so adorable!

Genny said...

bwahahhaha! I love my single eyelids, which only go double when smiling. My sister had one single/one double for a long time in childhood... funny stuff. He's a cutie ;)

Deidra Smith said...

I just gained an education! Never knew that was the difference. Funny, what to you is just the norm, is something I've never even considered:) LOl!

Sijbrich said...

I think this is funny, too. I'm Caucasian and my husband is racially Chinese and he often calls me "Raccoon Eyes" because in photos without flash my eyes are dark circles because of my browbone - an issue that I think Asians rarely, if ever, have to worry about. I'd take single eyelids over that anyday.:-)

Aunt LoLo said...

I had no idea that double eyelids could grow in....I thought they were like dimples, either there or not!

Kylie said...

found your blog through i am a mormon profiles! loved it so much i wanted to say hello :)

i love the single eyelids. i think they are ADORABLE. i lived in china for a while and fell in love with the people (and especially the babies) and their adorable faces.

i had noo idea about the tapes and glues, how interesting.

Davis Nguyen said...

This is really interesting. I guess there’s nothing wrong if you have single eyelids. There are some people who even tried to undergo surgery just to achieve that distinct Asian look. I must say that you’re lucky enough that you don’t have obvious double eyelids.

Davis Nguyen